Twenty five long years later Carrie Hennessy still found herself wrapped in the arms of that Michigan sweater. It was still too big, hanging off of her and it still smelled like Dad. It still carried with it the memories of football games, wins and losses, chips, popcorn and beer. Carrie could remember crying into it and he would tell her that it would be okay, and somehow it always it was.

Carrie wiped the tears away with the sleeve of the sweater. She leaned into Bridget as her sister wrapped an arm around her. Rory took her hand. She squeezed it and relaxed into the couch.

"We're all alone now," Bridget whispered, staring straight ahead.

"We've still got each other," Carrie replied, putting her head on her sister's shoulder.

"Mom and Dad are both gone, are we sure each other's enough?" Rory asked, voice void of emotion.

"It has to be," Carrie whispered, bringing her siblings in for a hug, "It has to be."

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