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After chapter 26

"Mari will u go out with me?"

Wow i had said it. After so much denial and thinking then over thinking some more. I had said it.

her face looks like she can't believe her ears. Maybe she didn't hear me. But can i build up the courage to say it again? No I dont think i can. Why isnt she responding? Im starting to panic. Then i notice that barely a few seconds have gone by. It felt like an eternity.


Now it is me that cant believe what Im hearing, did she just say yes? I hope Im not deceiving myself.

"Yes? Mari?" I ask in a small voice.

"Yes. Akko." says Mari.

I aproach her slowly, I dont know what Im doing. I cant think. My body is acting up on its own. I hold her hand in mine while my other hand makes its way behind her neck. I slowly start to pull her towards me as i lean in.

Her eyes are so beautiful and deep..full of emotion, her lashes are perfect and her skin feels so soft to my touch. Such natural beauty.

Her lips so cute, so full, they are hypnotizing me. I cant take my eyes off of her lips. I slowly reach her lips..with mine. I close my eyes and kiss her.

My knees feel so weak and yet I am standing. My stomach does a million flips. My heart is melting and I am losing my mind. I cant think, I can only feel. I can only feel Mari's lips on mine. I can feel all the emotion she is feeling and I am sure she can feel mine.

After what feels like an eternity we break the kiss and I hold Mari, my Mari in my arms.

I whisper to her ear:

"I love you"

and she whispers back

"I love you too"

My world is complete now. There is nothing else i could ask for.