~ Inheritance ~

Summary: Salazar Slytherin bound Earth, Air, Fire and Water to himself and through him to his descendants. Now that Voldemort has been resurrected he shall assume his inheritance. But who are his elementals?

Warning: Slash (male/male), Sex Scenes, Violence, Gore, Character Deaths, Manipulative Dumbledore… You've been warned.

Pairing: Voldemort/Harry Potter

Disclaimer: Do you see Severus Snape ALIVE at the end of Deathly Hallows? No? Then I do not own Harry Potter…



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~ Chapter One: Earth Awakens ~

Several things had changed at Privet Drive since the beginning of the summer holidays. The most noticeable being the return of a lithe fourteen year old teenager who wished to be anywhere but at home during his break.

Harry Potter, who was currently completing his list of 'chores' for outside, was always on guard. Now that Voldemort had returned he wasn't sure whether he was safe at the Dursley's where he couldn't defend himself properly from anything. How was he supposed to defend himself against fully trained wizards when he couldn't use a wand? Were the blood wards supposed to mystically keep everything desiring him harm out? But then Voldemort had Harry's blood pumping through his veins so did that mean he could pass through the super wards whenever he desired?

Honestly some people just didn't think about these situations long enough, Harry thought pulling out another non-existent weed. How did Dumbledore expect some muggles to protect him from the Dark Lord?

Never mind that, there were things more important to him. He hadn't received any mail from his 'friends' all summer. Nothing. Sure he received The Daily Prophet but that was it. He was so bored that he had actually taken to reading the entire Prophet cover to cover not that there was anything interesting mentioned. Of course he was mentioned and slandered in every section, not that it truly bothered him. It was their problem that they couldn't conceive the possibility that Voldemort returned to human form. Why would he bother to lie about something that important?

Naturally everybody believed that he was a raving lunatic who belonged in St. Mungo's alongside Dumbledore for this one 'lie' he kept speaking. He agreed that the headmaster definitely belonged in a psyche ward (honestly lemon drops, need he say more) but he was telling the truth. In the end he just decided to let everyone believe what they desired. He wasn't that influential as to change the minds of every person in wizarding Britain just by releasing a press conference. After all he was simply a child. The only opinions that mattered to him were those of his friends not that he was likely to receive that currently.

Those were the least of his worries. Nightmares of the graveyard continued to plague his every thought. There was nothing he could do about that though short of going to see a psychiatrist and that definitely wasn't an option. How would he explain half of what he had been through to a muggle? Magic, wizards and dragons, oh my! Nope, that was definitely not an option.

That night at the graveyard had been the worst day of his life and everyone believed it to be a lie. Eventually Harry had come to terms with the thought that people didn't believe he was innocent. Some people had the nerve to say that he had actually killed Cedric though there wasn't any proof to back up their claims. After all, the last spell on his wand was Expelliarmus and it had been confirmed that Cedric had died from the Killing Curse. How could he kill with a disarming spell anyway? Not that he was complaining, with that one spell he had saved his life. Luck had yet again been on his side. But these thoughts often led to only more nightmares.

Harry shivered at the thought of his own nightmares even though the sun's searing heat was bearing unbearably upon him. They were terrible and then he would wake up to Vernon banging on the door in a drowsy state. He could still remember Vernon's words after one of his nightmares,

"Figures the freak can't even have normal dreams."

Over the past few weeks he had suffered from numerous nightmares, all repeating the same thing over and over again, Cedric's death and Voldemort's resurrection. After replaying the same scene night after night, Harry finally ceased blaming himself. He knew that nothing he could have done would have stopped Voldemort from issuing that particular order (not that he hadn't attempted to prevent it during his dream). After all Voldemort didn't care about anyone apart from himself and his goals. He wasn't going to concern himself with something that he couldn't change. At least that thought process had eased his nightmares slightly.

No, what really worried Harry was what was currently occurring around him. He was changing and he wasn't sure whether it was excellent or terrible.

