Title: Pet
Pairing: Renji with Aizen, Ichigo, a little Syazel and hint of Grimmjow
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, initial non con, language
Word count:
After the events on Sokyoku Hill, Renji's improvement in fighting skills has piqued the former-taichou's interest and Aizen's desire to further toy with this fuku-taichou continues.

Please note: While I take liberties in making this more about Aizen/Renji, the general storyline and timeline follows the Arrancar/Hueco Mundo arc so you can get a sense of what is happening. Please review and/or leave comments and thoughts. No flames.

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Reconstruction -

It has been six months since Aizen's death at the hands of Kurosaki Ichigo. Those who survived the War both in Seireitei and Karakura had said good-bye and paid their respects to the departed ones, and had been on the mend from such pains for a while.

It had been five months since Ichigo had seen Renji, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to try and visit the redhead in Soul Society yet. Their last encounter was still too painful in the teen's mind.

One month after the War ended:

Once the immediate emergencies had been settled in Karakura Town, Ichigo decided to visit Soul Society to check on Renji and the other shinigami. He was surprised Renji hadn't come to see him in the living world by now. He knew the redhead would need time for his body to heal from the wounds, but pushing on four weeks seemed a long time. Ichigo figured if the mountain won't come to Mohamed... or something like that.

He knew Renji and the others were healing as expected, based on the update he had received from Rukia via hell butterfly, but the message itself had been very succinct and without much detail. Ichigo chalked it up to all shinigami being extra busy so he figured it'd be easier for him to visit them. Plus, he was worried about Renji's mental state more than his physical and that would be something he could only gauge in-person.

Ichigo walked around Seireitei and said hello to everyone who greeted him. As usual, he had a hard time with the names but he knew their faces and managed to get by with a quick nod or a short word here and there. The majority were subdued by the recent events, but they were generally trying to get back to normal life since that was all you could do after such devastation. With a few quick inquiries to remind himself which way to the Fourth Division, Ichigo headed off to see Renji.

As he neared the barracks, he saw Hanataro walking outside. "Ichigo-san! How are you? Are you hurt?" Hanataro's eyes showed concern as Ichigo approached.

"Yo, Hanataro! Nah, I'm here to see that idiot Renji."

"Abarai-san? Ah, but, he hasn't been here for a couple of weeks. He has returned to duty already, so he is probably over at the Sixth Division." Hanataro's concern was still visible on the young man's face. He obviously assumed Ichigo would be aware of his closest friends' progresses.

Ichigo played off his surprise by playing dumb, "Oh, right! How could I forget! Ha ha ha. This is Fourth Division, isn't it? I guess I got turned around. Ha ha ha." He scratched the back of his head to emphasize his sheepishness, but his brows furrowed in agitation. "Ja, I'm going over there right now. Bye!" And with that, he shunpo'd off before he heard a second voice calling after him.

"Oi, Ichigo!" Ganju had stepped up beside Hanataro, waving his arm madly to wish his friend a warm hello, but his good humor diminished as the retreating back disappeared. "What was that about?"

Hanataro turned his face with sad eyes in place to look at his friend. "I don't know, Ganju-san. I don't know."

Before turning the corner that would bring him to the Sixth Division barracks, Ichigo stopped to catch his breath. Hantaro's revelation had Ichigo's mind reeling as to its implications. So Renji's been back at work for weeks and Rukia didn't bother to tell me that? RENJI didn't bother to let me know how he's doing!?

Just as he was about to change his mind to find Rukia first, he felt a familiar reiatsu approaching. He recognized the person, but something felt off.

"Oi, Ichigo! 's been a while, neh?" Renji bounded over with a wide smile plastered across his face and he started to pat Ichigo on the back with great enthusiasm. It was obvious that Renji's spirit was up, but yet again, something just felt a bit... off. "What brings ya to Soul Society?"

"What the hell do you mean 'what brings me here'?" What do ya think, idiot! I can to see how you're feeling and if you were healed yet and how Rukia and the others are doing." Ichigo was exasperated and confused by his friend's demeanor.

"Huh." Renji crossed his arms in front and raised one hand, placing a thoughtful index finger on his chin. "I could've sworn Rukia told ya we were fine. And as you can see, I'm doing great." Renji gave him a big bright smile, but it lacked any of his playfulness or wolfish charm. It was as if he was being pleasant, amiable, and behaving normally. In short, Renji wasn't being Renji. Ichigo didn't like this at all.

