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Chapter XIII: Shattered Dreams, a New Life

As she stepped out of the car, everyone had their eyes set on her. She was definitely stunning now and even more healthier, they actually wondered why. Was there something that they have missed? Her long vintage-looking gown made her look mature enough and made her look more stronger than she already is.

Just in time, Natsume turned to look at Mikan. What he saw really did surprise him. It was a good decision not looking at the sketches of the undone gown after all. He groomed himself and waited for his bride to come.

With Mr. Hasegawa escorting her, Mikan slowly walked down the aisle. There's no stopping them now, she's only a few steps further from another chapter of her life with her most beloved one. The moment which she actually had second thoughts, thinking it was still too early but now she couldn't care less, this was all she wanted all along.

The moment they were already one step closer to Natsume, Mikan looked up to her dad with some unexplainable emotions. With a smile and a slight nod, Mr. Hasegawa let go of her, handing her to Natsume. This is really is it.

Seeing her father nod and smile, Mikan smiled back at him and finally let go of him. She slowly turned to Natsume and smiled. Then, the ceremony started.

After saying their vows, it was finally the time for the wedding ring ceremony vows.

As Natsume placed the ring on Mikan's finger, he said, "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today, our wedding day."

With a smile, Mikan placed the ring on Natsume's finger saying, "This ring is a token of my love. I marry you with this ring, with all that I have and with all that I am."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Says the priest accompanied by the claps of the crowd as Natsume uncovered Mikan's face of her veil.

Mikan grinned as Natsume's face neared her. She could tell Natsume was in a hurry to kiss her. And she could say she is, too. And then, they kissed. It was a quiet long and passionate one which made the people and especially the ones who covered their wedding clap ever more louder. They both faced the crowd, smiling. Well, Natsume did smile a little, at least.

As they exited the church, they were both in an ecstatic state. People could tell they both really were. And nobody ever missed the fact that they were so drowned to each other. As they walked out, they failed to notice the death glare given to them by Kazuma, who was standing by a group of people. Unlike them, he did not clap. He did not feel like doing so. If he did, he would feel much more than a hypocrite than he already is. He was truly unhappy for the both of them after all. And he is pretty sure he is going to end his own agony of not being able to have Mikan for himself.

Right after the wedding, Mikan and Natsume both decided that they would go right to their honeymoon so they immediately went away from the large crowd and went to the private island Natsume owned. It was a three-hour trip from Tokyo.

After three hours..

"Great! We're finally here!" Mikan exclaimed as she stretched her arms out to the sun. As they were heading to this private island, Mikan changed from her perfect wedding gown to casual clothes that were light. She wore a long tee that reached her thigh. Its left side is shorter than its right side, though. So it was cut in a diagonal way, unbalanced yet amazing. Its sleeves reached until the middle of her elbow and her shoulder and was slightly rolled. On top of it was a black leather vest. For her bottoms, she wore a white balloon skirt that reached only until her thigh, showing her long, slender legs. She also wore black gladiator heels for her sandals. Her necklace was really long and it was gold with a square pendant. It reached until her belly button. She had her hair in a high messy bun and wore some Christian Dior crystal sunglasses and some thick black bangles.

"You always manage to dress yourself up like a Korean." Natsume remarked as he too, made his eyes travel around the private island he owned. It has been a long time since the last time he came here and it was with his friends. Now, he's here with his wife.

"Yet you like it." Mikan said as she turned to him.

"You can never miss that fact." Natsume said as he snaked his arms around her slim waist and walked with her, exploring the island.

At the end of the day, they were both tired of all the exploring and not to mention the arguments they made. They immediately went inside the hotel-like building standing in the middle of the island and retired for the day.

"Natsume. This island's really great!" Mikan exclaimed despite the tiredness she felt all over her body, from head to toe.

"Don't you think I know that?" Natsume said as he himself lied down the queen-sized bed that looked so new. He rarely comes here after all.

After a few minutes, Mikan fell unusually quiet. That's when Natsume felt it and looked at her. She was already asleep. She was definitely so tired that the moment she settled herself on the bed, she immediately took the trip to dreamland. She was like an angel, sleeping right beside him. He never really thought they could end up together after everything that blocked their way and the misunderstanding they both had at first. Well, he guesses that's what they call "first impressions".

Stroking her hair, he silently admired her features. How he loved the girl, and she was the only one that made him leave every little vices he had. Especially in toying with the girls who threw themselves at him. And now, they are already married. He was quiet surprised that he was able to get her to say yes to him despite his background and everything. Well, guess that only proved her own selfless love for him.