Harry knew that his body had changed and with it his magic. The growth spurt had occurred over night or so it seemed. He was still small for his age but at least he was taller than Hermione now… though he would never reach Ron's height. His eyes were even more vibrant than before glittering like emeralds in the sun. He could even see everything perfectly without the use of his ugly glasses. His skin had become as pale as porcelain ruining the golden tan he had spent months to gain. However his raven hair had remained the rat's nest that it always was much to his ire.

He didn't care for any of that though. Appearances meant very little to him. No what bothered him the most was what occurred when he stepped outside.

Harry had always loved the outdoors. It was an escape from the Dursley's. The gardens somehow relaxed him and he revelled in that feeling. Not many things calmed him now but being outside was one of them. Now when he stepped outside weird occurrences had begun. Nature seemed to have a mind of its own. Everything grew correctly. No weeds grew at all. The garden was in fact perfect… for spring. Yet it wasn't spring at all it was summer and gardens weren't supposed to survive on very little water during humid months yet maintain this level of health.

The lush green lawn was perfectly mown with hardly a blade out of place. The single tree in the backyard swayed in the humid breeze as if it were cool and refreshing, its leaves acting as if it were in a dance. Hedges were sharp and defined, marking the boundary around the yard from the neighbours. Seeds that he had planted only a day ago had already begun to sprout and reveal the numerous types of flowers that were there. Even in the heat they managed to stand straight and tall, no sign of the lack of feeding they were receiving. The garden was perfect in every way.

He had seen the neighbour's gardens all looking half dead from the heat wave that was coursing through this summer but their garden was healthy and thriving regardless of how little water it had received. Harry couldn't do much with the restrictions on water so he used it where it was necessary. But regardless of how little water the garden received it continued to grow at an astounding rate. Surely Aunt Petunia would notice this? Nope she didn't even think about it as everyone complimented her on a gorgeous and thriving garden. They all desired to know how she maintained it but all she replied was,

"It's a family secret."

Of course it was a secret since not even she knew how Harry had kept her garden alive. Not that he could tell her if she asked anyway. But as the month wore on the gardens surrounding them began to have the same effect. Gardens thriving from what appeared to be the strange weather, he knew better. Nothing could grow in this heat without a little help… and since the gardens weren't getting water it could only have been one other thing. Like always it was something to do with him and his magic. By the end of the month the entire street was green and healthy even the park down the road was healthy and thriving. Thankfully the Dursley's weren't even suspicious about his behaviour when concerned with the garden. Nor were they likely to discover it any time soon.

The Dursley's were keeping their distance this year but that was only because Mrs Weasley talked to them briefly at the train station. Actually it was more like she scolded them as if they were little children. That hadn't been pleasant at all though they did get the message. Harry didn't have as many chores now unlike past years. That was a blessing since most of the chores he now did were outdoors and cooking. Both were acceptable. He also got to eat at least three times a day as long as he prepared it for himself and didn't sit with them while they ate. That rule didn't bother him either in fact he preferred to cook his own meals (at least in their house he wasn't about to get poisoned) and liked to keep his family at a distance anyway.

"Boy, we're having guests over, get into your room now!"

The name calling however hadn't changed. He was still 'boy' almost like his relatives couldn't recall his name. Actually he would bet they didn't know his name at all and couldn't even begin to guess what it started with. Harry looked up into the face of Vernon. He refused to call them aunt and Uncle anymore since he didn't think of them as family not that they seemed to mind at all. They actually counted it as a blessing.

"Yes sir."

Harry stood and brushed the dirt from off his pants (he didn't want to clean the floor because he made it dirty) and left the garden he hadn't needed to touch before walking inside. Moving into the kitchen he grabbed a piece of fruit and quickly made himself a sandwich before heading upstairs. He remembered having a small bottle of water upstairs and some chocolate and other lollies from Hogsmeade trips he could also snack on so he wasn't worried.

He made it to his room just as the doorbell rang and closed his doors as the front door opened. Deciding to have a shower in the morning he threw off his shirt and replaced it with another glancing at the marking on his left wrist. It was a black and green Celtic band which looked oddly like a tattoo apart from the fact it was constantly moving in a circle around his wrist. What it signified he had no idea but he was sure it had something to do with the strange occurrences around in the area.

