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AN: Hey, just a little Halloween themed one-shot I came up with. I'd say this takes place just after 'Family Reunion'. It also features a kind of reference to my fic the 'The Watcher Of Sunnyhell' for those of you who read it.

"A fairy?" Willow asked her daughter. The two of them had been brainstorming ideas for Sophie's Halloween costume, without much success. The little girl frowned at her mother's latest suggestion.

"I was a fairy last year Mommy Willow."

"I know, but you had fun then, and there's no rule that says you can't wear the same costume two years in a row." Sophie continued to frown, so Willow wracked her brains for another idea. "A pirate?"

"Pirates are a boy thing."

"A clown?"

"No, I'd scare Uncle Xander" Sophie paused for a second. "Uncle Xander said I should be a frog." Willow's face paled. "He said you'd thinks it was funny."

"Did he now?" said Willow, a little annoyed with her friend. "Well I might just have a little talk with Uncle Xander..." Before the witch could finish her train of thought, Tara's voice was heard from upstairs.

"Willow, can you come help me up please?" she called.

"Be right there baby!" Willow called back, before turning to Sophie. "Go ask Auntie Dawn about your costume, maybe she can think of something."


Willow headed upstairs into the nursery, finding Tara kneeling on the floor where she had been putting the final touches on one of her paintings for the wall. She helped her wife to her feet.

"Thanks" Tara smiled. "It probably won't be long now before I need your help going to to the bathroom."

"For you, I can put up with it" Willow looked Tara over, and giggled.

"What is it?" said Tara, puzzled.

"You've got paint on your nose" Willow laughed, reaching out to wipe off the offending substance. She then leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her wife's lips, which Tara happily returned. "I love you" she whispered after they had broken apart. At that moment, baby Lily kicked inside her mother's womb. "Yes, Lily" Willow grinned, crouching to kiss Tara's belly, "I love you too."

"Any luck thinking of a costume for Sophie?" Tara asked as she began packing away her painting equipment.

"No" Willow sighed. "Apparently Xander wanted her to be a frog, but I had to veto that idea straight away."

"Well, I'm sure we'll think of something" said Tara. "We still have a couple of days until Halloween."


That night, Sophie recieved some special visitors in her dreams.

"Cordelia, Auntie Fred!" the little girl cried happily, running to them.

"Hey there kiddo" Cordy smiled, scooping Sophie into her arms. "Sorry we haven't been to visit you for awhile, I've just been really busy watching over the world."

"And I can only come see you when Cordy does" Fred added.

"Anyway, nice work dealing with your mean old grandpa a few weeks ago" Cordelia continued.

"He's not my grandpa" said Sophie, frowning. "He's nots anything anymore."

"You're right" Cordy agreed. "So what else have you been up to lately?" Of course Cordelia knew already, but she liked to listen to the little girl's stories.

"Well, me and Mommy Willow are trying to thinks of a Halloween costume for me, buts we're having some trouble." At that moment, however, Sophie's young mind began forming an idea. "Auntie Fred, what was your job when you was alive?"


"I admit, she does look adorable running around in her little lab coat and wearing those big glasses" said Willow on the day of Halloween as Tara helped her stuff her clothes with straw for her scarecrow costume. "But one question: How the hell did Sophie come up with the idea of wanting to be a physicist?" Tara just grinned.

"Oh, I have a fair idea.."

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