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Mew Mew Love: Chapter 11


Sapphire's POV

It was a tiring day so far at Mew Mew Cafe so far, but thankfuly everyone left when the cafe closed for the day. The girl's were cleaning everything up but one person...yep, Corina, the girl is just sitting down at a table and sipping tea! Corina really pisses me off too no end, make us do everything while she just sits and just not cool!


I sigh in releif jump on one of the table and lay down on it, exhausted from all the cleaning and such "You know it's very unlady like for you too lay on a table...knowing you I don't think your that lady like at all..." my eye twiched at that comment "Oh really..."

Tomorrow starts a good week, why? All school's have a break for the whole week and I was trying too think where we can go for the whole week...that's when a idea came too mind hop off the table and surprising Corina when I was right in her face "Corina! Do you have a privet beach house? Wait! Why am I saying that? Of course you do...right?" I prayed she did knowing her being rich and all.

She scuffs "Of course I do, what do you take me for...and may I ask why you asking me this?" I rolled my eye's "Duh! We all have no school for the whole week starting tomorrow! And since you have a beach house why not take us all there? Also if we go I wish too bring my boyfriend so I can hang out with him more with out my dad trying too kill the guy." I sweat drop at the times Dren came over as Zack and dad tried too jump the guy and tye him too a chair so he wont take his daughter away from him.

She raised her eyebrow "You. Have a boyfriend?...Hemph, I need too meet this boyfriend of yours...also you and the other's are invited too my privet beach house tomorrow morning, and you have too do my job for the whole week when we get back." I nodded excitedly grab her hand's not realizing I made Corina drop her tea cup, me and Corina watch it slowly motion fall down and breaking I sweat drop smiling sheepishly letting go of her hand's and took off before Elliot yelled at me and Corina saying something snobbish.


(Kayla's Mansion/House)

I was at Kayla's house front door ring the door bell, it opened and there standing was Kayla herself "Hi Kayla! Thank god you answered, tomorrow Corina is taking us all too her privet beach house early morning so please pack anything you need, meet everyone at the cafe tomorrow morning 'kay?" she nodded "Sure, I'll inform my mother and father see you and the other's tomorrow." I wave one more time at Kayla and rush off too the Horse area too find Cecilie.

I finally got too the Horse place too see Cecilie on her horse Lily practicing it seems, I lean on the fence "Cecilie! Hey!" I wave at her she stop wave back at me with a smile, she made Lily turn facing me and walk over I pet Lily on the forehead she snorted happily. Cecilie hop off Lily and walk up too me "What's up?" I smiled big "Corina is inviting us girls and Elliot and Weasly even my boyfriend Zack too her Privet Beach house! Want too join us?" I was hoping and praying she can she needs a good week break.

She shrugged "Sure, why not? I don't do the race until two weeks from now so I have a time too practice before it happens, I'll go home right now and pack everything and inform my grandfather so he wont worry if I'm not home for a whole week." I nodded said bye then rush off too the park where I first met Dren thankfully he was there floating on his back hands behind his head until he saw me he put his feet on the ground smiling all sexy like.

"HI Dren!" I rush over too him hugging him snuggling more into his arms that was wrap around my body "Hello, my Moonlight." I blush still emabrriss when he calls me by his nickname he calls me, I pulled back which I didn't want too but I have too tell him "Before I forget...Corina is taking everyone in the Mew Mew Cafe too her privet beach house tomorrow early morning and I asked her if you can come but of course they well know you as Zack."

He shrugged "Sure, I hate being away from you even for a second." I was embarriss but happy, after I spend some time with him before I head home too see Zoey was home too getting things packed for tomorrow morning.


(Next Day, Early Morning) Sapphire's POV

Everyone was really excited, everyone was aw'ed when we saw Corina's privet Plane I was nervous at first but Dren hold my hand the whole plane ride. When we landed we went right too the dressing room's boy's on the right and the girl's on the left side, me and Zoey was the first too walk out; Zoey was wearing a light pink and red bikini with a small red heart on the right breast; for me it's green bikini but the bottom part is short shorts style with light blue bubbles on the right hip and bubbles on my left breast, this time I put my hair in two low pigtails that touchs my back it curls slight at the ends.

Kayla and Cecilie were next after us; Kayla was wearign a one peice it was light purple with a skirt on the bottom that connects to the one peice, her hair is down which makes her look even cuter! For Cecilie; she was wearing a red sexy bikini top part strings wrap around her neck slightly...damn I feel envies again. The rest of the girls walk out one by one then the guy's walk out wearing swim trunks I saw Dren walk out lat so I rush pass the the other guy's and jump in his arms he spinned me around once and put me back on my feet.

"You look beautiful my Moonlight Princess, as always." I giggled softly he grab my hand and kiss the back of my hand gently then kiss my forehead, I heard some aw'ing behind me but I ignored it enjoying Dren's kisses.

After we got done being all kissy face all of us rush too the water set for Elliot and Cecilie though...Cecilie is laying on a towel enjoying the sun, I hope this whole week well be the best vacation ever!


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