Petunia had spotted it a few days previously and thought that it was a way of rebelling against the wizarding world by introducing something muggle to the wizarding culture. She had actually been rather pleased with that simple thought that he hadn't been made to do any chores for three days. He wasn't about to contradict her belief if it meant she left him alone.

Harry sighed. For someone who just wanted to be normal he sure wasn't an average person or an average wizard. That really disturbed him. No matter how much he tried he was still a 'freak' or at least that was the only thing his family ever told him. Why couldn't he just be normal for once? Even in the wizarding world?

Hedwig hooted at him sadly watching as he fingered the band like tattoo around his wrist. She was his first friend and wouldn't judge him on yet another weirdness to add to the list which included surviving an Avada Kedavra, youngest seeker in a century, killing a man by touching him, protecting the Philosopher's stone, parselmouth, killing a Basilisk and learning the Expecto Patronum charm at the age of thirteen. There was more he was positive of that but he couldn't quite recall them all at the moment.

Harry ran his hands through Hedwig's feathers in a comforting gesture as he yawned. It wouldn't do to have her screeching while Vernon had guests downstairs that would just give him a reason not to ignore him anymore. With nothing more to do, he flopped down onto his bed fell into a light sleep.


Harry knew immediately that he was dreaming. Of course that didn't stop him from pinching himself a few times since everything appeared to be so real. This isn't a usual dream, Harry thought. This was one of his visions but it wasn't a normal vision either . . . what could have been so different?

Normally Voldemort was surrounded by his Death Eaters torturing someone with the Cruciatus Curse but now there was only Voldemort and one other Death Eater present. He was currently standing in a large stone meeting room which was normally for Death Eater meetings but the walls were lined with Slytherin draperies of silver and green. Each appeared to have the Slytherin crest upon it revealing that Voldemort truly delved into his lineage. Honestly everyone knew that he was the last remaining heir of Slytherin did he have to push it this far to remind everyone?

Voldemort was as usual sitting on his throne. That for once never changed. But he had changed if only slightly. Harry might never had noticed if his attention had been elsewhere.

Harry was positive though that he could see the smallest amount of auburn brown hair growing on his pale bald head. Voldemort's nose was also less snake-like. This caught his attention. In the graveyard he was positive that Voldemort had been pleased with his appearance even if he did have a reptilian look or maybe he was merely pleased that he had been resurrected. If so then why was his appearance changing now? What was the cause?

The one Death Eater that was also in the room was bowing before Voldemort waiting to be acknowledged by his master. Obviously this Death Eater was ranked higher than the others if he didn't have to kneel and kiss Voldemort's robes as well which most of them had to do.

Harry knew that the Death Eaters had a ranking order and were revealed by the masks that each member wore, preventing the enemy on deducing their identities. The Inner Circle consisted of several select members several of which were still in Azkaban, thankfully. Their masks were silver. As far as he knew Lucius Malfoy was Voldemort's right-hand man and knew the most of his plans out of anyone in the Inner Circle. Regardless of what the others boasted. They were the ones who were given the more intense missions.

Then there was the Outer Circle who consisted of Death Eaters who had either participated in the First War or had proven to be loyal to their master. Their masks were black. These followers were often sent on missions that couldn't be trusted with the lower Death Eaters but were simple enough to not have any true meaning to the cause if they failed. Not that they wouldn't be punished for their failure.

Finally there was the Auxiliary Circle. They were simply those that had joined the Death Eaters after the First War. Harry knew that Voldemort thought most of these people expendable and only trusted them with raids and the occasional torture. If they died he could always brand more minions. Harry was positive that Wormtail fell into this category.

"Lucius tell me, has your son shown any signs?"

Lucius Malfoy pulled his hood down to reveal his blond hair and mercury eyes. Harry simply watched as Lucius stood there calmly as if he wasn't standing before a reptilian madman. Lucius was far more proud of his appearance than even Draco so it shocked Harry to see how uncaring he was of his master's appearance.

