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chapter 3

Where at Dino and Greedo was at they are battling a golemand they are doing okay at first until it has use elemental shift and that when it was getting the upper hand and Greedotry to hit it and

got one but it did not do very much to it Greedo:Man when is it that hard to beat the dumb thing and will it ever give up. Dino:No I do not think it will give up that easily I know that some way we will beat

it we have to keep trying till we beat this thing but he is different from the first one for it can talk. Brick(that is his name):Fool did you think that you will not stop us from getting what we

come to get. Greedo:what is it that you want from us what is it we have that is important to you and the other legendz. Brick:why is that girl with you were with eariler. Dino:who Meg?Brick:No the

one with the golden hair and is with the black dragon. Dino with wide eyes: You mean Shino but why what is it about her that you want from her Brick:You think that I am that dumb to tell you.

Greedo: yes we did. Brick:well to bad because I am not that brainless that most people think I am. Greedo:Then one more question why did that legendz attack her when you said that she was so important to you

Brick:That because that he is a big complete idiot and forgot what we are here again I mean I told him like a hundred time. Dino:Wow that hard for you. Brick:Yeah but that enough talking

more fighting now and when he say that he attack them and did a great damage on him. Greedo:I wonder what is it about her that they want oh well we can think about that later right now

we got a battle to win. Dino:Yeah your right now let go and fight and Greedo try everything he can to beat him whenever he use his attack it will keep on getting miss and when thing are

bad enough Brick use it rock smash on the rock and throw them to Greedo and he manage to dodge them but because of that Brick charge up for another attack he then release them

and it did a great amount of damage to him on his wing and he can not fly for now and Brick charge up for a another one ang all seem lost hope that they heard some one said WIND

TORNADO on Brick that then they saw Shu and Shiron came to them and then Shiron:Hey what are you doing are you doing are you being beaten a hunk of rock huh. Greedo:Hey that not

very cool and we did learn something like why are they here. Shiron:Really then is it that they want. Dino:They want to get one of the girl to for her power. Shu:Who Meg?Both Greedo

and Dino:NO WHAT THEY WANT IS SHINO. Shu and Shiron:WHAT!!! Shu:What is about her that they want from her and there must be a reason they want Shino Greedo:I don't know

what is it but we got to beat this guy first and look for the other Shiron: Yeah you are right now let they start to attack him together and they are beating him but when they were about

to destroy him he took out a bottle and use it on a rock the other was confuse on what the hell he is doing but when they saw that the rock become a part of him they find out that he is

using them to repair his body but they did not know that it is also making him stronger than before they found out that when they got hit from Brick and got lot of wound from it and then they

think of a idea of a distraction will help so Shiron did it and say insult to the golem and got him to be very mad and then Greedo manage to get a couple of hit on him but they were all

useless on him. Brick: Did you think that you can beat me my skin are like the hardest jewel in the entire world. Shu:You mean the diamond then we are in trouble for nothing can break it

and the only that can that can break it is a another one but I don't know any other golem other than him so we are so doom and then Brick use his rock thrower on Greedo but Shiron

push him out of the way and took the hit for him,Dino,and the other went over to him to see if he is okay and he is but that made Greedo very very mad and that is the last

thing anyone want to do of their of there entire life line. Greedo:You have hurt my Friend. Brick:So. Greedo:you are going to die with that a deep color red glow was on Greedo

and then something about him has changed about him and then when it had stop they saw him and were shock to see him look like a different person and he was for he have a red color

light on him and have a scary looking face and his eye have this angry look on them and then he flew at Brick a amazing speed and attack him with great power and strength and it did

have some creak on his stone body and the other was freaking out of what happen to Greedo and want to snap him out of it but can not seem to have the right word to say to him at all

and then they wonder how can he fly when his wing is still broken from the blast that hit him and then Shiron had stand and then yell to Greedo to snap out of it and what was wrong

with him and that got him out of it and saw the other and then look at what he was holding and saw a out cold golem and drop and ask the other. Greedo:Hey what did I do to him and

the other did not said anything to him and was trying to see if there was a right word to use to him and then. Shiron:Well you was Beating the life out of that guy over there and lift his

claw to to show where Brick was at there and then Greedo ask them this. Greedo:How did I do that to him when we can not do a damage to him and then the other was about to tell him

Brick was getting up and Shiron yell Greedo to look behind him ad saw that he was standing up and is getting ready to battle but this time he fell down and change back to a soul figure

and have vanish in the thin air and the other was still staring at the spot and then they have heard a loud scream and went to see who it was.

Who was the person that yell was it the other are they okay will they survice this you have to wait for the next chapter to what is going on and what is the fate of Shino and the

other do stay tuned.