So, here is my latest fanfic venture, Aku no Maple! Yeah, I know, I totally stole the title from the YouTube video, but I'll be disclaiming it. I didn't know what else to call this... So as you may have guessed, this fic is going to be following the Vocaloid song series 'Aku no Series.' If you don't know what it is, I advise you watch the videos (Daughter of Evil, Servant of Evil, Regret Message, Re_Birthday). For those who have seen these videos as well as the Aku no Maple... Well you should know that this is obviously not going to be a happy fic. In fact, it is my personal goal to make you cry, make you break down in complete tears. Yup, great goal, right? x3 Not really sure how to state pairings... if you could really call them that... Lots of love triangles... quadangles... yeeaah xD Again I say, you know what to expect if you seen the videos. *nodnod* So without further ado:

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Chapter One: Poor twins who are separated by fate

The laughter and playful screeches of children disrupted the silence of the sunflower field. Two boys dashed out of the adjacent forest, only to continue their game of tag through the tall sunflower stalks. The setting sun painted the sky in multicolored streaks, giving the children just enough light to dodge the plants and each other. Cheeks alight with red, both boys panted heavily from their play.

Exhausted and wheezing for air, the smaller of the two reached out for his brother, "Al-Alfie! Slow down! I can't go- EEP!" His foot snagged on a rock, making him tumble to the ground with a high-pitched squeak. Almost instantly, tears welled up in the small blond's eyes.

Looking over his shoulder, Alfred almost smacked into a sunflower as he gasped in horror. "Mattie!" He yelled, voice full of worry, as he raced back to his brother. He knelt next to Matthew and helped the boy up, wiping his tears away with a kind smile. "Hey now, you're okay, not even a scratch on 'ya! Come on, we're almost there!"

Taking a deep breath, Matthew nodded slowly as he brought himself back to his feet. After a small sniff, he turned to his brother with a bright smile. "Y-yeah! L-let's go!"

The brothers took off running once more, but no longer racing and playing tag between the foliage. Alfred opted to stay hand-in-hand with his twin brother, leading the way towards the sound of crashing waves on the other side of the sunflower wall. They stumbled out of the sunflower thicket, for it ended right on a gentle slope.

Giggling, Alfred pulled his brother into him. He dropped them to the ground and they started rolling down the sandy bank. Matthew squeaked in surprise, but was giggling along with his brother by the time they were splayed out on the beach, the tide licking their toes as it came in.

The brothers lay there for quite some time, staring at the sky with their different colored eyes. Despite being twins, the brothers did differ slightly in appearance, besides the minute difference in size.

Matthew's blond hair was of a silky consistency, natural waves almost reaching his petite shoulders, a single large curl poked out of his head. His eyes were an ever-changing hue of purple-blue with long lashes adorning his soft and timid eyes.

Alfred, on the other hand, had prideful and exuberant cerulean eyes, which accompanied his ever-present smug smirk perfectly. His hair was the same shade as Matthew's, but was pin-straight and fell just below his ears. An unruly cowlick rebelliously popped straight up from his head.

A small sigh escaped Alfred's parted lips as he rolled over to hug his brother's arm, a small pout apparent on his face. "Mattie, we'll be able to stay like this forever, right?"

Brows rose quizzically, and Matthew rolled to his side to look at his brother. A hint of concern laced his voice as he spoke, "I don't see why not. Why do you ask that Al?"

Blue broke contact with purple as Alfred averted his gaze, nibbling on his bottom lip nervously. "W-well, I overheard Mommy and Daddy talking the other night…" He sat up abruptly, tears building in his bright eyes. "Th-they were talking about how our birthday is coming up soon and other stuff that I didn't really understand, but I feel like something bad is gonna happen Mattie!"

Matthew slowly sat up, a frown tugging at his lips. He had been hoping Alfred would continue being his oblivious self and not pick up on the stressed vibes coming from their parents. The dreading feeling Alfred felt was one Matthew started having quite a while ago, but he had yet to find justification for his worries… "What exactly did they say Al?"

The gnawing on his bottom lip continued as Alfred tried his best to remember the exact things their parents had been saying. "S-something about air and how they need to have one air to start schooling. Mattie, what's an air? I thought that's what we breathe… But, then they started about us. They were talking about you as if you were the bad kid! They're always telling me that I gotta be more like you, but they were saying my way of acting is better for whatever they were talking about…"

He paused as he racked through his mind, trying to figure out if he had left anything out. "Oh! And Mommy was talking about first-born kids or something, I dunno. It was a really random conversation! From air to us to babies, but-but it still made me uneasy!"

The knots in Alfred's stomach tightened at his brother's forlorn look. This wasn't what should be happening… Matthew should be laughing at him, telling him there was nothing wrong, nothing to worry about…

"Alfie… They weren't talking about air as in we breathe… They were talking about an heir to the throne, the crown prince who takes over when they aren't King and Queen anymore…" Matthew took a shaky breath in and looked out at the sea, trying to convince himself that Alfred had simply heard wrong…

Surely Mother and Father weren't already talking about picking between the twins for an heir, right? Because, if they were, that would mean he and Alfred would be separated… One of them would be sent to that royal school in the Blue Kingdom… The other to the Country of Green to learn how to properly care for royalty… Matthew forced himself to not break down into tears. It was obvious their parents would pick Alfred as the heir. He was opinionated, charismatic, and people noticed him… Everyone just mistook Matthew for his brother.

