I've been playing Dissidia all day so I was bound to come up with something like this sooner or later. It's pretty much pointless but most (probably all) of my stories are.

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"You know, we'd make the best wolf pack EVER!"

Each person in the group stopped whatever it was they were doing and stared. Tidus continued on as if he'd never opened his mouth. Confusion clouded the minds of the others.

Cecil was the first to break free.


"A wolf pack. We'd be the best! If we were wolves but we're not so I guess it wouldn't really count."

"........I see."

Silence took over the group. Everyone waited for more of an explanation but it seemed unlikely they would get one. Zidane, never one to sit back and be ignored, asked the all important question.

"So, who'd be the boss of this pack?"

Confused gazes were directed at Zidane this time. How could this be making sense to him?

"The alpha? The Warrior of Light ofcorse!"

"What? Why not me?" Firion piped in, an annoyed look on his face.

"Nah, you'd be the hunter. Cecil, you'd be the next in charge!"

Cecil ignored him.

"Zidane, Bartz, Terra and Onion would be the cubs."

They each threw Tidus a questioning glance.

"And Cloud? He'd be the alpha female! 'Cause he's always looking out for people younger than him."

Cloud didn't know if he should be offended or not.


"Yup! And Squall would be the omega. You know, the loner that no-one likes."

"Gee thanks."

"Someone's gotta do it!"

"And what would you be?" Terra asked.

"I'd be the cool one!"

"The 'cool one'?" Squall raised an eyebrow, "I didn't think you'd get one of those in a wolf pack."

"Well, you would in this one, 'cause it'd be me."

"Did you know you're an idiot?"

"Never said I wasn't."

With that said the conversation seemed to be done with and everyone carried on as they were. Except for Bartz, who was thinking of all the adventures they could have of they really were a wolf pack.