I know what'll snap him out of this. "Oi, Renji. How about a quick sparring session? Just a little bit so that Zangetsu and Zabimaru can say hello to one another. Been a while since they got chattin', I'm sure."

Ichigo did wonder if it was too soon to try and get Renji back into a fighting spirit, but he wanted to see some kind of reaction that he felt would ring true from his friend, even if it meant causing him a little grief. This enthusiastically happy person standing next to him was someone else. A good fight always brought out Renji's best attitude - loud, cocky and brilliant.

"Hmm. Well, we're not s'pposed ta spar if it ain't on the schedule. But I can go ask my Taichou if he'll allow me ta go fer a littl' while since it's fer ya. D'ya mind if we head back ta Kuchiki-taichou's office fer a bit?" Renji turned to look at Ichigo before smiling.

Did he just say if he would "ask his Taichou if he would allow" him permission? Renji! What is going on with you?! "Um, yeah, sure Renji. It'll be nice to say hi to Byakuya."

"Ya mean Kuchiki-taichou, right Ichigo?"

What the f- And there's that smile again. Zangetsu, we really gotta knock some sense into him!

Ichigo, Zabimaru is very silent. I am not getting any kind of response at this moment.

Alright, old man. Maybe crossing zanpaktous will wake them both up!

"Uh, right, Renji. Whatever will get us to sparring."


A few minutes later, Ichigo was inside Kuchiki Byakuya's office alongside Renji. To Ichigo, the Sixth Division taichou looked no different than usual other than sitting behind a pristine desk but his voice sounded slightly surprised at his fuku-taichou's request for permission to spar.

"Renji, you wish to spar with Kurosaki Ichigo today?"

"Only if that's OK with you, Taichou. O'course I wanted ta be sure you approved before I did somethin' against regulations 'n all." Renji kept his smile wide as he gave a slight bow.

Ichigo looked on this exchange as if he were dreaming. But he had a feeling something about Renji's behavior didn't sit well with Byakuya either, but he kept his mouth shut. For now.

"Very well, Renji. Secure a location that will not disturb any of the other seated officers, and you may have the rest of the day off. You may leave now to do this. I will have a word with Kurosaki until your return."

"Yes, Taichou!" His fuku-taichou gave a formal bow and left the office.

Ichigo had turned his head to follow his friend's exit when he heard Byakuya's voice calling his name.

"Ichigo. I am sure you have noticed Renji's behavior?" As he swung his head back around, Byakuya leveled his gaze right at him. "Was it you who suggested a sparring session?"

"Yeah, does it matter who wanted to spar? I never thought it'd be such a big deal." Ichigo ran one hand through his cropped orange hair in frustration since seeing Renji's odd behavior and getting stuck talking to Byakuya wasn't helping anything at all.

"That is the point. It has always been an issue of importance and regulations within the divisions to have planned and organized matches. Though respectful, Renji would never have come to ask my permission to spar with a friend. In the past, I am sure he would have raced off with you to Urahara's special training ground knowing we would be none the wiser. Yes, Ichigo, I am aware of its location. But getting back to the heart of the matter... However, as I am sure you have noticed, Renji has not been the same upon his return. Physically he is top form as always. But, I have not seem him unsheathe his zanpaktou once since he has recovered. He has avoided any sparring sessions even when asked by Madarame fuku-taichou." Byakuya paused a brief moment before saying, "We should have known the person most able to move him to action would be you, Kurosaki Ichigo."

"Huh? Whu? What are talking about?!"

"I am not going to discuss your private affairs with you, but I can see you are aware of Renji's modified behavior. I am guessing if he will speak to anyone, it would be with you. You have gotten him to agree to spar against you. I hope you will take this opportunity to help him."

Ichigo turned the words over in his mind before looking up. He wasn't sure he liked the implications Byakuya was making, but he wasn't sure what he wanted to say about it either, since he knew deep down that Renji meant more to him than he'd like to admit. Before his head rose up to meet Byakuya's eyes, he heard three words.

"That is all." With that, Byakuya stood up and glided away leaving Ichigo alone with his thoughts to wait for Renji's return. Renji, what in the world is going on with you?


Old man, are you ready to do this with me?

Of course, Ichigo.

"Oi, Renji? You ready to go?!" Ichigo grabbed at Zangetsu's hilt, letting the white wrapping unfurl as he pulled his zanpaktou in front of him.

Renji began to unsheathe Zabimaru and held him up in a standard defensive pose. "Sure. I'm ready fer ya!" Once again, his manner was relaxed and easy. There was no drive or lust for the thrill of a fight. Just a man standing with his hands on the hilt of a sword.

