How cliche was it to fall for the bad boy?

Tyler Davies was everything the bad boy stereotype loved. Bad attitude, been caught by the law, school drop out, dark eyes, dark clothes, and completely hot. I was usually good with people, so I instantly went at softening his hard shell. It wasn't easy but eventually he stopped looking at us like he wanted to chop our heads off. It wasn't much but it was an improvement, one I would gladly take. He still wouldn't talk about anything too personal, but he did talk. Sometimes he even smiled. He no longer had a brick wall around him, just a fence.

I found myself talking to him more and more. Tyler was a really good listener. I felt like he was one of the only ones who really understood me. He didn't mock me or laugh at me. He would just nod and watch me with those dark eyes of his. I always felt a thrill go through me when he came close to me, and I always wondered if he felt it too. Did his heart start to pound whenever I looked his way? Did he go weak-kneed at my touch? Not that there was a lot of touching, but on the off chance that our hands would meet I felt like swooning like the women would in the old-fashioned movies.

"Earth to Candace," I jumped as Tyler waved a hand in front of my face.

I placed a hand over my racing heart, "God, Tyler, don't scare me like that."

"You knew I was in the house. Why are you so jumpy, anyway?" Tyler asked. I blushed at the question. "You thinking about a boyfriend?" He teased.

"N-no." I was too quick to deny it. Tyler took a bite out of his apple and raised his eyebrows. "Honest," I protested. He still didn't believe me. "He's not my boyfriend, but I really like him."

Tyler leaned back in his chair, "Does he like you too?"

"How would I know?" I snorted. And Tyler claimed to be smart.

He rolled his eyes, looking superior. "Have you asked him?"

I laughed, "Of course not, if he didn't like me back do you know how embarrassed I would be?"

"So you'd rather just go on not knowing?" Tyler tossed his apple core in the trash.

"Well, not exactly -"

Tyler cut me off, "Or are you waiting for him to declare his love for you?"

"Umm, that one?" Tyler gave me a look. "Tyler, this guy and I are really good friends. I don't want to lose that."

Tyler leaned forward, elbows resting on the table, "I think that you should stop being so scared, Candace. Take a chance."

I returned his stare, "I'd rather be happy with what I have." I coped Tyler's stance, which brought our faces inches apart.

Tyler bit his lip, "Would you rather I declare my love for you?"

My heart started pounding, it became harder to draw breath. Did he just say what I think he said? "Yes," I breathed, answering his question.

"I love you Candace Butler." I smiled as he closed the gap between us and kissed me.

How cliche was it to fall for the bad boy?

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