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Chapter I: Mikan's Side

Sigh. "Everyone's out, again." An auburn-haired girl named Mikan said as she entered the grand hall of their mansion which was so empty at the moment. 'Wait, scratch that. It had always been empty.' Mikan reminded herself as she climbed upstairs to her room, nodding her way to the maids and butlers.

As soon as she entered her room, she turned on the lights and took a good look on herself in the mirror, hands leaning on her grand dresser. She looked like her mother, really. She had the same auburn hair as her mother, the only difference is, she had hers naturally-curled. Her mother's was naturally straight.

Her round hazel orbs were staring right through the mirror. Her perfect chiseled face resembled her mother, only younger. Her long silver Chanel earrings were shimmering at the light in her 7-star hotel-like room. She had full lashes, thin, soft, kissable, pink lips and a model complexion.

She is the daughter of Yuka Azumi-Hasegawa; the wife of Fuyuki Hasegawa, a successful big-time businessman whom she married four years ago. Mikan Sakura never really cared, as long as her mother is happy, she is too. But she never thought it would come to this point.

Mikan and her step siblings were treated like prince and princesses. They were given everything they wanted but time. Their parents never really realized that, they never really knew why. They didn't bother pushing themselves any further; they wanted them to be happy.

The treatment given to them almost felt like, Modern-day Monarchy. They were never really addressed as "Prince" or "Princess" but, they were treated like one. Mikan was the only child of her mother. Michiyo and Mizuhara Hasegawa were the twins of Fuyuki.

Although they just met Mikan four years ago, they never really treated her oddly. They are two years older than Mikan and they both loved being older siblings on the family. Mikan too, wanted older siblings and returned them the same way they treated her. They were happy, but it was never complete without the time of their parents.

Mikan Sakura is one of the top students of Alice Academy; the most prestigious school in Japan. She is a cheerleader and at the same time, a world-famous model and singer/composer. She's still 16 but she had already achieved so much. But, although it never shows in her perfect facade, she's a lonely teenager. The only things missing in her life are the time from her parents and the love she could feel and give to another person.

Yes, she had been single since birth. She was afraid to date men because they only loved her for she was famous and all and she hated that. She wanted to be loved the way she is and not because she's a super hot, rich and famous chick.

She bounced on her queen-sized light orange bed, face-first. She was out everyday because of her hectic schedule. It was not really that hectic, though. She only made her schedule as an excuse. She barely went home because of two things.

One, the house was almost always empty. Two, she overheard her parents on their home-office talking, deciding whom Mikan would marry. She never wanted and arranged marriage. That would mean she would be locked up with a guy she never really loves.


Mikan was happy today because her mom and step-dad was home. But sadly, they were still up this late for their work. She sighed and shrugged the thought. She decided to make coffee for the both of them, that's the very least that she could do for them.

After preparing the coffee, she grabbed a silver tray and slowly going to her mom and dad's home-office, making sure she won't trip on her favorite over-sized pyjama.

The moment she reached the office door, she hesitated on knocking it. She smiled and took a deep breath, ready to open the office door but then, she heard they were talking about her. This made her stop and eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Hon, I guess we should decide on Mikan's marriage. We've decided on Michiyo and Mizuhara already. Don't you think it's about time to arrange her marriage?" Fuyuki said, not leaving his eyes on the papers he was working on.

"But shouldn't we just let her find and choose the man whom she would marry?" Yuka asked, standing up from her chair and going to the sofa near Fuyuki.

"That would be so much unfair to Michiyo and Mizuhara. Don't you think?" Fuyuki asked back, looking at Yuka.

"Sigh. Well I guess you're right. But, who would she marry?" Yuka asked, eyes filled with worry. She never really liked the son of the rich men of Japan, they were undisciplined and all of them were so absorbed to their vices.

"I've talked to the Nakajima's. They were so interested with our daughter. And so does their son, Kazuma." Fuyuki plainly said, waiting for Yuka's response.

"I… guess that would be al-!" Yuka was cut off when Mikan kicked the door open, angry.

"I will not agree with that, mom. I'm sorry dad, but I don't think that is such a very great idea. I don't want to be locked up with a guy I don't love!" Mikan shouted, fuming.

"You will have time to meet him Mikan and spend time together with him to get to know him better. We're not that foolish to jump right to the day of you're marriage without you meeting the one you would be marrying! Everything would be alright, Mikan." Fuyuki explained to his foster daughter who was on the verge of breaking down in front of them.

"A no is a no, dad. I thought you were the one who taught me that?!" Mikan asked, biting her lip in the process, suppressing the tears that were so desperate to flow on her cheeks.

With that, she put the mugs of coffee on a nearby side table and ran to her room, crying.

She couldn't believe them! She thought they wanted them to be happy?! How could they decide a life-changing decision for her when it was definitely her part?!

Her mind was bombarded with a lot of questions as hot tears continually flowed on her rosy cheeks.

End of Flashback

She laid on her back, facing the ceiling with a grand chandelier hanging to it. She admired every little things she had, but she never gets to see them clearly like before. She always goes home late at night.

Just when she was in her trail of thought, something, or rather someone abruptly interrupted her.

A knock on the open door was heard, catching the laying young lady's attention. She turned to face the certain someone and her indifferent expression changed to a happy one.

She was happy to see Michiyo, her step-sister. They never really looked alike. They were so different in every little way except the sunny smile that's always plastered on both of their faces every time they see each other.

Michiyo had long jet-black hair that reached her stomach with side bangs, olive-green orbs, thin, soft, kissable, pink lips, full lashes, thin brows, pink cheeks and a perfectly chiseled face.

Michiyo went to her side, and asked, "Mikan. Why aren't you answering my calls?"

"Michi-nee-chan, I'm sorry. I really am. I don't know what's with me. At times, I feel so disgusted with myself for overreacting on mom and dad's sudden decision but I also often think that they could meddle with everything about me but my marriage. That's supposed to be the moment every woman would yearn for, not the one to be regretted." Mikan said, sitting down beside Michiyo.

"Hush… I'll talk to them for you. Just rest, Mi-chan. You still have school tomorrow. You don't want to be third on the top ten achievers list, don't you?" Michiyo asked her step-sister, smiling.

Mikan just shook her head indicating a 'no'. Michiyo just smiled at her and said, "You better change to your night gown. I'll be going now, goodnight dear, sweet dreams."

As soon as Michiyo left, she changed to her night gown and tidied her face and body. The moment she finished, she closed her room door, turned off the lights and jumped on her bed, thinking what was in store for her tomorrow at school.

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