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For the next three days at school, New Directions traveled to the three middle schools that sent McKinley new Freshmen, just like they'd done the year before. Each day was a new school, and they alternated a morning or afternoon performance so they Glee club members didn't miss the same classes all week and at each school, they invited the soon-to-be Freshman to join or at least come to check out the club the following year. They hoped to get a few new members, because with the Seniors graduating, they were losing several people and they didn't want to be too close to the minimum for competitions, like they once had been.

Like the year before, the teens wore jeans and their converse, but instead of just a simple t-shirt, they wore special ones. After they won at Nationals, Will ordered t-shirts for all the directors and teens. The shirts were red, with 'WMHS New Directions - 2010-2011 National Show Choir Champions' on the front and on the back was their name. They hadn't talked about doing a shirt, but when they arrived in early May, the teens were exited and knew these concerts were the perfect time wear them.

Ben, Will and Emma had traveled to all three schools on the bus with the club, and Ethan and Deborah met them there, wanting to have all the directors there. All four of them were introduced, along with every member and at each school and the club was welcomed excitedly, many of the students recognizing former students or the teens from the year before.

During the performances, they explained why they were there and Will invited anyone interested in joining to come up to the stage afterward, to talk to him, the other directors and members. They didn't expect many to come up to them, but after each school, they left with a list of at least five students interested, which was a good thing, but the returning members began to worry there would be too many members, so they knew they had a lot of decisions to make in the near future.


On top of the middle school performances, the club was also working some special songs. One of them would be added to their Friday evening concert at McKinley for friends, family and the public, and the other would be for graduation. The song ideas originally hit Rachel on Tuesday afternoon and after talking privately with Puck about it, the couple went to the music store that night to get the sheet music for each song, though both were songs at least some of the club would know.

Rachel and Puck called a secret Glee meeting during lunch time on Wednesday, so their directors that were at McKinley wouldn't find out, and presented their ideas to the club. Like Puck, everyone loved Rachel's ideas and decided to keep it a secret from their directors until their performances and agreed to meet after school and during lunches, so they'd have time get the songs down. For the time being, they also decided to focus on the one for Friday night and spent the rest of their lunch practicing the vocals for it.

Wednesday after lunch, the teens headed to another middle school, and everyone kept quiet about their after school practice. Rachel and Puck had already talked to Susan about watching Abby a little longer that day and the next, so they could practice and she was alright with it.

After another successful concert, the teens returned to McKinley and got back to work on the song. They decided they wanted to focus more on the words and their voices, so they kept the choreography simple, worked on their timing and made sure they were hitting the right notes as they sang. The club worked until they usually finished Glee practices and were close to having the first song down, so agreed to meet the next day during lunch.

Thursday morning the club went to the last middle school and after getting back to McKinley, they spent their lunch practicing the new song, making sure they had it down and were comfortable with how it was turning out. By the end of lunch, they were confident they had it down and Glee met like usual after school and all their directors tried to get them to say what they'd been doing, but no one was talking. The only thing Rachel said was she promised they'd find out soon.


Friday afternoon, New Directions was performing in front of McKinley, as winners and not as the 'losers' they'd been treated like the year before. They'd finally made it to the top and won Nationals, bringing a title to the school that hadn't been seen since the 90s. Yes, McKinley had the Cheerios, who held numerous first place titles, but the school needed more recognition than just a successful cheer team and New Directions gave it to them.

At the beginning of their performance, the students clapped, more to be polite than anything. The further they got along in their songs, the more the McKinley student body, and the teachers began to cheer and follow along with some of the more popular songs the club was singing.

The club was ending their concert with the three songs they'd done for Nationals. Puck and Rachel sang the ballad, 'Faithfully' and while the guys were dancing to 'The Boys Are Back', Puck could see everyone was into the music and the dance steps, which gave him an idea. When they finished the song and went backstage to regroup before their final performance and Will spoke briefly to the students, asking for new members, Puck caught everyone's attention, "I have an idea."

"What's that, Noah?" Rachel asked.

"I think we should do the song we've been working on. I know this is the time we were going to do it tonight, but I think we should do it today. All our directors are here," he motioned to where his parents, Ben and Will were sitting, "and it's 'We Are The Champions'. It could be the biggest slap in the face to anyone who wants to still bully you guys next year. None of us are losers, we never have been and it's time to show it to them," he admitted, looking at Rachel and the others who weren't graduating.

"Let's do it," Rachel grinned, nodding at him, "I know we talked about doing it right before our last one, 'You're My Number One', but I think it should be our last one," she explained.

The teens shared looks and nodded in agreement, and with everyone's decision made, they moved out on stage to begin their last song from Nationals, 'You're My Number One'. Going through it just like at Nationals, as Rachel and Quinn sang the last lines together and bowed when the school began to cheer for them, thinking it was their last song.

Will, stood up and began to make his way towards the stage, but Puck stopped him, "hang on Mr. Schue. We have one more song," he admitted and at Will's confused look, Puck smiled, "we've been working on something for the last few days that we want to share with you all," he said looking at the school, "this song is very important to us. It's been an emotional two years for us, as a club and as friends, and now we can sing this next song, because we made it. It took two years, but we did it. We'd really like to thank our directors for helping us get where we are and though myself and a few others won't return next year, we know we've been a part of something amazing and we wouldn't trade the time for anything else," he took his place on the far corner of the edge of the stage and nodded at the band to begin playing, "please enjoy," he smiled, taking a deep breath and starting with his solo, "I've paid my dues, time after time."