But how would Alfred deal with the royal life? Even now with their limited contact with the political world, Alfred complained about how boring it was. No offense intended towards his twin, but Alfred wasn't the brightest or most observant boy around. He tended to be selfish and oblivious to the pain he might cause others… If nurtured the wrong way, Alfred could turn out just like their parents, tyrannical…

Sniffing quietly, Matthew looked back to his dear brother, who was still staring at him with those large, innocently desperate and loving blue eyes. Matthew shook his head and rubbed his eyes. No, there was no way Alfred could change that much. Although he was a selfish and oblivious person, he had a strong sense of justice, and surely nothing could change that…

"S-so does that mean one of us is going to be sent to school? Mattie, does that mean we're not going to be together anymore?" Tears were on the verge of falling as Alfred scooted closer to his brother, taking his hands into his own. "Does it?"

Matthew met his brother's intense gaze and couldn't bring himself to share his inner thoughts… A kind smile spread across Matthew's distraught face as he shook his head, his large curl bouncing with the action. "I doubt it Alfie, they can't break us apart!"

A giant grin erupted on Alfred's face as he toppled onto of his brother in a hug. "Yeah, I thought so! There's no way I could ever leave you Mattie! After all, I'm your hero, right, right? You still can't stick up to those mean ducks in the garden! How could I ever not be there to save you from those birds from hell?"

A shiver ran through Matthew's spine at the mentioning of the ducks. Oh how those ducks hated him… They were so scary! Matthew sighed contently as he buried his face into his brother's shoulder. "That's right, I'd be lost without you Alfred."

There was no reply from his brother for several minutes and Matthew was about to make sure the boy hadn't fallen asleep on top of him when Alfred suddenly leaped to his feet. "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere!" He exclaimed as he took off up the slope and into the sunflower field.

No sure how long Alfred would take; Matthew reached down to untie his boots. He neatly folded his socks into the footwear and placed the boots on the bank before wading into the ocean water. He felt rather guilty for lying to Alfred, but again told himself it was for the better. Alfred would just make the situation worse and possibly ruin his chance of being named the heir…

The blond stopped pacing through the shallow water with wide eyes. He hadn't really thought much on the topic before, but Matthew realized that he had always expected Alfred to be named the heir. He never even considered himself in the running… Yes, there was no way Matthew could ever rule. His place was beside Alfred, helping him along… Not leading the boisterous boy, no one could take charge over his twin.

"Mattie, Mattie, you still here? I ran as fast as I could!" Alfred came racing out of the sunflowers, promptly forgetting the slope as he tumbled down the sand mound, falling to the ground with his eyes spinning.

Matthew giggled quietly as he squat down next to his twin. "Where'd you go Al?"

The blue-eyed blond popped up and held up two bottles, some paper, and a pen. He stared at Mattthew expectantly, as if the other boy was supposed to show some signs of recognition. Instead, Alfred received two blond brows raised in confusion.

Sighing, Alfred rolled his eyes as if what he was about to say was common knowledge. "I was talking with some of the older boys from town and they said that when you write your wish down on a piece of paper and put it in a bottle and throw it in the sea, it'll come back to you when you're older, multiplying your wish by tons and tons! So, it'd be a super wish! Now we can be sure we'll never be separated!"

Matthew's eyes lit up at the story, reaching for the paper. How wonderful! He giggled with Alfred as they plopped down in the sand, writing their wishes on the paper with the remaining bits of sunlight in the sky. As Matthew wrote, he could feel Alfred trying to read over his shoulder. With a pout, Matthew covered his paper with his body so Alfred couldn't see. "If you see it, it won't come true!"

"How would you know Mattie? You learned about this just now!"

"So? All wish magic is the same. You tell someone your birthday wish, it doesn't come true. It holds same for all other wishes."

Alfred's eyes grew wide in shock. "Oh no! You're right… Hey, no peeking, kay? I don't want you to ruin my wish Mattie!" The blond scooted away from his brother, as if his twin was the one that had been trying to peek.

Shaking his head, Matthew giggled and folded his paper in half, sticking it in his bottle. He looked to Alfred, who was doing the same, and stood. Grinning, Alfred jumped to his feet and pulled his arm back. "Ready? Ready? Ready to send these things to the ends of the earth? Cause they have to travel a long way back for the wish to be really really powerful you know!"

Nodding excitedly, Matthew imitated his brother's position, arm cocked behind him, bottle in hand. "On the count of three?" He asked shyly.

"Of course!" Alfred exclaimed. "One, two, GO!" He threw his bottle with all his might, watching it fly through the air with a please grin.

"Hey, you cheater, I said three, not go!" Matthew complained as he weakly threw his bottle. It plopped into the water several feet away from Alfred's.

"Oh, what does it matter?" Alfred shrugged and tackled his brother to the ground, tickling his sides.

Matthew gasped and pushed Alfred away forcefully. "Don't tickle me Al!" He wheezed between strangled giggles.

Alfred grinned and lay across Matthew's lap, looking up at him smugly. "What'd you wish for Mattie? Huh, huh? What'd you wish for? It had something to do with me, right? Cause mine had something to do with you, y'know!"

A light blush spread across Matthew's cheeks as he looked out at the bottles bobbing in the ocean. "Yeah… it had something to do with you Al."

"Naturally!" He opened his mouth, as if to say more, but the distant sound of church bells echoed through the air.

Both boys exchanged panicked looks. It was way past the time they were supposed to be home.

"Oh no!" Matthew exclaimed, tears starting to form in his eyes. "We're going to be in so much trouble!"

Alfred rolled his eyes and pulled them both to their feet. "We can still make it Mattie! Don't cry, kay? I'm a hero, I can fix everything!" Hands clasped firmly together, Alfred took off, pulling Matthew behind him.

"W-wait, my shoes, AL!"

"Heroes don't worry about petty things like footwear! Come on, come on!"

Matthew sighed and shook his head, straining to keep up with his brother. His brother was the strangest hero ever… But there was no doubt that Alfred was his hero…

End Chapter One: If it's for the sake of protecting you, I'll even become evil

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