Ichigo, he hasn't released shikai. And I still can't hear the nue.

Hmm. "Iku-zou!" (Japanese: Let's go!) Ichigo dashed forward at his friend with Zangetsu held up high above his head. He took a giant leap and started to fall down to the ground with a standard downward swing. I'm sure he'll release shikai now without saying the words.

Instead, Ichigo watched in shock as Renji took the brunt of his swing with his zanpaktou not having unleashed shikai. The redhead slammed onto the hard ground and slid back hundreds of feet along the ground.

After a few seconds of coughing, Renji got up off the ground and started to head back towards Ichigo. His hair tie had fallen out, so Renji took off his bandanna and put that away as he fingered the tangles out of his tresses as he walked over. "Oi, ya got me! Gee, guess I'm more outta practice than I e'en thought."

Ichigo rushed up to the taller man, grabbed at the front of his shihakusho and pulled him towards his face, "What the fuck is wrong with you, Renji??!! Why didn't you release shikai?"

Renji tried to gently pull the teen's hands away from his clothes. "Hey. I can't help that I'm not in as good a shape as ya 're."

This made Ichigo fume even more. "And that. What's with that! You're smiling and 'asking' for things like permission and you're not even putting any effort into the fight. What the hell is going on with you? What the hell happened to you?!"

By this time, Renji had his head down, so his face was masked behind a curtain of red hair. A very soft voice cut through saying, "I dunno..."

"What? Whaddya mean you don't know?"

Renji pulled back and landed a solid punch into Ichigo's jaw. The teen reeled backwards as the redhead pushed off and crumpled to the ground while yelling, "I DON'T KNOW! I dunno, Ichigo! And what I do r'member..." on his knees, punching his fist into the ground, "and what I do r'member is like some bad nightmare I wanna forget but CAN'T! I'm not e'en sure what was real an' what wasn't!" Renji stayed like that, on his knees with both fists ground into the dirt holding his convulsing body up. "I can't e'en hear Zabimaru lately..."

Ichigo looked on, not sure what to do but all he could think was to get closer. He knelt down as well and placed his hand on top of the red hair, only to have the head jerk back as if stung by the touch. "Renji-"

"It's not ya, Ichigo. I just- I don't wan' anyone touchin' me. I have these fuzzy mem'ries of... AH! Fuck this!" Renji stood up abruptly as if to take off, but Ichigo grabbed his arm firmly.

"Where in the hell do ya think you're going, Renji? Talk to me!" Ichigo looked up into his friend's eyes before lowering his voice back to normal. "Can't you talk to me?" He noticed that finally, Renji looked like the man he once knew, except behind the eyes were deep pain and confusion and something else he wasn't quite sure of.

"Ichigo." Renji turned to look at his face. "Yer the only one I trust. But yer the one guy I don't want ta talk ta - not about this." Having grabbed the teen's hand, he lowered Ichigo's arm and shunpo'd off.

Those last words hurt Ichigo more than the punch he'd received. The teen was not sure what to do. He considered talking to Rukia to see if she had anymore details of what happened to Renji while he was at Las Noches, but he decided he wanted to be alone for a moment. He picked up Zangetsu and returned to Karakura.


Ichigo shook the memories from his mind and turned back in his chair to face the book on his desk. The last thing he could do was read, but he didn't want to think about Renji or shinigami or Soul Society for a few hours if at all possible. He had tried to reach out to Renji a few weeks after that disastrous sparring session, but he had been told by Rukia and the others that Renji had taken a sabbatical and was in seclusion.

Ichigo had nearly threatened to break into Soul Society but he didn't feel like fighting off the Gotei 13 who were trying to convince the teen that Renji needed the time alone. Ichigo knew logically that Renji was safe; this wasn't like the time he had to break in for Rukia since the redhead's life wasn't in danger, but he knew that Renji's spirit was in dire need of help.

Only one person convinced him to let Renji be for a while - Unohana Taichou. Without using so many words, she was able to allay Ichigo's fears that Renji would be in trouble if left alone. While she would never betray a patient's trust, she did let him know that she had spent some time with Renji before he left for sabbatical. And, as always, Unohana Taichou's reassurances did ease Ichigo's mind that for now, Renji is safe. With that, he apologized for his outburst and left Soul Society. He hadn't returned since.

