Five years have passed since the war and subsequent graduation from Hogwarts.
Ron and Hermione married two years after that, and moved into a small home that resembled that of Hagrid's Hut next to the Burrow. Ginny, having gone her separate ways from the Chosen One was 'playing the field' much to her family's chagrin.
Harry had moved in with his lover, a lover no one knew about. Harry told himself he kept his orientation a secret because it was his. Finally something he had to himself and didn't have to share with anyone, not the Weasleys, not the media. But after nine years, that excuse was running on its last legs.

Harry walked in the front door of the apartment he shared with his partner, after a long day at the Ministry. His red Auror robes slipping off his shoulders.

"love? Where are you?" He called from their lounge room. The only sign that alerted him of his partner's presence was the expensive pair of polished Italian shoes on the floor.

Knocking echoed out from the bedroom.

He kicked off his shoes and socks before walking down the short hall to their bedroom. He slowly pushed open the door. His breath instantly caught at the sight before him.

Draco Malfoy, lover of six years, was spread eagle on their bed. Hands magically bound above his head. A ball gag fitted into his perfect lips. His long, creamy legs were bent at the knees and spread apart as far as he could.

In that one moment Harry could already feel himself start to harden. Wondering of the effort it must have taken Draco to arrange himself in such an alluring position. But what made him even more impossibly harder was the only piece of clothing covering Draco's body, a thin dark green thong. Only just coving his clearly aroused cock.

It was a beautiful sight, to see his lover bound and gagged, completely submissive and under his control. It, once again, gave Harry a sense of power, one that he craved so often.

Harry knew his friends would never understand this side of him. This Sadistic, evilly delightful side of him.

Slowly he began to undress. He made sure Draco watched his every movement. Torturously slow Harry pulled off his trousers. Draco's hardness seemed to reach a new level, His cock straining against the almost non-existent fabric of his thong.

Completely nude, Harry stalked over to a box on top of the dresser. Taking three items out of he turned back to Draco. Slowly he walked over to him, straddling his waist.

Taking the first item he ran his hand slowly up Draco's smooth thighs and ripped the thong from his body, earning a muffled groan of pleasure and anticipation from the bound man. Draco's cock sprang free, red and leaking. Harry slipped the cock ring over the throbbing flesh, moving it down agonizingly slow to the base of his cock. Draco squirmed under his touch, trying to push himself into Harry's hand harder.

A smirk coated his face as he removed himself from Draco and picked up the next item.

The whip cracked against the empty air, echoing throughout the room. Draco squirmed in need, his eyes widening in lust as he took in the implement. He loved this part. The pain it was about to give him and the pleasure. The pleasure above anything else.

"I haven't even started and you already need to cum, such a dirty, little whore. My dirty little whore." Harry whispered into his ear, licking the shell, making him shudder with lust.

"Tell me you want this." Harry said removing the gag.

A strangled noise erupted from Draco's throat his jaw aching, "I want it! Merlin I want it! Please, please," he begged.

The first blow landed inches below Draco's erect cock, leaving a dark red line on his pale flesh. Draco whimpered arching his hips in pleasure.

Harry smirked, loving Draco's need, relishing his own.

Blow after blow rained down on the Slytherin's legs and stomach. The Gryffindor striking harder with every blow though was careful not to draw blood. Harry painfully hard and throbbing with pleasure looked at his helpless lover before him. Watched as he withered with pleasure.

"Yes, oh Merlin more!" He yelled as tears fell down his face. He loved when Draco cried.

His hips bucked up continuously, seeking contact, the mix of pain and pleasure keeping him impossibly hard and wanting stimulation.

"Had enough slut?" Harry questioned knowing he loved and hated hearing that word all at once.

Draco frantically shook his head.

"No? Well okay then." The whip then came down on Draco's puckered nipples. He cried out with the tortuous pleasure and pain mixture, his body not knowing which reaction was stronger.

"If you want me to stop all you have to do is say it." Horcrux. Their safe word.

"No!" Draco proclaimed.

Expecting that response Harry striked his nipples again and again, harder each time. Draco was happily reduced to a moaning, sobbing mess, relishing the pain when Harry finally threw the whip aside.

