A/N: This is just a little drabble for Halloween. No hanky-panky here. ENJOY!


Hermione stood inspecting her Halloween costume in the mirror. "You look darling miss." Spoke the mirror.

She smiled at the mirror and reached down on the dressing table and put on the hat to her costume. With a giggle she played with a green vine.

Severus on the other hand was unimpressed. He was pacing back and forth in their shared living quarters at Hogwarts. He did just about anything to keep his woman happy. Not just about that, he did everything she asked.

Hermione walked into the room and squealed with delight at her boyfriend.

He scowled at her.

Standing by the door she donned her green slippers that curved at the toes; Severus did the same with his black ones.

"Ready?" Hermione asked, spinning on him smiling.

Giving Hermione a sarcastic smile followed by a scowl he said, "Or course, sweetheart. But the anal sex is happening when we get home."

Smirking Hermione replied, "Deals off unless you put the hat on."

Pointing his wand at his head a hat matching Hermione's appeared, only black.

"Let's go to the festivities."


Severus and Hermione walked hand in hand into the Great Hall. All eyes in the room turned towards the Potions Master and Transfigurations Mistress.

Harry, who had come on as Flying instructor and Ron as an assistant, leaned together.

"That sod must really love 'Mione." Spoke Ron.

"Must be true love," replied Harry, "cause I know you would never dress as a pumpkin, it would clash too much with you hair, mate."


A/N: That's it. Not too much on the detail, but it was just a little something that wouldn't leave my head.