Rukia came back once in a while to talk to Ichigo. Sometimes she'd come with Ikkaku, Yumichika and Rangiku, but as always, they'd have no news to share with him about Renji's well-being. Yumichika would tell Ichigo that redhead's reiastu was calmer and that he was healthy, but no one had heard from him directly in months. So while Ichigo appreciated their efforts in trying to make him feel better, he preferred being alone. And right now, he was happy to have his room and the house to himself for a few hours. Or so he thought.

"Yo, Ichigo. Ya got a sec?"

Ichigo swiveled around towards his window and stared at the shinigami before him. "Renji!!! Uh, sure. C'mon in."

The redhead hopped off the window sill and sat at the edge of the bed to face the teen.

"Oi, why d'ja look so surprised wit' me showin' up just now? Ya still suck that much at sensin' reiatsu?" He topped off the remark with a subdued but classic wolfish grin.

Ichigo looked at his friend and was glad to see Renji was a lot more like his old self. "Shuddup, ya bastard. I haven't had much reason to worry about sensing reiatsu lately and I bet you were suppressing it anyway."

"Tch. Yeah, I was. Even so, yer still suppose'd ta be better about sensin' people tryin' ta come up on ya, ya know?" Renji slid across the bed to lay his back against the wall. He closed his eyes and leaned his head to rest on the wall.

Ichigo took the moment to take a look at his friend. Renji was dressed casually in his gigai: dark jeans, a slim fitting white tee, a light blue track jacket with white stripes, and his hair down and braided into a low ponytail - the style he normally reserved for when he went to bed. In short, he looked good. "So, how are you, Renji?"

"Che. If it were anyone else, I'd 'bout deck ya right now. Seems to be the only thing people wanna ask me lately." He sighed before continuing, "But I guess I didn' give anyone much reason ta think I was doin' ok anyway. But I know I owe ya more 'n I owe anyone else. 's why I'm here."

Renji leveled his gaze at Ichigo and changed his tone to a calm but softer pitch. "Ichigo, I didn' really understand what happened ta me after Hueco Mundo. I remember ya leavin' and then I woke up with Isane Fuku-Taichou leaning over me and Rukia tellin' me I was back in Soul Society." He turned his gaze away from the teen before saying, "And they told me ya killed Aizen." He paused for a long moment, but Ichigo didn't say a word. He was afraid any interruption might stop the redhead from speaking, so he remained silent.

"I knew that was the right thing, 'n I was glad it were ya that did it... but fer some reason, it made me feel... mad at ya too, I didn't understand that." Renji raised a hand to rub his forehead to ease the tension that was starting to press in his temples. "I wasn't sure where the fuck that was comin' from. I mean, why the hell should I care if that bastard was dead! If anything, that was almost too good fer 'im after all the shit he's done. 's when I realized somethin' was wrong wit' me."

He looked up to gauge Ichigo's reaction. The teen still sat on his desk chair facing Renji. His face was serious but his eyes held no judgment. He was listening to his friend and his body seemed to say he'd listen until Renji was done speaking. So he went on.

"Everythin' in my head was all fuzzy... Shit went down 'n I wasn't sure if any of it was real or a lie he put in my head. Didja know I thought I'd been stuck there fer nearly a coupla y'rs since ya left with Inoue?"

Ichigo's brown eyes went wide. "I got back to you in two days!"

"Yeah... I didn' know that till I talked ta Unohana-taichou b'fore my sabbatical."

"Renji, so all this time, even when you got back to Soul Society, you really thought no one came back for ya for that long?"

The redhead dropped his head forward to avoid looking at the teen before replying, "Yeah. I thought- I thought ya came for Inoue and ya were- ya were done. At least, that's what he kept sayin' and when it felt like days were passin' me by, I started ta believe 'im."


"Yeah. A lot happened while I was there 'n it's nothin' I want people ta know 'bout but yer the one person I don't want ta hide from, but I'm not sure I can tell ya the stuff tha-that-"

"You're an idiot." Ichigo was taking a risk being so blunt with Renji considering he didn't know if the redhead could handle their usual rapport, but he could only speak from his heart, and this is the way he would express himself.

Renji snapped his head upwards to look at Ichigo. He wasn't sure how to continue based on Ichigo's outburst.

"Yeah, that's right. I said you're an idiot if you really thought I might ever judge you for something that was done to you. The person to hate and blame through all this is Aizen! And he's dead so don't feel like you have to worry about any of it. At least you have nothing to worry about if you're talking to me."

"'s the problem, Ichigo. So much shit happened, I'm not sure what he did ta me and what parts I mighta let happen ta me..."

