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Mew Mew Love: Chapter 1


Life sucks, why? I lost the closest friend I had to cancer I locked myself in my room reading those Manga's she got me all the time for my birthday or even not on my birthday, they were her favourite anime/manga it was called "Toyko Mew Mew" I like watching the anime version while she loved the manga version. I missed her so much she always made me laugh and smile, she's one of a kind friend to have the one who stick by me through thick and thin. I was laying on my stomach reading the 1st Vol. of Toyko Mew Mew after a while I fell asleep in the same position while reading the manga.


Stupid, evil birds! I'm trying to sleep when their chirping in my damn ear...wait I didn't leave my window open before I fell asleep? I snap my eyes open seeing grass blowing in the wind from were I was laying on my stomach with my head sideways seeing birds hopping and flying off taking worms or peices of hay or grass that was cut. I pulled myself up sitting position looking around blinking in confusion frowning, when I look down at my hands I almost cried out in shock, my form/body was animated. I stood up looking at my clouths it was a tank top (black) with weird designs all over it, the bottom clouthing I was wearing was a cheaker type dress it was blue with white lines, I was wearing black tights (knee length) with brown boots with the zippers on the sides, the heels were flat thank god! long heels our not my thing, I'm very clumsy and I can break my ankles with long thick heels, theirs know way am I wearing high heels. I decided to walk around intill I saw a pink building...wait that building looks familiar, no way! don't tell me I'm in Mew Mew Power? or maybe Toyko Mew Mew? I guess I have to find out. So I walked to the front door opening it to see alot of people at tables eating ect. a girl with short red hair a cute uniform came up to me smiling kindly.

"Table for one?"

"Um sure." I fallowed her to a one seat table sitting down with her telling me whats their favourite dishs, my ears perked up when she said strawberry cake so I asked for that, she bowed walking to where I think was the kitchen

'I can't believe it! I'm here it's like a dream come true...I wish Samantha was here with me sharing in this awsomeness, she would sqeal in happiness like a fan girl.' I thought to myself with a sad look plastered on my face but it didn't last long cause I yelped falling off my seat landing on my butt looking up to see a little girl wearing the same uniform Zoey was wearing it was Kikki! she gave me a wide smile I stood back up sitting down in the chair again smiling at her

"Sorry about startling you, but you had a sad look on your face I had to take the frown away!" I giggled how sweet she is in person

"Thank you then, I hope you well make sure I don't frown again 'kay? your a sweet little girl."

She smiled big hands on her waist proudly "Sure! I'll just have to make you smile by showing you what I can do like this!" some how Kikki had 5 thin sticks with clean plates on top balancing them with her hands, nose, head and her right feet I claped laughing enjoying it

"Thats wonderful! your so amazing! I wish I can do that."

Kikki still kepted doing all that while talking to me "I can teach you, I show all my little sisters and little brothers all the time."

"Thats kind of you but I have no balance what so ever I'm clumsy, maybe you can teach me something that doesn't need balance?" I put my index fingure to my chin in thought

"Nah! here!" I tried to stop her but it was already to late she put all the sticks with the plays ontop on my nose hands and Kikki pulled my right leg out so she can put one on top of my toe, I stayed still the best I could breaking a sweat hoping I wouldn't break the plates

"Um...are you sure I should be doing this? what happens if I fall and break the plates?" I frown, I can feel the aching in my legs and arms also my neck

"It's okay, oh yeah! my name is Kikki."

"N...nice to meet you Kikki, my name is Sapphire Kingsly."

You know when you have this odd feeling kinda like Spider-man has when danger is near? well let's just say I had the same feeling and I was came and covered me head to toe, it was frosting like a cake or something. I was on my butt blinking at what just happened...that green hair girl with glasses which was Bridget triped on a chair leg that was pulled out from the last person who sit on it, and I was close and she decided to spill cake and food on lovely is that?

"I...I'm so sorry! a...are you alright ma'am?" I turn my head to the left to see a freaked out Bridget

"I'm fine...hey where did the plates I was balancing on me?" I looked around worried I must of droped them when I fell on my butt thankfuly Kikki cought them which I sighed in releaf

"Are you sure? here let me clean the food off you're face." she was about to clean the food from my face with a small towel but I stoped her smiling

"It's fine, really. I should leave anyways I'll come back tomarrow, ciao." I stood up waving at Kikki and Bridget who waved back


I was trying to find a good hotel but I just remember I don't have any money! I sighed giving up looking for a hotel resting my feet by sitting down at a bench.

"Hey! your that girl I put at that table at the Mew Mew Cafe."

I looked up to see Zoey wearing her normal clouthing, I decided to be nice to her even though I kinda hate her...who wouldn't? she pushs poor Dren away and have Mark as her boyfriend...Dren is way more better then Mark, I guess she just missed out of a great person like Dren.

"Why are you covered in cake and food?"

I smiled sheepishly "That girl with green hair triped and the food on her tray went all over me...the problem is I have no money to get into a hotel to wash this off, I feel so stupid when I moved here I should've waited longer to get more money." I had to say something why I don't have money, I can't just say 'Oh yeah, I'm from another demension and I watch you're show and my friend reads the Manga of it.' yeah not going to say that, I'll be sent to the crazy place

"Oh...I know, why don't you come stay with me? I think my mom and dad wouldn't mind."

For once Zoey is kinda nice...just only when Dren shows up she's mean. I fallowed Zoey to the house, she introduce me to her parents who was happy to let me stay as long as I do things around the house. Thankfuly they had a quest room so I had that room for now, the walls were sky blue their was a desk in the room which was awsome! also a twin bed. I was showed to the bathroom where I can take a shower, Zoey said she'll let me barrow her Pajama's intill they go to the Mall tomarrow.

After I got out of the shower I put on the Pajama's Zoey let me barrow it was pink...seriously? I don't mind pink as long as it's not bright pink but I was hoping she had blue ones...guess not, darn. I crawled into bed falling asleep right when my head hit the pellow.


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