Finn stepped out of the group on the risers and walked over, standing on the opposite side of the stage from Puck, "I've done my sentence, but committed no crime."

Quinn moved towards her boyfriend, slipping her arm around his waist as she reached him, "and bad mistakes. I've made a few."

"I've had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I've come through," Rachel sang, coming to stand next to her boyfriend as the club continued with, "and we need to go on and on and on and on..."

"We are the champions, my friends," Mike sang, coming to join Rachel and Puck on their side of the stage.

Matt stepped forward next, taking his place next to Quinn, "and we'll keep on fighting till the end."

"We are the champions! We are the champions!" They all sang, smiling brightly.

Ryan came forward to stand next to Mike and sang, "no time for losers, 'cause we are the champions."

"Of the world!" Puck added the end of the chorus.

After a few moments, Rachel began the next verse, "I've taken my bows and my curtain calls," she bowed to the audience, "you brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it. I thank you all," she waved and bowed again.

"But it's been no bed of roses. No pleasure cruise," Quinn sang.

Tina walked out and came to stand next to Matt, continuing the verse, "I consider it a challenge before the whole human race and I ain't gonna lose!"

"And we need to go on and on and on and on!"

"We are the champions, my friends," Artie sang, wheeling over to stop by Ryan.

"And we'll keep on fighting, till the end," Mercedes joined in, walking over to stand next to Tina.

The club together sang the next line, "we are the champions! We are the champions!"

Kurt walked over to Artie and sang, "no time for losers, 'cause we are the champions!"

Rachel and Puck looked at each other and shared the next line, "of the world!"

Brittany came to stand next to Mercedes and started the next chorus, "we are the champions, my friends."

The two groups of teens on the edge of the stage slowly moved towards the center, so they were all together, with arms around the backs or shoulders of the person next to them, as Quinn and Finn continued the chorus together, "and we'll keep on fighting till the end."

Behind them, all the other club members were standing in a similar way on the first step of the risers, arms around the backs or shoulders of the ones next to them, but as they continued with the the chorus, singing, "we are the champions! We are the champions," they walked off the risers towards the line of their friends on the edge, standing just behind them.

Rachel and Quinn shared the next line, "no time for losers, 'cause we are the champions."

After Rachel and Puck sang, "of the world!" to end the chorus, everyone sang, "we are the champions of the world!" Ending the song and bowing to their audience, who erupted in loud cheering and clapping, some even whistling and rooting for them.

For the next few moments, the teens shuffled on stage. At first, the six Seniors stepped forward, waving and bowing to the school. The original members then stepped to the front, to show where they'd really started. The Seniors then all stepped away, allowing the members who'd be returning the following school year to take a place on the edge, and during the whole time, the school continued to cheer and clap for them.

It was a very defining moment for the club. During the previous year, many had been bullied and teased, and after taking second at Nationals, most of that stopped, so the newest members didn't get a real taste of what the school had done. Now, they were being celebrated and they realized they were even further up on the social 'food chain' at school than they had been and that the school liked them. They'd gotten a brief look at the school's change when they returned as winners at Nationals, but it wasn't until that moment that the club could see how much had changed in just two school years.

The Seniors were a mix of emotions. They were so happy to have been a part of the rebuilding process for the club and were glad to have been there to win Nationals, so they were leaving on a high note, but they were also sad to be graduating and it hadn't really hit them until the end of the song. Quinn was the one to mention they were graduating in eight days and they only had two more performances left, as members of New Directions and as high school students, which hit everyone hard and though Quinn was the only one of them to shed tears, all the guys felt the same way she did.

While the six soon-to-be graduates stood off to the side of the stage and talked, sharing an emotional moment, Puck spoke up to calm them down, "officially, we're leaving the club in good hands, but just because we're getting our diploma in a week and we won't be able to perform with them for competitions, doesn't mean we're walking away completely. We'll all still be involved, just not exactly the same way we have been for the past few years."

"Puck's right. We'll still be here, just not as students," Finn agreed.

"Yeah, that's true. I guess it all just hit me. We've all talked about 'when we graduate', but I just hadn't realized how close it really was," Quinn admitted.

"Seems like the year's flown by," Mike added, "so I understand."

"It has, but it's not over yet," Puck smiled, hugging Rachel when she skipped over them, "hey babe."

"Noah, that was a great idea!" She kissed him excitedly.

"Well, you're the one who came up with the song in the first place, so same to you," he replied with a wink.

"That was amazing, everyone!" Will commented happily, as he, Ben, Deborah and Ethan came up onto the stage, while the students filed out, "this was the song you've been working on in secret?"

Puck nodded, "yeah. Rachel came up with the idea earlier this week and we thought we'd surprise you guys tonight, but I suggested just before we did our last song from Nationals that we should do it today, too."

"We're glad you liked it," Rachel smiled.

"We definitely did," Deborah nodded, hugging Rachel and Puck.

Will looked around at the the teens, "I'm so proud of you all. We've come so far in these two years and we're going to miss the Seniors, but you'll always be a part of the club. I don't think we can ever top number one in the nation, but I do see continued success in the future for New Directions."

"Well said, Mr. Schuester," Rachel smiled.

Puck nodded in agreement and held out his hand to the center of the group they were standing in, "New Directions on three, okay?" He asked, glancing around as everyone was quickly putting their hands on top of his in the middle, "one... two... three..."

