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Graduation Ceremonies

Bella`s POV

So here I seriously was.

21 years old, in a ridiculous pair of heals- the smallest pair of kitten heals the store sold- wearing a black cocktail dress falling awkwardly against my developing curves sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair with a crack in the back- digging into mine- in the middle of a high school gymnasium surrounded by my beloved father, Charlie, Billy Black, Sue and Seth Clearwater.

Boy was this was Déjà vu.

I never thought I`d step foot into high school willingly again after I graduated- erm humiliated myself- two years ago in front of my entire class somehow managing to trip over my graduation robe down the only 3 steps in the school and earning another 3 stitches in my forehead.

I felt my hand drift over to my forehead where the slightest scar still stood. I shivered at the embarrassment from that fiasco. Somehow Alice had still managed to pull me out of the emergency room long enough to be trashed around at my graduation party which she threw.

Not that I wanted to go there anyways...

A lot had happened that spring two years ago, some of the greatest gains and losses.

Jacob had admitted- or should I say I discovered from his trail of hints that I was actually his imprint. That put two and two together, placing the final straw in my choice between Edward and him. Before I knew it I had made the greatest choice in my life- to become his unlawfully unwedded mate; all the perks, without the stupid drama of marriage.

And by perks, I mean the hot crazy animal like sex god Jacob became and unleashed on me on my command.

My cheeks flushed at that thought, no 19 year old boy should be capable of possessing such a manly irresistible body. The only thing that made him seem his age was his overly large perverted sense of humour, and his even larger sex drive.

It was a little ironic to think I went from the abstaining Edward to the all too eager to rip my clothes off Jacob...

Ah the Cullen's and their morals...

And ridiculous amount of money they were all too fervent to spend on me.

For once in my life I had actually been excited about the Cullen`s graduation gift given to me two years ago. Esme and Alice had negotiated with Jacob over the month before I graduated to purchase a house just off the reserve.

Sure it was much too large and fancy for my taste, a wood shack would have made me happy. But it was still beautiful and perfect for what I planned my life to be like. The privacy was much appreciated at that point with the constant need to sneak around Charlie and Billy, and with me heading off to a college paying room and board didn`t really seem like a great option. I loved the idea of having a home to come back to.

I really did love having the Cullen family around me still. They were all too gracious to me considering all that has happened...

That was the greatest loss for all of us, Edward.

For the protection of the tribe and me, Edward and Taha Aki the Great Spirit Warrior had banned together and given their souls to the elements cursing the Volturi from ever placing us in any danger again. We were all forever thank full and obligated to Edward for what he did for us.

His soul was greater than anything I`d known and it carved a permanent place in my heart. His death was mourned greatly throughout the summer. We had held a funeral to help everyone let go of his tragic death, and accept he was no longer here. It was still a hard thought to chew.

"Bella," Billy jabbed me with his elbow out of his wheelchair bringing me out of my thoughts "You better cross your legs so that bratty youngest doesn't get a real good view."

My face instantly turned an unfitting shade of scarlet as I nervously glanced down.

Sure enough, a copper skinned 5 year old had twisted himself under the chair in front of me and manoeuvred himself so he was soon get a glimpse at my tightie-wighties. I didn't think my face could flourish a deeper shade of crimson. I quickly slammed my legs over each other in frantic panicky motion almost panting from the embarrassment.

Why did high school always have this effect on me?

I tucked my knee length dress under my legs ensuring all little boy fantasies were ruined as I heard a whiny 'hmph' from under the chair in front of me.

"Aiden, get out from there and sit properly." His mother thankfully scolded tugging the dark haired boy by his shirt allowing me slump back down in my seat and focus my attention back to what was far more appealing.

My Jacob.

This was his graduation ceremony after all.

My Jacob was done high school finally; he'd gotten accepted to Peninsula College to attend a four year program while I finished my 6 year one in accounting. Sure it was an hour drive to Port Angeles every morning, but I really didn't mind. It was like a white picket fence ending- well almost; ignoring the fact Jacob wasn't aging anytime soon, and well I definitely hadn't changed too much either.

In addition to being able to sense Jacob's emotion because of mating, Sam had discovered in me and Emily that we weren't changing much either. We were still aging though, just not at the pace of a normal human. For every ten years for a normal human, was like one to our bodies. It was a relief knowing I had a much more time to spend with Jacob, much more time to raise my future children and much more time spend with my best friend Alice and the Cullens.

With them being vampires, future wolf descendants would keep changing, but Sam now knew they weren't anything like bad vampires. Sam even confronted Carlisle and the Cullens stating that they wanted to end the treaty between exclusively them, but couldn't risk their scent drawing in another unacceptable vampire to their lands from time to time.

Of course Carlisle understood and welcomed the whole pack anytime to their home. Much of the pack wasn't too keen on the idea of visiting 'blood suckers' but that didn't stop Seth and Jacob from constantly raiding Esme's kitchen much to her delight.

The natural mother figure Esme really did love to cook; it got at least two of them off my back and Emily's.

My eyes glanced over Jacob's class easily finding his face soaring over the rest. My Jacob's smile filled his face instantly as our eyes met, that gooey love-sick feeling coursing through my body. His mahogany eyes tightened surrounded by his laugh lines, his brilliant white teeth peeking through his smile. My body was melting as blood rushed to my cheeks like it did all too often when Jacob was around.

His radiant smile then turned into a devilish smirk when he got a glimpse of the redness in my cheeks from across the gym. He winked quickly, no one else noticing in the gymnasium but me. My heart fluttered ridiculously fast, oestrogen changing my pace of thoughts rather quickly.