He finally stopped stroking her hair and kissed her forehead. He was already going to sleep too. He was totally tired. Three times than Mikan, really. He had to carry her along those narrow paths, he had to hold her as she climbed those trees, he had to watch her every step because of her clumsiness and a lot more. He sighed and finally covered them both with the clean sheets.

The next morning, they both got up early and freshened themselves up. Mikan was wondering why she was not feeling so good at all. She suddenly feels dizzy and what makes things worse is that, her weight is already beyond her control. Every time she weighs herself on the mornings, she could see that she gains weight. She wondered why, was there something wrong with her?

As Natsume got out of the bathroom, he asked Mikan, "What is it?"

"Nothing. I just don't feel so good today." Mikan said, lying back on the bed.


"I don't know. Hm, let's just take a walk along the beach, shall we?" Mikan said, changing the subject.

Natsume just nodded and understood that she does not want to talk about it for now. Probably not to make him worry. He changed clothes and went with Mikan outside to walk along the shores.


Mikan extended her arms to the air, feeling the air hugging her. "It's so great to be out here." Mikan said as she continued to extend her arms.

"Hn." Was all that Natsume replied.

"Do you often come to this island of yours, Natsume?" Mikan asked as she sat down, feeling the water rush to her feet.

"No, I don't feel like going here alone." Natsume said as he himself sat down beside Mikan and enjoying the waters rushing to both of their feet.

"Why? It's so quiet and peaceful here. You can probably think over all things that are bothering you." Mikan said.

"I don't really tend to think about all the things that bothers me." Natsume quietly said as he looked up to the clear blue sky.

Mikan just smiled and understood how he felt. He must be troubled by how his father treats him but lately, she could tell they already get along well. But not very well.

"I know." She said as she looked up to the clear blue sky too.

"Should I quit show business?" Mikan quietly asked, waiting for his response.

"I don't really want to get on your way. It's better if you decide on your own." Natsume said.

Mikan heaved a sigh and asked, " But is it really alright if I don't quit?"

Natsume turned to face her and answered, "If that's what you really want then I won't stop you. As long as you're happy you definitely know that I am too."

"What about you? Are you going to quit?" Mikan asked.

"I haven't really thought about those things yet." Natsume quietly said.

"I see. Well anyway, when are we going back to Tokyo?" Mikan asked, changing the subject.

"A month from now wouldn't sound so bad, right?" Natsume asked.

Mikan shook her head, indicating a 'no'. They both decided to go swimming and enjoy the day under the sun. It's not like everyday you are this happy and you spend it with the one you love the most. They made so much memories as possible so as never to regret not being able to do so and forever be haunted by that regret.

The moment the sun had set, they both decided to go back to the building and retire for the day. Another day has passed and still they ended up tired.

The next morning, Mikan felt the same way she felt yesterday. Okay so, this is getting weird. She shrugged the thought and got up the bed, looking for Natsume.

"Natsume?" She called out as she went out to the terrace of the room.

"I'm down here. What is it?" Natsume said as he showed himself to his wife who was looking for him.

"Oh, nothing. I thought you were gone for good." Mikan said.

"Hn." Was all that Natsume said and proceeded with whatever he was doing just awhile ago.

Mikan heaved a sigh and decided to take a bubble bath. Not only did she feel sick almost all mornings but her monthly period is delayed this month. What really is happening, huh?

The moment she finished, she went out of the bathroom and started browsing for clothes. When she finished changing, she went downstairs to look for Natsume and what he was currently doing.

"Natsume, what are you doing?" She asked as she went down the staircase.

"Cooking." He replied, not looking at her.

"You can cook?" Mikan asked in disbelief.

"Would I really attempt to cook now if I did not know how?" Natsume asked.

"Chill, Natsume. I was just merely being curious." Mikan said as she patted his back jokingly.

"What are you cooking anyway?" Mikan asked, peeking at whatever he was cooking.

"Just take a look at it yourself." Natsume said.

"Why are you so rude?" Mikan asked, pouting.

"I'm not being rude." Natsume said.

"Then what do you call yourself?" Mikan asked.

And then, a war began again. A war of words to be exact. The maids around the island were actually wondering how they ever get along and if they ever really get along. After a few minutes of the word war they were having, they finally made up by kissing. So yeah, that's how simple life for them is. They suddenly fight and then the next minute, they are already making up.