"New Directions!" They shouted, clapping and cheering. They knew things would be changing in the next few weeks, but the friendships and relationships formed over the past two years would never end; they'd only grow stronger with time, so they settled to focus on that and not dwell on the coming changes.


The evening concert at McKinley was just as successful, exciting and emotional as the afternoon one had been. The auditorium was a packed house, most being close friends and family members of the Glee teens, but a lot of the attendees were teens and their friends or parents who had gone to the McKinley or middle school concerts and wanted to see them perform again. Rachel and Puck were glad to have Abby in the audience and waved at her several times when they saw her pointing to them on the stage. She was sitting on David or Alan's lap, Deborah and Ethan had Dena and Arin with them and sitting nearby was David's sister and Anna, Rachel's cousin who looked a lot like Rachel, and most of Puck's cousins around his age from Northern Ohio and his grandma were also there.

All of the other Glee members had a some family there and the teens were happy to see the large turn-out. It meant that people came to see them on their own and didn't have to, just because it was a school event. The club also knew they could get donations to help pay for costumes, sheet music and travel expenses for the next day. They were getting funds from the school and the school district and had gotten a nice amount of money for them winning Nationals, but the next year they had three competitions, all with at least a night stay in a hotel, and even though the show choir board got deals for the clubs, the money they had would not get them through all three competitions, so they would continue to fund raise whenever they could.

Their concert lasted a little over two hours, with the final song being 'We Are The Champions'. They had added a few more songs to their set list and for their groups of songs from each competition, they changed into one of their costumes from it, so their evening ended in them dressed up in their Nationals costume. When they finished their final song and had done their introductions like they had that afternoon, the teens headed backstage to change while the audience began to leave, dropping donations off in several boxes set up for them.

Changing back into their regular clothes, the teens began leaving to go meet with family and Puck and Rachel were following, because they wanted to meet with their out-of-town family before they left. It was nice to see them and they wanted to hang out longer, but because it was late and they had a several hour trip home, they didn't stay long.

Calling it an early night, the Lima residents shared hugs and said 'goodnight', before parting, Rachel and Puck got Abby's car seat from her dads' car and soon the small family was home, getting ready for bed.


Saturday morning began much like their weekends usually did, but it was later than usual. Abby had been up a lot later than she usually was, because of the concert, so she slept in longer. This gave Rachel and Puck a chance to get a few extra hours of sleep, something they'd need because they'd be up late that night for Puck's Senior Prom.

It was a little before ten when the couple finally rolled out of bed and shared taking care of Abby and Kona and then the couple, with Abby in her highchair, sat down to have brunch. "Is there anything you'd like to do today?" Puck asked curiously.

"Aren't we going to your prom?" She replied, looking at him.

Puck laughed lightly, "well, yeah, there is that, but that's tonight. We still have all afternoon. I, um, kinda have plans for Sunday," he admitted.

"You do?" She paused, trying to remember if he'd said something about that day, "is it recruiter or Navy stuff?"

"No," he shook his head, "just taking Arin out for the day, but she doesn't know it yet, but mom and dad, do. Hannah will be staying there tonight, so Uncle Ben and Aunt Susan can be chaperones at the dance tonight and because Jessica is going out with TJ, but Hannah will be going home before noon, so I'm gonna take Arin out for lunch and then go do something afterward."

Rachel smiled, "that sounds like a great idea, Noah. I remember you said you wanted to do that before you left. I'm sure she'll love the time with you."

"I hope so," Puck nodded, "I hadn't expected to wait this close to leaving to get to it, but the point that I'm doing it in the first place is the important part, right?"

"Exactly," Rachel agreed, "and we've all been busy, so it's understandable it hasn't come up yet. She has spent time with you, too, but it hasn't been one-on-one like this will be. I'm sure she'll enjoy hanging out and love the fact you care enough to want to take her out. You also have plenty of time to go out again, too, because after you graduate, you'll have just under two weeks before you leave."

Puck smiled at what she said, "you're right. I do still have plenty of time," he reached over with a wash cloth to wipe some crumbs off Abby's cheeks, making her giggle and bat it away, "with all of you."

"You do," she returned his smile and jumped when her phone began to ring next to her, "sorry."

"No worries. Who is it?"

"It's Quinn," she hit the answer button, "hey Quinn!" She greeted.

"Hey Rachel, hope I'm not interrupting anything," the blond admitted.

"No, well, we're just having a late breakfast, but I can talk. What's up?" She wondered, knowing they'd see each other in a few hours.

"I actually need some advice," Quinn replied, "it's about my mom."

"Okay, what's going on?" Rachel asked, now concerned, "is everything alright?"

"Yeah, I guess. I don't know. You know how my mom went to the concert last night?" Quinn asked and Rachel said 'yes', she continued, "well, after you guys left last night, she mentioned that she saw signs for prom in the halls at school, including the posters of me and Finn for king and queen. Now she's all excited, because I hadn't told her and she, my sister and several of my mom's relatives have been either king or queen at their prom, so she's all excited and wants me to go over to her house to get ready," the blond sighed, "Finn thinks it's a great idea, because he wants to 'pick me up for prom'. I don't want to go, because I know she's gonna make a big deal out of it and I just want to go tonight and enjoy myself. Is that too much to ask?"

"No, it isn't," Rachel said honestly, "what did you tell her when she brought it up?"