Jacob had no idea what he was in for when he got home from this damn thing. After all the pictures, forced smiled, cheap student made cake, he was going to have the one thing most boys his age dreamed of; a 21 year old girlfriend hot, heavy and horny for him.

Jacob must have smelt my arousal, and it must've driven him wild because his face tighten and was forced into a controlled line as his name was called up to receive his diploma.

That possible situation would definitely be close to as humiliating as my graduation was; walking up in front the entire class and their family and friends wearing an all too obvious large and bulgy boner.

Unfortunately for my redemption his robe didn't show any evidence of arousal for me.

Arousal that I know he would have later...

One the greatest things about having a werewolf boyfriend; we never had to use contraceptives. He could smell when I was in heat, when I was infertile, even when I was menstruating. It was like gods given gift to our sex lives. Jacob normally just whispered to me that I was in heat before we got hot and heavy and we would be fine after he found the odd condom lying around the house. He said I smelt weird on birth control anyways and was happy when I stopped taking it. He normally was so straight up and blunt with warning me about being in heat, it left no questions to ask.

Too bad I was too stupid to realize the one and only time he was only hinting at me being in heat.

"Oh yes, I am so glad it's over!" Jacob exclaimed opening the door to our home and walking in, gladly letting his handful of junk from the ceremony drop to the kitchen counter. It was roomy, natural, and nothing special because Esme hadn't let Alice go wild with decor, thankfully.

As beautiful as I found the Cullen home, I didn't do well with that many breakable things surrounding me constantly.

"You have no idea. If I can help it, I'll never be setting foot in a high school again thank you." I grinned following him in and kicking off my early death bringers- sorry high heels.

Jacob soon emerged to the front hall unbuttoning the dress shirt he'd whimpered about wearing so much earlier. Of course he'd want it off as soon as possible. Not that I would complain about that, it made my intention much easier to accomplish.

Jacob smiled tentatively, "Whatja want to do tonight Bells? I've got transformers 2 downloaded on my computer, and I promise I won't make drooling noises at Meaghan Fox's slow motion run."

Jacob's laptop; it was another gift from the Cullen's, one that I wasn't as fond of even if it was a windows vista and they no longer used it when windows 7 came out.

He smirked walking over to embrace me; I knew he only would tease me about the latest sex goodness in the media just to see me glare daggers at him, or as he called it the stink eye. It didn't scare him any how and only made him laugh.

"You're too cute Bells, and I must say you look beautiful in this dress." He breathed in my hair. The heat of his bare chest on my skin was unbearable. You could call it summer now, it was late June, but the season's heat didn't compare to what radiated off of Jacob.

He was the only summer I needed.

I shifted my neck and pulled Jacob's face into my palm so his eyes met mine. The all too familiar heat swallowed my eager body. Jacob's warm chocolate pools were soft and doughy, making me melt inside for him.

I had my own graduation present planned.

"I'd look a lot more beautiful to you with this off Jake..." I whispered catching his lips for a second sensing a slight hesitation. I pushed my body against his; a growled erupted from his throat. My hands readily slid down his abs, hard and pronounced. My core burned as wetness started to seep into my underwear.

He was not getting away from me now.

His tongue danced with mine passionately as I let myself nip at his bottom lip seductively. My hand traced once again down his abs following the trail of dark curls down to the hem of his pants and sliding my fingers in.

He gasped unexpectedly pushing away from me and removing my hand from his groins.

"Bella stop- we can't-"

Damn, why the hell was he stopping me when I was about to grab his junk?

"Shut up and let me give you your graduation gift." I hissed cutting off his protest and kissing him roughly. His hands found the smalls of my back temporarily pulling me closer to deepen our violent kisses.

My body was once again uncontrollably grinding his and my hands roaming at their pleasure. I tried again, my mind on the prize beneath his pants and sheathed by his boxers. I was going to get the legendary sword even if I had to fight my way to it.

Heh, that's right I was comparing Jacob's cock to a sword.

He had the same discouraging reaction once again.

Fuck he was really pissing me off with how difficult he was making this.

"Seriously Bella, stop I can't control myself when you smell like this. We really shouldn-" He almost gulped his face plagued with a strange sense of worry. I really didn't get him, I could even feel what he was feeling, well sense it essentially. Another perk of mating made him not the only one who could tell emotions. Well... even if I could only sense his.

I could tell he was horny, so full of lust.

If he actually was anxious it was so concealed by his lust for me it didn't make sense. So why didn't he just give in already?

"Jacob, you are not going to deny me access to you on your graduation night. There are no excuses so stop protesting and give in to me now." I growled pushing him playfully across the kitchen in a demanding fashion. He looked at me doubtfully as I pressed my body against him in pleasurable fashion.

He must've have just been playing hard to get, enjoying seeing me beg- well more demand for him.

Silly dog.

"Got it?" I quipped finally tipping my head to the side in a cocky fashion. He nodded weakly his eyes still weeping uncertainty.

"Good." I grinned, pulling his neck down and kissing him feeling whatever fight he was putting up before vanish.

His lips met mine in a hungry fashion tasting every part of my mouth then grasping my ass frantically. He lifted me up turning to the nearby wall to rub his hardness against my core. My head tilted back, as I moaned.

"I can't fight against you, honey." Jacob snarled his lips meeting my neck as he fumbled with our clothes that concealed the heat of our bodies. I wasn't helping much in him lifting my dress over my head as he continued to buck and grind against my wetness, while suckling my neck. My body was constantly shuddering with goose bumps.

Finally I felt his hot hard rod slide into me, filling me with a cry. He grunted, and then began to thrust riding my body into ecstasy until he met his own match filling me with his own liquids.

I had no idea what I had just done and I was not nearly ready to be dumbfounded by my oblivious stupidity, and the resulted consequence.

Whatever that may be...

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