A few days later and they already had to go back to Tokyo. When they both came back, they were both already tan. But it was never a big deal to them. Like the hell they cared if they turn black as long as they have fun under the sun.

At the airport..

"Mikan! Natsume! You're finally back!" Yuka exclaimed as she went to hug her daughter.

"Yeah, we are." Mikan said with a smile and hugged Yuka back.

"How are you doing, man?" Ruka asked as he went to approach Natsume.

"Just fine." Natsume said.

"As always." Ruka remarked.

Both men just laughed and were soon talking to other people around them who came to see them come back. Surprisingly, Kazuma showed up which shocked the people around him, especially Mikan. How come he still came to see her?

"Hey." Kazuma greeted as he went to approach Mikan.

"K-kazuma, what are you doing here?" Mikan asked.

"To see you of course and to see if you are alright." Kazuma said, looking at Natsume in the process.

"Well, we're both fine." Mikan said, smiling at Kazuma.

"Let's go, Mikan." Natsume said and dragged Mikan away from Kazuma, at the same time glaring at Kazuma.

"Mikan dear, we should go ahead." Yuka said to her daughter.

"Okay, mom. See you all later." Mikan said to her mother and to the others as well.

"Where should we stay for now, Natsume?" Mikan asked.

"Probably at my place for now. I'm still looking for a great place." Natsume said.

"Okay, shall we head there now? I'm quiet tired already." Mikan said.

Natsume just nodded and then they both went to his car and drove to Natsume's place. No one's here. Maybe Aoi is still at school. Well, they don't care about those things for now, they needed to rest, badly.

After hours of resting, it was finally afternoon. Mikan's ringing cellphone woke her up. She quickly searched for it and flipped it open to answer the call.

"Hello, Kazuma?"

"Mikan. I need to see you."

"Why, what's happening?"

"You'll know once you get here. Please, just be alone."

"Come on, Kazuma. Spill it. I don't have time for riddles."

"I'm not doing any riddles here. You need to get here, fast."

"Why can't I bring Natsume along with me? Kazuma, if this is one of your silly games, I'm so going to kill you."

"Be here or be sorry, you choose. Anyway, I'm at our main shop." Then, he hung up.

"Oh, great. What the hell does he want this time?" Mikan asked herself, clutching her long auburn hair in the process. Then, Natsume woke up.

"What's happening?" He asked.

"Nothing. I'm really sorry, Natsume but I need to go to my manager." Mikan lied.

"And I'm not coming?" He asked again.

"I'm afraid so. It's quiet urgent and.. I don't know. She asked me not to bring any companions. May it be you or anyone else. I'm sorry, I have to go." Mikan explained.

"Alright." Natsume said and went back to sleep. You can't blame him. He's really tired, you know.

The moment Mikan finished freshening up, she immediately grabbed one of the car keys Natsume has and went to the parking lot to drive one of the cars there.

While driving, Mikan tried to dial Kazuma's number many times. But he doesn't seem to pick up any of her calls at the moment. He might really be busy. She dialed his number once more and finally, the other line picked up.

"Kazuma, I'm almost there."

"Can't you go any faster?"

"What really is happening?!"

"Just hurry, Mikan." And then, he hung up on her once again.

"This is total bullshit. What's happening?" Mikan asked herself and drove the car at full speed.

Few minutes later, she finally arrived. The shop was unusually quiet. She actually wondered if what Kazuma tried to tell her was actually true. But he sounded really sure and.. scared? Was that what she really heard from him?

She went inside the shop and looked for Kazuma. The personnel said that Kazuma was at his office. She immediately went there, fast. As what Kazuma instructed her to do.

She knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked on the door once again. Still, no answer. Okay so, this is getting creepy. Why isn't there anybody opening the door? Was Kazuma still here? Or did something already happen? Without any hesitations, she opened the door only to reveal Kazuma sitting on his chair.

"Okay, Kazuma. What do you want?" Mikan asked seeing that Kazuma was not in trouble after all. She bit his bait, great. Kazuma went near the office door and locked it.

"Kazuma, what do you want?" Mikan asked again, tension building up on her.

Kazuma went near her and caressed her face lovingly. "You, Mikan. I want you. Why did you have to choose him over me?"

"What the hell are you talking about? I thought this thing is already settled?"

"Well you thought wrong, my dear." Kazuma said as he continued to caress Mikan's face.


It was already an hour. Still, Mikan haven't come back. Was she alright? Natsume's mind was full of those questions having an uneasy feeling on his chest. To ease up the said feeling, he decided to give Mikan's manager a call. She's probably with Mikan.