"I told her I'd think about it. Yes, I could win, but I didn't want her to know I was nominated, which is why I never told her. I didn't want her to get involved like she did with my sister; she had my sister doing all these stupid things, like telling her she had to beg for votes, because she had to continue on the family tradition," Quinn was beginning to sound a bit frustrated, but Rachel let her continue, "well, screw that. I want people to vote for me, because they like me or think I deserve it. I definitely don't want to win just to continue on one of her stupid family traditions."

"That is quite understandable, Quinn. I know you and your mom are still rebuilding your relationship and it sounds like she was quite pushy with your sister so she'd win and if I were you, I wouldn't want to be involved in that either," Rachel agreed, "I'll be honest, I could see the Quinn who first joined Glee going along with your mom, but you're not that person anymore. You haven't been that way for a very long time; you're more mature now, you're very likeable and I'm proud to call you my sister. I definitely think you'll win tonight, and it will be because of the person you are now."

"Thanks, Rachel. That really means a lot," Quinn took a deep breath, "so, should I just tell my mom I'm not going to her place or what?"

"Maybe you could invite her over to your place. That way, if she's around others, she'll be less inclined to bring up family traditions," Rachel suggested, getting an idea, "she can still see you before we go and you won't have to go over to her house."

"That could work, but it's gonna be crowded here, because Ryan is coming over around four with his mom and then Kurt and Finn are here with Burt and Carole."

As Quinn spoke, Rachel's idea took more shape, but wanted to ask Puck first, "there is that. Hang on a second," Rachel pressed the mute button, so Quinn couldn't hear what she was saying and then looked at Puck, "Noah, would you be alright with Quinn coming over here to get ready for prom and invited her mom, too?"

Puck thought for a moment and shrugged, "Judy has kept her distance and it might be good for her to see the nice home Abby is living in, so if she did still have any doubts about what Quinn did, it might ease her mind."

"I get what you mean. That's why I wanted to ask," she nodded, "I remember everything that came up in December when Judy showed up at Sectionals and then when she came up to the Hudson's to see Quinn and meet everyone. Aside from a brief few moments last night, she hasn't seen Abby since December, and she's never been in our house before. I know I was nervous about her finding out about Abby and the fear is still in the back of my mind, but it's not as strong anymore. Like you said, she's kept her distance and and I think this would be a good next step. She's not related to us and Quinn only sees her a few times a month, so she has no need to ever be here, but tonight we're all getting ready for prom. If Quinn gets ready here, I think her mom should be here, and our parents will be over, too, so she won't be alone with us."

"Yeah, you're right," he nodded in understanding, "Judy has no need to be here, but tonight is different and if you're alright with her coming over for a bit, then I'm cool with it, too," he replied.

"Great!" Rachel took her phone off mute, "Quinn are you still there?"

"Yeah, I am," Quinn responded.

"I have an idea to help fix your problem," Rachel replied.

"You do?" Quinn wondered, "this is why I called you, actually. I knew you'd come up with something or at least have some good advice."

Rachel smiled at the compliment, "I'm happy to help, you know that. My idea is you getting ready over here and having your mom stop by. That way Finn can pick you up like he wants, you can be here where it won't be as crowded with guys getting ready and you won't have to go to your mom's, but your mom could still see you," Rachel suggested, finishing up her last few bites of breakfast.

"Are you sure? Did you ask Puck about that?" Quinn replied, thinking of taking her up on the offer, but wanting to make sure Puck knew about it.

Rachel blushed, "that's why I put you on 'mute'. I asked him and he's cool with it. So am I. Besides, it'll be fun to get ready together. I don't know why it never came up before."

"I don't know, either, but it's a great idea. Thanks, Rachel and thank Puck for me, too," Quinn replied.

"I will," Rachel smiled, "I know our reservations are at five-thirty, so Noah and I are going to get ready around four-thirty. We want to make sure we don't spill anything or get dog hair on our clothes," she explained, "so if you'd like to come over, say around four, that would work."

"Okay, sounds good. I'll gather my things up and be over after I take a shower," Quinn admitted, "I guess I should go call my mom and tell her. Thanks again, Rachel."

"No problem. See you in a few hours," Rachel replied honestly.

"See you then," Quinn finished, ending the call.

Rachel set her phone down on the table, "she'll be over later. I kinda feel weird going to prom, too," she commented.

"Why?" Puck asked, having finished breakfast and was working on cleaning up Abby while she'd been on the phone.

"Because I'm not a Senior and they've been clear since the committee posted signs for prom that it was a Senior thing. I know underclassmen can go as a Senior's date, which is why I can go with you and Seniors can also bring a date that graduated last year, because not all couples are in the same grade, like us, so you can go with me next year, but this year just a few of us from Glee are going. Jessica and TJ aren't going, in fact, the only Glee members who are going, who are not Seniors, are Brittany, Mercedes, me and Kurt. I think I'm used to doing the dancing and partying with everyone, so it's a bit different to not have everyone there," Rachel explained, "I haven't paid much attention to the reasons, but do you know why it's only for Seniors? I think I know the reason, but I don't know if it's true."

Puck lifted Abby out of her high chair and kissed her cheek, setting her against his chest, "prom used to be for all school students, but only Seniors could be nominated for king and queen. The school has Homecoming and other dances throughout the year and I guess about ten years ago the Seniors began to complain about the dances being so crowded and by letting all the grades attend, it was taking away from the Seniors enjoying their last formal dance as high school students and with their fellow Seniors," he told her as the two moved into the living room and he set Abby in her playpen, and then he and Rachel took seats on the couch, "the year before I started at McKinley the prom committee finally took the hint and they and Figgins agreed to cut out the other three grades from coming and turned it into a Senior Prom. When those rules were announced, Seniors were pissed because not everyone dated someone in the same grade, so they changed them to allow the Seniors to bring a date, as long as they were either a student at McKinley or someone who'd graduated the year previous; the same rules we have now. Since then, the rules have stuck and I'm kinda glad they have," he admitted.

