Hello darlings,

Haven't chatted with you guys in a while. What you guys been up to?

Me, not much! I heard rumours about me quitting on writing and that I will never post anything anymore. Well, NOT TRUE! I have been writing and editing and working… and if you follow me on Twitter, then you already know the great news! I am getting ready to get published!

But the sad news is, I am now obligated to remove everything from here… you guys understand, right?!

This means that the stories I have not had the time to finish, will be not on here. But, as I will be getting my own personal website, I may be uploading them on my free time. And the stories that I decide to publish will have complete makeovers: new chapters; new characters and some stuff that I will remove. So, although the story will fundamentally stay the same, it will not be told the same way and some scenes will definitely be different.

So, if you are still interested in finding out what I am doing in terms of stories and wanting to finish to read the ones I started here, follow me on twitter (not too good at it but I will write you guys for any big changes) or just PM me or leave a review to let me know that you're still interested and I will make sure to contact you personally.

I will never say enough thank you to you guys, every single one of you, my sweet peas! You have been there for me since day 1 and I will never forget that. Make sure that I receive a message from you and I will give you gifts, discounts and whatnot when the printings are done. I'll even sign them for you before sending them out. Pretentious of me *giggle snort* but I'm excited.

Thank you guys again so much and I hope I'll see all of you in that next chapter I'm taking with my stories.

Love you with all my heart,