"Fujiko. Where's Mikan? Is she with you?"

"I don't really remember arranging some appointments with her today 'cause I thought you were still off to some kind of vacation."

"What? You mean, you did not ask her to come there just earlier this afternoon?"

"Yes. Why, did she come here?"

"I was going to ask you the same question. She's currently missing. She told me you asked her to come there for some urgent meeting and that you told her not to bring any companions with her."

"What? Oh no, where is she?"

"I don't know. I guess I'll go ahead and look for her."

"Okay." Then, Natsume hung up.

Back to Mikan and Kazuma..

"Kazuma. Let go of me." Mikan said to Kazuma as she tried to free herself from Kazuma's grasp.

"There's no way I'm letting you go, Mikan. Not anymore." Kazuma said as he forced himself on her.

With one might shove, Mikan was able to throw Kazuma away from her but not that far. Then, he slapped him, hard. Really hard.

"Kazuma! Wake up, you idiot! What's gotten into you?!" Mikan asked.

"Mikan, come with me. Leave him." Kazuma said as he tried to hold Mikan again.

"What are you talking about?!" Mikan said while trying to avoid Kazuma.

"Don't force me into doing things you would never like, Mikan. Just do what I say." Kazuma said, more like commanded.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, Kazuma!" Mikan shouted and went to the door, desperately trying to open it.

"That won't open, Mikan." Kazuma said as he stood up to follow Mikan.

Mikan turned around and punched him square in the face. She thought that would knock him down. But no, it didn't. She was not that strong after all. It only made him bleed and made him more angrier and resorted to something that he never really wanted to do but he needed to just to get Mikan for himself. He was going to order his men to go find Natsume and kill him just to make Mikan come with him.

"Mikan. I lost my patience." He said and fished his phone from his pocket and dialed some numbers. Mikan just watched his every move trying to figure out what he was going to do next.

"Move. Now." Kazuma commanded on whoever was at the phone. This time, Mikan got even more scared.

"Kazuma.. What are you going to do?" Mikan asked.

"See for yourself so that you would be able to decide." Kazuma said with an evil smirk. Then, he dragged her to wherever he wants.

Back to Natsume..

As he was driving on the road and at the same time busy dialing Mikan's number, he did not manage to see that there were some cars that ambushed him. He stopped abruptly seeing that a few cars were blocking his way. The next thing he knew, bullets were already flying towards him. He manged to dodge the bullets and managed to get out from his attacked car.

Unfortunately, the men were fast. They saw him going out of his car and was trying to escape. The head of the group commanded his men to follow him and to capture him. Natsume's not getting away that easily.

The men who were commanded to go after him easily caught up with Natsume's fast pace. It seems that they were trained for these stuffs. He wondered who sent them. He kept on running and running from streets to streets. Unfortunately, when he turned to another corner, it was already a dead-end. Oh, what now? He grimly thought.

The moment he turned around, a group of men were already there. Ready to capture him and beat the life out of him. Natsume managed to dodge some of the punches and kicks yet he was caught off guard by the head of the group's flying kick which came from Natsume's back. He was knocked down unconscious. Seeing that Natsume was already unconscious, the head of the group instructed his men to carry him to the car. His boss would definitely be glad about this. The moment the men placed Natsume inside the car, the head of the group drove it to wherever their boss instructed them to bring the unconscious man.

Back to Mikan and Kazuma..

"Kazuma, why don't you just let us be happy and start to find your own happiness?" Mikan said as she was being dragged by Kazuma.

"You are my happiness, Mikan. Can't you understand that? And this is the only way I know to get you. Please, Mikan. Stop making this hard for me. You were already happy with him. Isn't that enough?" Kazuma asked.

"Oh, just shut up you lunatic. I can't seem to understand you anymore. You're getting way off hand." Mikan said.

"Mikan. Truth be told, if you won't come with me and marry me, I'll kill him." Kazuma threatened as he threw him to the nearest chair.

"What are you talking about? Who are you going to kill?" Mikan asked frantically.

"Natsume, of course. Is there any other man that would hinder me from getting my own happiness?" Kazuma asked as he turned on the wide screen. Mikan was shocked to see that it was Natsume being beaten up. Blood all over his face and body. Is she the reason for this?

"Damn you, Kazuma! What are you doing to him?!" Mikan shouted as she attempted to leave the said room.

"Uh-uh. There's no way you're getting out of here." Kazuma said as he stood up and grabbed Mikan's arm and forcefully made her sit down.