Rachel listened to what Puck told her and nodded in understanding, "that's why I thought it was now just for Seniors and their dates. It makes sense and I like it, too. It makes this dance more intimate because there won't be as many people there."

"Exactly," he smiled, draping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her close, "I get to hang out with some of my best friends and my amazing girlfriend. That's all I care about."

"It will be a great night," Rachel agreed, snuggling up to him, "but I still think you should have done something for Prom King. You are nominated."

"I don't care about that and Finn and Quinn are nominated for king and queen, so there's a pretty good chance they'll win; they're like stereotypical prom royalty," Puck replied with a smirk, "besides, there's only one queen I'd ever want and she's in my arms right now," he added looking at her.

Rachel smiled brightly and returned his gaze as she moved one of her hands to rest it against his cheek, "I'll always be your queen, Noah and you're my only king."


With a later start to their day, and knowing they had a big night ahead of them, Puck and Rachel were content to hang out at home, relaxing for the afternoon. Quinn let Rachel know that Judy had agreed to the plans and they'd be over sometime after four, so Puck and Rachel let their parents know, so they weren't surprised at her arrival and messaged them a little bit, while she and Puck watched TV and Kona watched Abby play with some toys in her play pen.

After a short time, Rachel laid a soft blanket on the floor of the living room and let Abby out of her play pen, so she could walk around and Puck and Rachel took seats on either side of the blanket, to keep an eye on her. Abby got one of her stuffed balls out and the three of them tossed it back and forth, letting her try to catch it and then she'd go closer to either of them and toss it to them, "you know, we might have the start of a basketball player here," Puck admitted with a grin.

Rachel smiled, "it's possible. She definitely likes doing this, but I think it's because daddy got it for her."

"Maybe," he blushed, catching the ball when Abby tossed it to him, "would you be okay with that?"

"With what? Her playing basketball? Of course. She can be anything she wants to be," Rachel replied honestly.

"I feel the same way," he agreed, holding the ball out to Abby and tickling her cheek, making her laugh, "I have no clue what you're gonna do when you get older, but I'll support you no matter what," he promised her.

She didn't really get what he was saying, but giggled at what he was doing, and then took the ball and walked forward to hug him.

Rachel felt tears forming in her eyes and smiled, "I don't think she really understood what you said, but it seems like she did."

Puck happily returned Abby's hug and kissed her cheek, "yeah, seems like it."


They played ball with Abby for a short time, but soon took her into the kitchen for a light lunch. She was beginning to wear down, and after playing around for a little while after she ate, she laid down in her playpen, which was Puck and Rachel's cue that she was tired. Carefully picking her up, the couple took her upstairs and settled her in her crib, and the two returned downstairs for some quiet time themselves.

As the afternoon wore on, Rachel's dads arrived just before Rachel went to take a shower, so Puck went to pick up her corsage and his boutonniere, returning home when Rachel was finished in the shower, so he took his turn so they could get ready to go. A little after four, Puck's family came over, soon followed by Quinn, around the time Abby woke up from her nap. While the three teens continued to work on getting ready, the parents took care of Abby and Kona and chatted lightly as time passed.

Just after four-thirty, Judy arrived, and she greeted the familiar faces, and met Kona for the first time. "I hope you're not allergic to or afraid of dogs," Ethan said, while Judy let Kona sniff her her hand.

"Oh, no, I'm not, for either of them," she replied honestly, petting Kona's head lightly when the dog relaxed and sat looking at her. "You're awfully cute. How hold are you?"

"She's a little over a year. We didn't realize she shared her birthday with Abby until a few weeks ago," Deborah commented, "when Rachel found her paperwork on her desk."

"Wow! That's coincidental," the older blond woman admitted, moving further into the living room where everyone was, "happy belated birthday, Kona and Abby," she added with a smile, glancing at Abby in her playpen.

Kona cocked her head a little at the sound of her name, and then moved back to watching Abby.

"The kids are all upstairs still getting ready, but have a seat. They should be down soon," Alan told her, motioning to the empty chair.

As Judy sat down, Puck came downstairs, mostly dressed but holding his tie and jacket, "mom, can you... Oh, never mind," he smirked seeing Deborah holding Dena and feeding her a bottle as he came into the living room.

Ethan got up and moved towards him, holding out his hand, "I can do that," he replied.

"Thanks," Puck smiled, "I guess I better get used to doing it, but I can never get it right."

"I know. I have to wear one with my dress uniform and it's a pain to get done," Ethan wrapped the tie around his own neck and loosely tied the knot and took it off, handing it back to Puck.

Puck took the tie and put it on, tightening it around his neck, "thanks," he said again, fixing his collar around the tie, "I'm glad you're here," he said looking up at him and smiling.

"Me, too," Ethan returned his smile and nodded, "ready?"

"Yeah, I think so. Rachel's just putting her dress on and Quinn is probably doing the same thing. She was fixing her hair in the bathroom when I came down," Puck explained, "so once they're done, we're just waiting for the guys to get here and we can go. We're meeting Matt, Mercedes, Mike and Brittany at Breadsticks," he added, putting his jacket on.

