Title: Rhyme Schemes

Summary: The story of Jim and Spock's relationship…told through limericks.

Disclaimer: Quite obviously, I do not own Star Trek or any of its tasty bits.

Meet and Greet

Our story begins out of Iowa

With a quite brash and rude type of fellow-a

But Captain Pike said, "Make haste!

Thar be ladies in space!"

So Jim Kirk caught the next flight outta there-a.

There once was a Vulcan of Vulcan

Whose sad past always had him sulkin'

Till his mother cried, "Spock!

Get off this desert rock

Before the ladies come and start glompin'!"

Jim Kirk was getting well known

Starfleet's worth had clearly been shown

Whether slow or quick-pace

There was room at HIS place

Without sound barriers to muffle the moans.

Spock was becoming suspicious

But had no logic to go with this basis

The cadet surely had cheated

Emotions becoming quite heated

His retribution was best served delicious.

A formal hearing was held

In hopes of cadet Kirk becoming expelled

When one pointy-eared bastard

Emotions complimentary mastered

Stopped Kirk's head from becoming too swelled.

Spock accused Jim of cheating his test

Of this behavior he began to address

But the mention of his father

Made Jim practically a martyr

Up until Vulcan's call of distress.