"Why don't you just enjoy the show for awhile and then make up your mind?" Kazuma said.

"What's really gotten into you, you idiot? There's no way I would ever marry you! Just kill me along with Natsume if you want." Mikan said, really determined of her decision.

"You're making me mad, Mikan. And that's bad. Really bad, I tell you." Kazuma said and dragged Mikan once again to his car and drove to a certain place where Natsume is currently being beaten up.

The moment they got there, Kazuma brought Mikan to the actual place where Natsume was beaten up. As she saw him coughing blood, she immediately went to approach him.

"Natsume!" She shouted.

"M-mikan. Get out of here, it's not safe in here." Natsume managed to say.

"Natsume, we're both going out of this place." Mikan assured him as she tried to untie Natsume from all the ropes.

Being a lunatic that he is and not being able to hold and control his emotions upon seeing this, he got the guns from his men and started shooting all around the place and at the same time shouting with all his might. He unconsciously shot all of his men that were surrounding Mikan and Natsume. The ones that were left alive now were only the three of them. The moment Natsume was already untied, he got up from his chair and went to approach Kazuma.

"Kazuma! You're such and idiot." He muttered and got the gun from Kazuma and shot him in his stomach. Mikan gasped at she witnessed. Kazuma was there right in front of her, laying in a pool of his own blood. He could probably be dead now. Natsume turned around and approached Mikan. He hugged her tight. For a moment he thought that they would be apart from each other now.

Mikan hugged him back as tightly as she could. But then, she felt Natsume stiffen all of a sudden. Mikan's eyes widened the moment that she saw that Kazuma was still alive and shot Natsume from the back. "No!" Mikan shouted with all her might though she knew that her shout could never bring her Natsume back. He was already breathing hard. Probably because he was beaten up and then he was shot. She took a gun from Kazuma's dead men and shot Kazuma twice, closing her eyes. Her first shot, she heard Kazuma grunt. She was not satisfied. She knew he was still alive so she shot him another bullet. Unknowingly, she shot the explosives that were around the corners of the place and the whole place blew up. The last thing she saw was Natsume's laying body and she herself fainted.

Few moments later, Mikan and Natsume's friends and families came along with the police. It seemed that this whole place blew up. Could there be any survivors?

"Oh no." Anna muttered as she got off the police car. The others got off as well and were looking for Natsume and Mikan. Luckily, just awhile ago, Natsume was able to call Yuka and the others informing them that Mikan was in trouble and was currently missing. They tried to locate Mikan by her phone and luckily, they were able to trace her. Without any hesitations, they immediately went to the said place. They somewhat had a bad feeling. A feeling that they would never make it and that they would be too late the moment they would reach the said place.

"Ma'am, we found two weak bodies and seven dead ones. We're taking the bodies to the hospital." One police officer told Yuka who was already crying now.

Mikan slowly fluttered her eyes open, adjusting to the light of the hospital room. It was all white since it was a hospital after all. She immediately sat right up and asked the people around her, "Where's Natsume?!"

"Mikan. Calm down." Hotaru said as she sat beside Mikan on the bed.

"Where is he, Hotaru? I need to see him."

"Mikan. He's in the other room. He is currently unconscious." Hotaru said as calmly as she could so as not to Mikan worried than she already is.

"What room, Hotaru? I need to see him!" Mikan said as she removed the dextrose and any other things that were attached to her not minding the pain.

"Right beside yours." Hotaru said, thinking that objecting her would be utterly futile.

Mikan immediately stood up from her bed, slightly wobbling and ran to Natsume's room. The moment she arrived at his room, she stood there dumbfounded. He was in comatose. Though she's happy to see his steady breathing rise and fall.

She immediately sat down beside his bed and hugged him tight. She knew that there's a great possibility that he won't wake up from his state now. She hugged him like there was no more tomorrow and cried all her might. She eventually fell asleep from all her crying.

She was awoken by Natsume's warm hands stroking her hair, he probably knows she cried to her sleep. She did not look up, afraid to see the pain in his eyes. She would just feel guiltier than she already is. She can't bear to see her most beloved one in pain and the cause of all these is her. She just cried and cried again knowing that he won't be with her long enough and all of their dreams together would eventually go down the drain. All those happy thoughts of being together, the mansion that they were both planning to build, the happy family that they both dreamed of. All of those dreams did not even have the slightest chance to come true. All that would be left with her would only be their yesterday. She knew deep inside that he would eventually become a part of their yesterday.