"Noah, you look very handsome," Deborah said, laying Dena into her car seat, as she saw him, dressed in a simple black tux jacket and pants, black shoes and tie and a white shirt.

"Thanks, mom," Puck replied, hugging her when she walked over to him.

Just as the two pulled away, Quinn started coming downstairs and Judy gasped when she got down to the bottom of the stairs and could see he dress. It was a pale yellow, strapless dress, made with an empire waist, so the chiffon flowed down from her stomach, making it loose and comfortable to dance in. "Oh, Quinn, you look so beautiful," Judy smiled, standing up to meet her.

Quinn smiled, "thanks. This was the first dress I saw. I loved the color and it fit perfectly, so I didn't even bother to try on any more."

"It's a perfect choice," Deborah smiled, adding another mom opinion to the mix.

"Rachel will be down in a second. She was just putting in her earrings when I came down," Quinn added, hugging her mom and the two moved further into the living room so it wasn't too crowded by the stairs.

Hearing footsteps, Puck turned to see Rachel coming down the stairs. She was wearing a strapless lavender dress, covered with a soft layer of mesh that had silver patterns drawn randomly over the mesh, giving the dress some texture. "Baby, you look amazing," Puck smiled brightly, moving to meet her at the bottom of the stairs.

Rachel returned his smile and took his hand, "thank you, sweetheart. I'm glad you like it."

Puck guided her into the living room and smiled, "I love it, Rach."


Sharing compliments and knowing they didn't have long until they needed to leave, they got some pictures of Puck, Rachel and Quinn alone, then with their parents and families and Puck and Rachel as a couple, before Finn, Kurt, Ryan, Ryan's mom, Burt and Carole arrived. Some more pictures were taken of the three couples, making sure to use Rachel's camera and soon the couples were piling into three cars and heading to Breadsticks to meet Matt and Mercedes, and Mike and Brittany.

The five Glee couples got some more pictures as they waited for dinner to arrive and enjoyed hanging out, talking and joking around with each other. They took their time eating and had a light desert, before paying their bill and heading out to their cars. They didn't want to be at McKinley right as the dance started at seven, but the prom committee asked Finn, Quinn and Puck to be there around then, since they were nominated and they knew if they waited too long they'd have to park further away from the school, so they reluctantly gave in and headed to the dance.

A little after seven the five Glee couples walked into the gym, decorated with a Winter Castle theme. White, silver, black, and various shades of blue balloons were all over the place, and one whole wall was covered in a background that looked like a large picture taken on the side of a mountain. Off to one side, where the photographers were taking pictures, a small scene was set up, so the people getting their photo taken would be standing in a walkway of 'snow' that lead up to a castle behind them.

The music was already going and a lot of students were already in the middle of the gym dancing along, while some were finding seats at the tables. Since the Glee couples had already eaten, they all went right on the dance floor, and fell into a rhythm of dancing, something they weren't used to doing without choreography or singing along to the song being played, but they enjoyed it and after a few upbeat songs, the DJ played a few slower ones.


Around seven-thirty, the head of the prom committee headed up to the small stage where the DJ was. After getting everyone's attention, she thanked everyone for coming, reminded them who was nominated for prom king and queen and wished them an enjoyable evening, before letting them get back to dancing.

The couples who'd arrived together, slightly split off to do their own thing, but caught sight of the others every once and a while, while on the dance floor and Puck and Rachel also went to talk to Ben and Susan, who were chaperones with Will and Emma that night. Puck's aunt and uncle admitted they hadn't wanted to intrude on their night, so they were keeping their distance, but Rachel and Puck quickly assured them they didn't mind and got a few pictures with them and Will and Emma, which caught the other Glee couples attention and soon they were all over at the same table talking, getting pictures and hanging out.

As the night wore on, music rotated from current hits to favorites from the past, from upbeat songs to ballads, keeping things mixed up so the teens didn't get bored. Just before nine, the committee leader asked everyone to start casting their votes for prom king and queen, if they hadn't already, and soon all the attendees were slowly making their way towards one of the several ballot boxes to vote.

They let voting go until nine-thirty and after a final call, the committee took the boxes and went to tally the votes. It didn't take too long and just before ten, Figgins and a few committee members went up onto the stage and while two of them held velvet pillows with the king and queen crowns and scepters, the other handed Figgins two envelopes.

Figgins tapped the microphone a few times to catch the attention of everyone and as the teens quieted down, he smiled, "it's now time to announce who you chose as your Prom King and Prom Queen for the class of 2011," he started, earning cheering from the crowd as he opened the envelope and pulled out the card for king, "your Prom King is..." He paused for a brief moment, before looking in the directions of Puck, "Mr. Noah 'Puck' Puckerman!"

A spotlight hit Puck and Rachel in the face as Puck's mouth fell open in shock, "what?" He glanced at Rachel, completely stunned, before looking at Finn, who clapped and smiled at him.

"Noah, you won! Congratulations!" Rachel grinned brightly, hugging him quickly and nudging him towards the stage.

Shaking out of his shock, he moved down the path the students cleared, allowing him to get to the stage and as he stepped up to it, he shook Figgins hand and turned to stand facing everyone. Figgins took the king's crown and placed it on his head and then picked up the scepter, waving it over his head a few times before handing it to him, along with the card and envelope showing he'd won, "congratulations, King Puckerman," Figgins replied, holding up the last envelope and opened it. Pulling out the card, he read over the name and curiously stared at it, before reading the note at the bottom.