"That's bullshit, Renji! Didn't ya tell me Unohana-san said he'd fucked with your mind and all that? The Abarai Renji I know wouldn't go down without a fight even if it killed him, so I have no doubt in my mind you were coerced or something, even if you did something you didn't mean to."


"But what? The fucker did some awful shit to everyone and now he's dead and we gotta get past it. You can talk about how bad you feel about what might have happened or what did happen but it doesn't matter. Nothing ya did is gonna change my mind about who you are, Renji. I'm just glad you're back - that you're here. Now." Ichigo got up from the chair and sat on the bed next to his friend.

Renji shook his head lightly and chuckled softly. "Stubborn as ever, eh?"

"Tch! Like you could talk about stubborn."

"s' funny. Zabimaru gave me an earful along the same line ya were sayin' just now. 'Course, it was only after some time I was able ta hear 'em. Took some time ta be able ta talk ta Zabimaru again. Was 'nother reason I was sorta freaked back in Soul Society.

"Yeah, Zangetsu was worried about Zabimaru, too. I'm glad to hear you guys are ok now."


Ichigo crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back into the wall as well. The two sat side by side in silence for a few minutes.



"Didja... didja mean what ya said, that nothin' that happened ta me would change what ya think a me?"

"You deaf too? Yeah, I mean it." He placed his hand on Renji's thigh to emphasize that he should have nothing to worry about.

Renji placed his hand over Ichigo's as he started to say, "Does that mean ya still feel how ya did, that night, when we first kis-"

Ichigo leaned over and kissed the redhead softly on the lips. It was a chaste kiss but one filled with deep emotion - emotions that were about to break free as Ichigo realized Renji was finally back. He'd finally come back to him.

Renji then shifted to face Ichigo and he looped his arms under the teen's to pull him in tighter as he deepened the kiss. Lips parted as their tongues met and began to swirl around to taste each other - a forgotten sensation left unsatisfied from months ago, longing to savor every precious second they now had together. Ichigo's arms wrapped around the redhead's shoulders pulling him in tighter. Eventually, they broke apart to catch their breaths and Renji took the moment to rest his head under Ichigo's chin, pressing his cheek into the teen's chest.

"All my time away, when my head would clear, yer the only thing that I could think a that made me wanna fight my way out." He lifted his head to gaze into the teen's brown eyes who was looking down at him with those filled with warmth. "Ichigo, before, I wanted to make ya mine and to be yer first. But tonight, this time, will ya take me - make me yours? I need that... I need you."

Ichigo released Renji from his arms. He reached over to the end of Renji's braid and pulled off the tie holding the tail in place. As he ran his fingers through to loosen the braid, Renji shook his head lightly to bring his tresses to fall around his shoulders. Ichigo then placed one hand over each of Renji's cheeks before pulling those lips again to his own into a deep passionate kiss. "Yeah."

Their hands began to roam across each other's bodies, pulling and tugging at garments to shed them as quickly as possible. Lips connected and parted with tongues swirling and missing leaving streaks of saliva across full swollen lips and dribbling lightly down chins as they caressed the bared skin beneath their fingers with each piece of clothing that hit the floor.

Renji kissed and suckled up and down along Ichigo's neck. Then he moved down to his chest, lips sweeping over one nipple as the other was squeezed and pinched. He alternated from left to right with slow deliberate movements as he drank in the soft gasps and moans from the teen.

Ichigo's fingers combed through the red tresses as he moved his hands along the back of Renji's head, tryinig to stay in control as the experienced tongue worked over the sensitive nubs with precision. Renji began to work his way down by licking between the grooves of the teen's abdomen as his hands started to pull the waistband downward so he can release the hardened member in front of him.

Ichigo gripped Renji's hair tighter as the anticipation of what was to come mounted. When a warm tongue started to lick up and down his shaft, he moaned as his back arched further in pleasure. With that sound, Renji took the cock, coated with pre-cum, into his mouth and began to move his head up and down in a slow rhythmic pace as his tongue licked the throbbing member with strong strokes.

The teen continued to moan and his breathing started to become ragged. His hips started to shift and before it became full thrusting motions, Renji steadied him by placing both hands on the slim hips as he continued to bob his head up and down to elicit the sounds that was exciting him to no end.

But before the moment could reach its climax, Renji pulled back. At that instant, Ichigo grabbed the redhead by his hair and pulled him into a rough kiss - mouths clashing awkwardly with tongues lapping fervently to connect and taste.

Their breathing became louder and ragged when Renji pulled away. "Make me yours, Ichigo."

