one thing i do not own legendz they are own by there owner.

and there will be some people that i made up okay

a year have pass since the legendz war and everyone have miss the legendz mac is is now a normal looking boy and meg is a pretty young girl and dino is a nice guy and shu is not

cry baby any more is seem that the good bye of the legendz have change him to a different person and there is a new person to there group her name is shino she is a 12 year girl who

had move in some time after the battle and she is a very nice girl and shu have fallen in love in her and then one day is going change that.

I wonder when is shu and other is going to be here shino said.A few minute pass the other have came hey we are here sorry if we got here late shu said yeah that

because that mac have buy more hamburger. Then Dino came in with roses in his arm and then give them to shino and I forgot to say that he is also in love with her and got shu mad

over it and everyone went to where the legendz have left them.

In the legendz world and the other have miss there human friends and want to see them again and one more dragon was there and it was Ranshiin they were told that there is

new danger is coming they have to stop it and also Ranshiin have to go them and help them and ask him how can he for he had no saga and was told that his saga is going to

awaking soon to her power had him wonder who is it and her name is shino a young girl.

Shiron said Boy it is shocking to know that Ranshiin also have a saga and I did not see that coming and the other were shock to know that Ranshiin also have a saga to and were thinking and than

Greedo say that is hard to believe he have a saga and never know so what was her name again was it shino then zuou said I sure miss meg when are we going to see them and then

Garion said soon very soon I know that everyone can't wait there to see the kids again and Ranshiin want to know who his saga is like but we have to wait a few minute for the portal

to open and when it is done we will get going and then when it is done they have went in and are going to the human world again.

Then when shu and the other got there they saw there legendz again they have said the name of there legendz but shino wonder why is there one more legendz with them and decide to

talk to him she say hello who are you and what is your name and the other have turn there to see who she was talking to and were shock to see that it was Ranshiin he said that

him name is Ranshiin and shino told him that it is a very nice name and was shock to see that someone say that his name was nice or anything he then ask her name and shino said

that is was shino then Ranshiin and the other were shock to know that her name is shino they wonder if it is the same one they have to find and then five Talispod appear in front

of them four was the same from before but one was a new one it was black color and with little red in it and it was in front of shino and then everyone have grab the Talispod

and the element of it was surround them and shu and the other there was wonder why shino have one to and the legendz told what was going on and told them shino was Ranshiin saga

and they say that they needed there help and everyone but shino said yes and waited for shino to said something they know that she need to think about it then she say yes with no

sign of fear have them a little shock to see that and Ranshiin say that she do not need to join if she did not to want but she said that she have made up her mind and will not

change it Ranshiin was surprised to see that and smile a little and then everyone but shino say come back she was surprise to see that the other legendz are gone then they told her that

if she said come back they will go back to there Talispod and she ask Ranshiin if he want to go back in he told her yes and then she said come back and Ranshiin went back in and then

his soul figure change into a mouse like being and had a little black wings and a pair of gloves and saw a likeness mouse on shu head and ask what were they the other told her

that Shiron and Ranshiin can change in there lesser form and for no reason shino can understand them and what are they saying and told the other that she can understand what was

Ranshiin was saying and they have a freak out look and it was getting late and have to home soon and said there good bye and say that they are giong to meet at dino house tomorrow.

but shino forgot that her house was far away and can not get there on time then Ranshiin said that he can get her there on time if she reborn him so she said come back and then

reborn and Ranshiin was there and ask her to get on his back and she did and Ranshiin take off to the sky and shino show him which way to go to get to her house and was there

on time and she come back Ranshiin and went inside and eat dinner and show her family Ranshiin in his lesser form ask them if she can keep him and they say yes and she feed

Ranshiin some bread and some soup for him and he ate them and then they took a bath together and were in her room on her bed Ranshiin was surprise to see that her was very nice to him and the

kindness shino show to him and she went to him and went to sleep and Ranshiin had done the same thing too.