Harry decided to move closer so he could hear clearly what they were saying. It wouldn't do to have a vision only for him not to hear anything of importance. That wouldn't help him at all. Besides Harry knew that no matter how close he moved towards them he wouldn't be spotted. To them he was invisible, an entity that would never be heard.

"It would appear as if Draco possesses the power of an air elemental, my Lord," Lucius revealed, "He is already able to cause a stir with his emotions. Mostly when he is angry the objects in our house begin to levitate and fly around the room at varying speeds. It can be quite catastrophic and dangerous at times. He has already killed two of my house elves this past week."

Voldemort smirked gleefully. That worried Harry even more than his own predicament.

Harry noticed that Voldemort seemed especially keen on these elementals but for what purpose he wasn't sure. What were elementals anyway? This was one of those many times he wished that Hermione were here so he could understand what was happening. But then he remembered that he was angry with his friends and their lack of communication. If he knew what they were talking about perhaps he could warn the headmaster to what Voldemort was trying to attempt with them. Then he would at least be of some use instead of sitting at home doing nothing.

"Are there any markings on him?" Voldemort enquired.

Harry's heart missed a beat. Surely there was nothing that could identify an elemental… that really was a stupid thought. Of course something about them would provide identification otherwise no one would know when an elemental was born. He already knew that Veela, Siren and Vampires all had distinctive characteristics so why wouldn't elementals?

"There seems to be a black and silver band around his left wrist, my Lord. It appears to be of Celtic design and is on constant motion much like our paintings."

Subconsciously, Harry rubbed his own design. His heart was pounding loudly in his ears. Well that explained many things about what was occurring around him. The plants growing perfectly, never needing any water despite the temperature… somehow he would have rather stayed in the dark about this piece of information.

"Very well bring him to be tomorrow. I have a task he will need to complete before the end of this school year." Voldemort left no room for argument.

Lucius tensed then, Harry noticed. It appeared as if Lucius was protecting Draco as much as possible when it came to the Dark Lord. For some reason Harry was glad at that insight which puzzled him. Draco was his rival and had been for many years but no one deserved to be used as a tool for this madman. Obviously though tasks weren't designated to those not marked yet unless the band was a mark of its own? That could create several problems that he didn't wish to think on.

"If I may ask, my Lord, what use are the elementals to our cause?"

Lucius remained tense as if preparing for a round of the Cruciatus however none came. Normally if he has asked something so personal he would be under the curse for at least two minutes. Something was changing in his master and it had to do with the elementals. Lucius wasn't sure if this was a positive thing or not but he wasn't about to begin questioning that. He waited patiently as Voldemort seemed to contemplate the question before answering.

"There are only ever four elementals at any one time regardless of generation gaps. These elementals can only be controlled by Salazar's descendants and only ever by the current Lord at the time. However not every Lord and descendant of the line obtains elementals. It takes a descendant of great power to hold these elementals and the powers they possess under control. Many would wither and lose their minds beneath their grand power."

"If Dumbledore were to get his hands on one of my elementals he would find that they wouldn't obey him even if he gave them an order. They would not feel the urge to obey him. No, only a direct order from me can truly control them. So it matters not if they decided to run to their precious headmaster for help. All of that is mute. Once I have gathered all of them, their destructive force shall be used in this war to aid us and with them we shall be unstoppable." Voldemort revealed smirking.

The power that they could wield was that strong, Harry thought in disbelief as he ran the information over in his head. All he had managed to do was make plants grow but then again there was that once that he had gotten angry at his relatives. The light in the kitchen had exploded showering them all in hot glass shards. Harry had been fine yet the Dursley's had rushed to the hospital. He'd replaced the light the very next day on orders from a sore Vernon but that wasn't the point. Perhaps that was the power Voldemort was talking about?

He surely hoped not. A force that destructive would annihilate the Dark Lord's enemies without even a second thought. That wasn't good for Dumbledore or the Ministry. Yet why did he feel apathetic at that thought?