"Baby did that hurt?" He asked half mockingly, and half seriously, constantly aware of his lovers emotions, responses. Making sure he really was enjoying himself. He wiped the tears away kissing each cheek.

"I know it hurt but you can't deny you loved every minute." Harry grabbed his leaking cock, tugging it away from his body. And watched hungrily as Draco moaned in ecstasy.

"Yes" he hissed.

"Your nothing but a dirty slut. You love it when I bind you and whip you. Love it when I put a cock ring on you, not letting you cum for hours on end. You filthy. Little. Whore." He babbled meaninglessly and gave his cock another tug. "Who would have thought Draco Malfoy, death eater, Harry Potter's personal bitch. What would dear old daddy think? I own you." He whispered into his ear. Reaching up he licked Draco's dark mark who whined in response jerking his hips up desperate for some form of friction.

Harry took his wand from his bundle of clothes and wordlessly flipped him over. His whip marks painfully and quite pleasurable were rubbing against the silk sheets.

Harry took his third and final item. A paddle.

He ran his hands over Draco's firm arse gently, sliding in between his cheeks slowly rubbing the tight hole. Draco pushed his arse up desperately offering himself to Harry.

He chuckled. "Offering your arse to me like a common slut. Tut, tut, tut. I think that deserves a spanking wouldn't you? You're a slut but you're my slut and nothing I have is common."

He swung the paddle down in a sweeping arch making contact with Draco's bare arse repeatedly. Draco's yells become hoarse and slightly chocked with tears as he rubbed himself against the sheets with each blow. Soon his arse was a delicious crimson.

Harry put the paddle down, his desire to be inside Draco becoming desperate.

"Now for the main event." He whispered and liked up his spine, sucking and biting his shoulders before tuning his head toward himself. Harry kissed the stray tears away.

He positioned himself behind Draco's reddened behind and spread his cheeks. Putting took fingers to Draco's mouth he watched as he sucked his fingers, coating them in his spit. Slowly Harry pushed both fingers inside of, watching as the tight ring clenched. Picking up his pace he worked his fingers in and out of him, scissoring Draco open. Then removing his fingers he thrust his length inside of him, moaning at the tight fit. Draco groaned in pleasure and pushed himself back.

He whimpered, "more."

Harry frantically slammed in and out of Draco. Screams of pleasure echoed out from Draco as he met Harry's thrusts.

"Take it!" Harry grunted, "That's right, take…my…cock!" Panting as he was unable to hold back any longer letting out a final moan as he came, spilling into Draco.

Taking his hand he pulled the cock ring off and pumped his fist around Draco's throbbing red cock. Draco came almost instantly, his come soaking into the sheets beneath him. Slumping forward he waited for Harry to release him.

Wordlessly his binding unravelled before completely vanishing. Draco flipped himself over, gently setting his sore arse on the bed.

"How do you feel?" Harry questioned crawling up beside him and folding him into his arms.

"Sore. Satisfied." Draco's voice was rough.

Harry chuckled. "Good. Just the way I like you." But he healed him as he did after all of their 'games'.

They lay in each other's arm before speaking again.

"I meant what I said Draco."

"What?" Draco asked confused.

"You are mine."

"I know." Was always his reply, this time however he couldn't stop himself from adding, "but why then, if I'm yours, are you so ashamed of me?"

Harry sat up and looked down at him.

"What do you mean? I'm not ashamed of you."

"Then why doesn't anyone outside of this neighbourhood know that we're together? Why haven't you told the Weasel and Mudblood?"

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "Because I don't know how they would take it. I mean I can't just walk up to them and say 'Hey guys guess what I'm gay and my lover is Draco Malfoy oh and did I mention I'm a sadistic prick. So…who wants to go to lunch?'"

"I get that. But what are you going to do about it?"

Harry drew in a long breath, thinking "this second? Nothing. Tomorrow? Everything."

They sheared a drawn out kiss before drifting off to sleep.

"You ready love?" Harry asked Draco. Though if anything he was the one not ready.

They stood at the door to the burrow. The Weasley's had invited Harry for lunch. He thought it a good as time as any to tell them all that he was gay, and in love and living with Draco.

"I'm ready, are you?"


"…Ready yet?"


"…How about now?"

"Yep let's go."