With that, he pushed the tattooed chest backwards before straddling him. Their lips reconnected as Ichigo began to press their bodies together, cocks rubbing and grinding together. Renji began to moan as the friction increased. Ichigo placed his hands on either side of Renji's waist as he positioned himself between the man's legs. His cock was still mostly lubricated from Renji's previous ministrations, but he licked his palms to add more spit by rubbing it against his cock.

Renji watched with rapt eyes as Ichigo started to stroke himself to coat his overly stimulated cock for the moment that would take their relationship to the next level.

As Ichigo began to position himself at Renji's entrance, Renji lifted one leg to help position himself for better access, hoping the teen would understand. He did; he grabbed the leg and raised it higher to rest over his shoulder as began to press in slowly.

Renji gasped as he took in a deep breath feeling Ichigo entering him. Ichigo was surprised by the tightness and heat that enveloped his engorged member as he fought the urge to thrust in to the hilt in one swift movement. He kept his gaze on Renji's face to determine whether to push faster or ease in slower.

Renji bit his bottom lip as he began to adjust to the sensation of being filled.

"Renji, can I...?"

"Do it. Take me now."

Without another second needing to pass, Ichigo thrust hard and began to move in and out shutting his eyes to concentrate on the sensation he was feeling. It was nothing like he'd imagine it would feel like - it felt better than any dream he had have of what it would feel like for his first time.

"Fuck! Ichigo - feels - ugh - good. Ahh!" Renji's moans and breaths became louder as his words degenerated into pants and grunts as the teen picked up the pace thrusting harder and faster.

Even beyond knowing his first time would feel amazing, Ichigo knew it felt incredible because he was with the one he loved. And the man expressing pleasure beneath him, grabbing his ass firmly and pushing him in with every thrust he gave, made Ichigo's heart soar. Mine.

"Renji, I take you now as mine. Forget everything else and know that today - it's about you and me."

As Ichigo felt he was nearing his climax, he brought one hand up to take Renji's swollen cock and began to stroke it in the rhythmic pace of his thrusts.

Renji's breath hitched as he felt the extra sensation of his cock being caressed and he knew he was close as well. Renji's began to arch backwards into the bed as he came releasing a loud moan in ecstasy as hot cum began spurting all over his abs and coating Ichigo's hand which was still stroking it from base to tip.

Upon hearing Renji voice his climax and feeling the warmth covering his hand, Ichigo began to buck wildly inside the tightness encasing his own as he let out a scream of pleasure when he released his load into the man he could now call his lover.

He collapsed unto the body below him, abs and chests now both coated with cum as they tried to take deep breaths to bring their breathing back to normal.

When Ichigo felt he could speak without losing control of his voice, he pushed himself up so he can look Renji in the eyes. The redhead stared back into the chocolate orbs as he felt more at peace than he had in a long long time. He raised one hand to caress the teen's cheek before he spoke, "Ya sure ya never done that before? Cuz ya sorta seemed like ya did."

"I'd never kissed anyone till I kissed you. What makes you think I'd have done this before I even had a kiss, ya dummy." He leaned down to give the redhead a kiss on the lips. He then lowered himself to one side so he could lay next to Renji. He shifted to lay on his side, he head resting on the fist that was raised up. Renji turned his head to gaze at the teen and returned a smile.

"Renji, I know we didn't have much time to sort this out because of what's been happening in our lives, but it did make me realize one thing: you're the one I need in my life. You asked me to take you and that is what I want, Ren. After today, your mine and I want to be yours."

"Ichigo, far as I'm concerned, I'm yers, always and forever. So I want ta make ya mine too. I love ya, Ichi. If there's one good thing that came outta all this, it's that yer more important ta me than all of the shit I went through. And I'm willin' ta do whatever it takes ta be with ya."

"I love you too, Ren."

The two brought their lips together to seal the sentiment with a kiss.

"So, are ya ready for me ta make ya mine now? Or are ya too wiped out to go for round two?" Ichigo's eyes were met by a wolfish grin and tattooed eyebrow which waggled an arch up and down.

He's come back. To me. "What do you think?! Since you're mine, now make me yours... ya dummy." As much as Ichigo tried to keep a straight face by looking entirely annoyed at his lover, he couldn't help but smile behind his words.

"Tch! Ya asked fer it!"

Arms reached for each other, bodies meeting chest-to-chest, as lips and tongues rediscovered the other's taste. They both knew that they were just meant to be together, since forever. And that moment had begun today.


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