Lucius bowed deeply. It was obvious that he had just been provided valuable information that not many were privy to. Even if he was the Dark Lord's right-hand man, it didn't allow him all access to his master's secrets or plans. Of course that was why he was Voldemort's right-hand. He could gain more information than the other Death Eaters without being obvious about it.

"Now go Lucius for I want them under my control by the end of this school year."

Harry knew instantly that Draco would be charged with locating the other elementals. It would be a simple task if he figured out how to get the mark to recognize the others like Voldemort did with the Dark Mark. Anyone branded with that could instantly tell if someone else beared their master's mark. It was handy for the Death Eaters but not for those against them.

If Draco could utilize this then Harry would have to be on his guard. There was no way he was going to be carted off to Voldemort and told that he had to do everything he ordered. He would just be another slave to add to the Dark Lord's ever growing collection. That would be the worst year so far in his wizarding life or his life in general. He could do without that thank you very much.

"Of course my Lord, it shall be done."

Lucius pulled up his hood and placed his silver mask on his face before leaving the throne room as elegantly as if he were walking down Diagon Alley. Harry, not knowing who to follow to continue the vision, remained where he was standing in the throne room. He guessed correctly when the room didn't change though he definitely didn't like being alone with Voldemort in the room even if he were invisible. It still set his nerves on end.

"Soon I shall have the power that is rightfully mine, mine by birth right. Dumbledore and his precious Order will no longer stand in my way to victory. I shall rule the wizarding world and create a new order." Voldemort whispered to himself.

Standing he conjured a floor length mirror and looked into his reflection expressionlessly. His appearance was beginning to change and that would make it easier to gain future allies before he began the Second War. It would make all of his plans easier to achieve without having the constant worry. He would be powerful… unstoppable.

Pulling up the left sleeve of his robe, Voldemort traced the four bands in his forearm. Three of them remained black, while the other was slowly beginning to show signs of silver and moved almost lazily around his wrist. Obviously the bands began to show their colour when he suspected the identity of an elemental. Harry breathed a sigh of relief. Voldemort didn't have any reason to suspect him of being an elemental, let alone his Earth elemental.

He watched as Voldemort studied his reflection before realizing that as he obtained control of his elementals his true features began to return. That was why Voldemort was slowly changing his appearance. The more he knew about his elementals the more he knew about himself. Once he regained his true appearance then he would be even stronger and more charismatic as he had once been. Tom Marvolo Riddle would once again walk the earth in his true guise.

"Earth, Air, Fire and Water… soon you shall all be mine…"

It was whispered so quietly that Harry had to strain to hear it until he looked into the mirror and realized Voldemort was looking directly at him…


Harry's eyes snapped open, his breath laboured. That was definitely not a normal dream or nightmare, it was a vision. Just like his usual visions Voldemort always had a way of telling that he was present even if he couldn't be seen. He cursed his stupidity. Just because it wasn't a usual vision of Voldemort didn't mean he should have been careless. If he had been quiet and remained hidden in the shadows, Voldemort would never have known that he was there in the first place.

But did he know that it was Harry? Could it have been possible that he believed it was one of his elementals and that was why he muttered that sentence? To entice the elemental towards him? To explain what their future was going to be like?

Harry shook his head. It didn't matter he was an elemental anyway. There was no denying it. Everything that had been happening around him lately had occurred due to his magic that was almost a certain thing. However he had believed that it had something to with his thoughts and how they seemed to dwell on the graveyard. After all a graveyard was full of dead things while his gardens were full of life.

Letting out a shaky breath, Harry looked around his room. Nothing was normal. No matter where you looked you could tell that something else was going on with one Harry James Potter. There were papers on the ground with moving pictures decorating the front cover. All of his homework was written on parchment and quill yet there was a plain book lying only a few feet away. He was a freak exactly like his relatives often told him.

He had always aspired to be normal while others had aspired to be great. As a child he'd just wanted to be Harry… just Harry… but that wasn't going to happen anymore. He had another thing to worry about now and it all came down to two unforgettable facts…

He was an Earth elemental…

And Voldemort owned him.

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