"Mikan. Don't cry." Natsume said. This made Mikan cry even more. He sounded so weak. She could feel his life slowly leaving him as he speaks. He never sounded this weak before. He was always the tough one, the one who made the others around him feel they were safe. She could never imagine life without him. She could never imagine life going on without him.

"Go on.. with your.. life. Learn to.. live without.. me. Just remember.. I.. love you.." Natsume managed to say, every time he speaks he sounded even more weaker. Mikan held Natsume's hands tight. His hands that used to be so warm. The hands that once made her feel warm and safe. She felt his hold on her tighten and then slowly let go. She knew this was the end. She can't even mutter a word. She just kept on crying really hard. She could not hold it any longer. She could not suppress her roars of agony anymore. He was no longer here beside her. He had already left her.

Hearing this, the people from Mikan's room immediately went to Natsume's room. They knew something happened. Hotaru immediately ran to Mikan and hugged her. She too, can't suppress her emotions anymore. She can't bear to see the once so cheerful Mikan in such pain anymore. She can't be a hypocrite anymore. No, not now that her best friend needs some comforting. Anna and Nonoko hugged Mikan and cried as well.

Ruka, Koko, Mochu, and Yuu tried to suppress their tears. One of their best friends had already passed away. They can't possibly remain stoic and just pretend it did not affect him. Natsume had rubbed a great impact on them. He was already part of their lives. He had helped them through the ups and downs of their lives. And even got into trouble just for them. He was a great man, one that could never be forgotten.

They all ushered Mikan back to her room and made her rest. She eventually fell asleep because of crying. After a few hours of sleeping, Mikan finally woke up again. Her eyes sore from all those crying that she made. Till now, she could not mutter a single word. She was still dumbfounded of what happened to her Natsume. It can't seem to register to her mind that he was already dead, that he already left her to live her life on her own.

Suddenly, a knock on the door was heard. Hotaru opened the door for the certain person to come in only to reveal that it was a doctor. "Doctor? What is it?" Hotaru asked.

"I need to talk to Mrs. Hyuuga." The doctor said.

"Please come in." Hotaru said. The doctor then come in and approached the dazed Mikan.

"Mrs. Hyuuga, I would like to congratulate you. The tests are positive." The doctor said with a large smile on his face. Mikan looked at him and asked,

"What? What's positive?" Her voice quiet hoarse from all the crying that she made just awhile ago.

"You're baby is alive." The doctor said.

"Wha?" Mikan said as she slowly covered her mouth due to shock. "I.. am pregnant..?" She asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Hyuuga. You are, didn't you know?" The doctor said. Mikan just shook her head and broke down to tears. Natsume left her a child. She could not believe it. Hotaru, seeing that Mikan was crying once again, asked the doctor if there was anything more that he wanted to tell Mikan and answered by no, she politely asked the doctor to leave because she had to stop Mikan from crying.

"Mikan, congratulations." Hotaru said as she patted Mikan's back, sitting down beside her in the process.

"Hotaru, I'm going to be a mother. Help me. Please, don't leave me." Mikan said weakly, realizing that she can't go on in this state for now and that she needed someone to guide and help her throughout her moving on state.

"I'm never going to leave you, Mikan." Hotaru said and hugged her best friend tightly.

A few years later..

Mikan's POV

Seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years have passed. I slowly learned to forgive and to forget the tragedy that happened to my life few years ago. I slowly began to embrace the reality and on top of all of it, I slowly learned to live my life without Natsume. I'm really grateful to my friends who helped me throughout the years especially my best friends, they really are great. They never abandoned me and my child, Natsuki.

Now, our only child is already three years old. I feel so fulfilled seeing her every step of her growing years. I never thought I could go on this far. Without all of their help, I could have given up and probably be gone by now. Each morning, as I see my child's crimson eyes flutter open and look at me with love, I never fail to remember everything that I had been through with her father who had the same pair of crimson eyes.

Her crimson eyes serves as my reminder to be stronger like what he told me and to learn to live my life without him knowing that he would never ever come back. As I recall my past, I never thought I could be someone like I am now. For once, I felt like a princess betrothed to a wicked and selfish prince I don't even like. And eventually, I fell in love with a bad boy prince who couldn't get along with his parents. We fought for our love together yet still failed in the end. It felt like.. Modern-day Monarchy.

The end is finally here, I'm sorry for having you waiting for this. I needed two days to finish this, really. Please do review! Anyway, I'm already planning another story entitled "Assassin Madness". I hope you read it once I get it published! Ciao!