Figgins glanced at the committee curiously, the three on stage nodded and motioned for him to continue, so he turned back to the teens, "they've written out what they want me to say, so here it is," he took a deep breath, "though underclassmen can't be nominated for Prom King or Prom Queen, there is nothing in the rule book about them winning from write-in votes on the ballots. For the first time in over ten years, your Prom Queen is an underclassmen who received the most write-in votes," he paused and smiled, "and your Prom Queen is Ms. Rachel Berry," he finished, clapping as the light panned to Rachel.

It took Rachel a moment to realize her named had been called and when it hit her, her hand flew to her mouth in shock and she looked at her boyfriend. He, along with the rest of the attendees were clapping and cheering, and she felt her cheeks flush.

Realizing that Rachel wasn't moving, Quinn stepped a few feet closer to her and rested a hand on her shoulder, "congratulations Rachel," she said, leaning close so she could hear, "now you need to go get your crown."

Turning to look at Quinn, Rachel felt tears in her eyes from shock, "but you..."

Quinn shook her head, "you won fair and square. You deserve it," she glanced up to see Puck on the stage, and then turned her gaze back to the new queen, "your king is waiting."

Taking a deep breath, Rachel nodded and made her way towards the stage. Now that the initial shock was wearing off, her thoughts began to race in curiosity and she also felt fear building in the pit of her stomach. She didn't know how she got that many votes and couldn't help worrying that it was meant to be a joke, but she pushed aside her fears for the moment to get to her boyfriend. Smiling at the teens she passed, who were still clapping and saying 'congratulations' to her, she reached the edge of the stage and took her boyfriend's offered hand to help her up and as she came face-to-face with him, her cheeks continued to flush and she bit her lip nervously, "Noah, I don't know how this happened."

Puck smiled at her and shrugged, "neither do I," he pressed a kiss to her lips, "but it's awesome."

Rachel blushed and nodded at him, seeing Figgins waiting, so she took a deep breath and moved to stand next to Puck. Facing everyone, she took Puck's hand and squeezed it as she soaked in the once-in-a-lifetime moment she and Puck were experiencing together.

Figgins stepped over to her and carefully placed the jeweled crown on her head, and waved the scepter over her before handing it to her and going back to the microphone, "congratulations Mr. Puckerman and Ms. Berry," he turned to face the crowd, "I present to you your Prom 2011 King and Queen," he clapped as the rest of the audience of classmates and friends cheered again. Stepping towards them, he smiled, "do you have a request for your first dance?" Figgins asked.

"No, I... I haven't thought of one... I should have a few picked out, but I never thought this could happen," Rachel replied honestly.

Puck squeezed her hand and kissed her cheek, "I have one," he said, pulling out a thumb drive from his pocket and stepping over to the DJ to hand it to him. Returning to his girlfriend, he held out his hand, "can I have this dance, My Queen?"

"Of course," Rachel smiled brightly and took his hand. They passed their scepters off to Figgins to hold and Rachel let Puck guide her off the stage and to the center of the floor, where the students were clearing a large space for them to dance and the spotlights lit up the area, "Noah, what's the song?"

"Just listen to the words," he replied softly, wrapping one of his arms around her and taking one of her hands in his, "I found it when I was looking through some of mom's CDs for songs to request tonight. This was the one I loved the most and was gonna ask the DJ to play it tonight, but I didn't expect it to be now," he replied honestly.

Rachel slid her free arm around his waist and looked at him, "I'm sure it will be wonderful," she smiled, holding back tears as the introduction began to play, featuring a harmonica, something that wasn't heard often anymore.

After a few moments, a male voice began singing the first verse and though she thought she recognized it, she couldn't place him, "so many times, I thought I held it in my hands, but just like grains of sand, love slipped through my fingers. So many nights, I asked the Lord above, 'please make me lucky enough to find a love that lingers'. Something keeps telling me that you could be my answered prayer, you must be heaven sent, I swear, 'cause..."

Rachel's eyes widened at the meaning of the words, and she smiled brightly as they swayed together to the music, feeling tears falling from her eyes. She already loved the song, though she couldn't place the voice or title, but she focused on the words, just like he asked and tried to keep her emotions from spilling over.

"Something happens when you look at me I forget to speak. Something happens when you kiss my mouth my knees get so weak. Could it be true this is what God has meant for me? 'Cause baby I can't believe that something like you could happen to me..." The chorus of the song was sung by a group of male voices and Puck reached up to gently wipe her tears away, as he lightly sang along with the words, only familiar with the chorus, because he hadn't known it for very long.

"Girl in your eyes I feel your fire burn. Oh, your secrets I will learn, even if it takes forever. With you by my side, I can do anything. I don't care what tomorrow brings, as long as we're together. My heart is telling me that you could be my meant to be. I know it more each time we touch, 'cause..." Another male voice sang the next verse, with the other male voices backing up on some of the lyrics.

The voices continued on to sing the chorus again and Rachel let go of Puck's hand to wrap her other arm around him, snugging close, "I love you so much, Noah."

Puck smiled at his girlfriend and kissed her cheek as his other arm found a comfortable place to rest around her, "I love you, too, Rachel, and I always will," he replied honestly, his own tears building as the group sang the bridge of the song, "something magical... Something spiritual... Something stronger than the two of us alone... Something physical... Something undeniable... Nothing like anything (anything) that I've ever known, 'cause..."

