Title: Pet
Pairing: Renji with Aizen, Ichigo, a little Syazel and a Grimmjow tease
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, initial non con, language
Word count:
After the events on Sokyoku Hill, Renji's improvement in fighting skills has piqued the former-taichou's interest and Aizen's desire to further toy with this fuku-taichou continues.

Please note: While I take liberties in making this more about Aizen/Renji, the general storyline and timeline follows the Arrancar/Hueco Mundo arc so you can get a sense of what is happening. Please review and/or leave comments and thoughts. No flames.

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You can see the video clip on YouTube that shows the Aizen connection to Renji and why it is very possible that he did hold Renji in some regard.

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PET - Prologue 1

Soul Society had finally been able to breathe after the traitorous defection of its three captains. They were able to thank Kurosaki Ichigo and his friends Inoue Orihime, Ishida Uryuu, and Yatsutora Sado. Kuchiki Rukia had decided to stay behind and not return to the Living World. Ichigo had understood and he'd found peace in her decision since he was able to rescue her. He'd kept that promise to himself, and without really thinking about it, he'd kept his promise to Abarai Renji as well.

Rukia felt an obligation to get to better know her nii-sama, Kuchiki Byakuya, since she'd learned of her sister, his promise to Hisana, and the reasons for his previously cold behavior. Rukia wanted to finally understand what it might be like to have a family like Ichigo has.

Renji was also grateful for her decision to stay. He'd lost his best friend years ago, had nearly helped to have her executed, and only now could try and recover their long lost friendship. He, too, was being given a chance to reclaim a part of the family he lost when she joined the Kuchiki clan.

Even with the looming danger that Aizen had left behind, this bit of reprieve was giving everyone a chance to take a breath, regroup, and recover before the impending war.

After Ichigo had been dropped off outside the Kurosaki Clinic by Urahara and Yoruichi, he looked up to appreciate being home before leaping up to his bedroom window to reclaim his body. He quickly stepped in, allowing his soul to merge with his form, and he undressed down to a t-shirt and boxers, being too tired for much else before going to sleep. He slid under his covers to lie on his side and closed his eyes. Ichigo realized his breathing was still ragged and that his mind could not slow down either. He rolled over to lie on his back and he clasped his hands under his head and looked up at the ceiling. The only visions he could see were events of all that took place in Soul Society flitting across his thoughts in rapid chunks, in no particular order.

He thought about his training with Urahara and Yoruichi, calling forth Zangetsu, surviving his battles starting with Ikkaku, Zaraki Kenpachi and the bizarre appearance of his Hollow versus Byakuya. Oddly enough, in the chronology of it all, Renji should have come up sooner, but he ended being the last thought in Ichigo's mind. He remembered Renji's heart-wrenching plea to save Rukia before passing out. Of course, I passed out right after him. Then he recalled taking a moment to ask Hanataro if he thought Renji would live. And then, of course, everyone's surprise at Renji showing up while he himself was training to reach Bankai. Ichigo was impressed (but had never admitted it) to find that Renji was just as close to achieving bankai but had reached that level on his own.

Ichigo smirked as he realized the hotheaded ginger was very much tied in throughout his experience rescuing Rukia. In many ways, he'd even kept true to his promise to Renji by rescuing Rukia after all, even though they had sort of rescued her as a team. Before any of the meanings behind his thoughts could be analyzed, Ichigo's mind had become cloudy with sleep and he'd drifted into a comforting blackness.