While the group of voices sang the chorus once more, Rachel stood up a little taller and pressed a kiss to her boyfriend's lips. She let their kiss linger for a few moments, before pulling back slightly and smiling again, "the song is beautiful and I'll never forget it. I love it and I think it should be our song, because I feel the same way."

"Something happened... Oh, can't believe that you happened to me," as the last few words were sung, Puck returned Rachel's smile and nodded, "yeah? You do? But what about our others?"

"They're all amazing, but the words in this one are perfect and I think it fits us," she told him, reaching up to rest her hands on his cheeks, "and you picked it out for us, just like you did with 'Sweet Caroline'. They're not just songs we've done in Glee or ones our family liked or suggested," she added as Figgins came up to them and returned their scepters and Puck's thumb drive.

The couple nodded their thanks to him and joined hands, moving towards the edge of the dance area, wanting a breather from dancing, which also gave Puck a chance to think about what she said. "You're right, babe," he said, "it should definitely be our song."

Rachel smiled at him and nodded, "awesome! It's official," she confirmed, squeezing his hand as their friends came over to meet them, "it's our song."


Taking some time to celebrate with their friends, the couple enjoyed their new and unexpected status as king and queen. While hanging out with their friends, cameras came out and Puck and Rachel posed together with their friends and they made sure to get some with her camera, a long with just a few as a couple. They definitely wanted to have photos to go along with their memories of the amazing night.

They posed for pictures with other classmates who asked to be in a picture with them and the couple got their official prom photo taken, standing in the small scene set up. Rachel even asked Quinn to take a few more pictures of them, with Rachel's camera, because she didn't want to depend on the ones done by someone others' camera and they didn't want to wait forever to get them in the mail.

Prom night continued on, but now that king and queen had been crowned, everyone's attention was slowly dwindling and people were beginning to leave. Some were heading home, while others were going off to after-prom activities or to a late night meal. A little after eleven, Puck and Rachel decided to head home. They hadn't made any plans for after prom and though they'd been invited to several parties, they wanted to get home at a decent time, to be with their family.

When the couple walked into their house, they were surprised to find David and Alan still awake, but were glad to see them. The two dads congratulated them on being king and queen and admitted that Ben sent a picture to them, as well as Deborah and Ethan, just after they'd been crowned, so Puck's parents also knew. All the parents were proud of Rachel and Puck for winning and couldn't wait to hear about their night.

Knowing Puck and Rachel would want some alone time, David and Alan headed home, leaving the couple with the rest of their night. Rachel and Puck turned the lights off and headed right upstairs, briefly checking on Abby before heading into their room.

Kicking off her heels, Rachel walked over to her boyfriend, "tonight was amazing. It didn't go exactly how I thought it would, but I'll never forget it."

"Neither will I," he agreed, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her gently, "I'm still shocked we won, but I'm not complaining. The crown is perfect for you."

Rachel reached up and touched the crown she still had on and smiled, "part of me doesn't believe it really happened, but I know it did," she said honestly, taking it off to look at the jewels. "I'm not a Senior and I definitely wasn't nominated, so I don't know how or why they picked me, which made me really nervous for a while. At first, I kinda thought I was voted queen as some kind of joke and at some point someone was going to throw a slushy on me," she explained, taking a deep breath and shaking the thoughts from her mind, "but everyone seemed happy and supportive, so it helped me relax and enjoy the night."

"I could tell you were nervous, but I never would have let anything happen to you," he assured her, kissing her forehead, "and don't think about the 'how' or 'why'. You deserve this just as much as the nominees do. You're a good person, you're smart and talented, you've got a great head on your shoulders and you're gorgeous. You're the perfect queen and that's why people voted for you. It wasn't for some joke. It was real. They really wanted you to be queen," he paused, smiling at her, "I wanted you to be my queen, so I voted for you. As soon as Figgins started talking about underclassmen winning from write-in votes, I was hoping he was going to say your name and when he did, it was a dream come true!"

"It definitely was a dream come true," she agreed, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips, "and thank you for what you said and for voting for me. I voted for you, too, and I feel like tonight was meant to be this way."

"I think so, too," he nodded, kissing her once more, "and I don't know about you," he paused, gently raising his hand to rest on the small zipper under her arm that held her dress closed, "but I was thinking we could celebrate, my queen," he suggested with a grin.

Rachel's cheeks flushed, but she was smiled brightly, "I was thinking the exact same thing, my king, but first, you never told me the name and singer of our song."

Puck smiled at her, "the name is 'Something Like You' and it's sung by *NSYNC."


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Glee Song: 'We Are The Champions' - Queen, but I went more with the version that New Directions sung in episode '3x21 - Nationals' of Glee. I've always loved this song and it's been redone by many artists and groups, and also featured in many movies and TV shows. The Glee version is okay (I like that the show did it to celebrate New Directions' win, but there are a few cast member's voices I don't like, so I'd rather not hear them.), but my favorite use of the song is at the end of 'D2 - Mighty Ducks', when Team USA was celebrating their win around a campfire.

Prom note: I don't know about you, but when I was in high school, prom was only for Seniors. They could invite an underclassman or a person who graduated the year before. For example, a Senior graduating in 2011, could invite a former student who graduated in 2010 to attend (like a couple being a year apart. Like next year at Rachel's Senior prom, she can have Puck attend, because he just graduated the year before). That's how I set up their proms - from how my high school did it (though I refused to go to my prom, but I knew the rules). I've never known anyone who's school had prom for all grades, like they did in Glee. The dances for all grades were homecoming and the Sadie Hawkins dances.

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