Bree had always thought it would be her job to tell someone she was leaving them, yet now that vision had just been broken, and now they'd gotten into a heated slanging match, after everything they'd gone through together.

I don't know if I can yell any louder

How many time have I kicked you outta here?

Or said something insulting?

They'd been through so much together; the sneaking, the lies, the insults…everything. And things were about to get more personal between them, it was only natural.

I can be so mean when I wanna be

I am capable of really anything

I can cut you into pieces

When my heart is....broken

The redhead glared at him, was he really breaking up with her in their special place?! Room 217…she couldn't believe him, she felt her heart shattering each time she looked at him, those pale blue eyes staring at her before he'd look away, he couldn't leave her…

Please don't leave me

Please don't leave me

I always say how I don't need you

But it's always gonna come right back to this

Please, don't leave me

The one man she thought she had a chance with, even if it was in the form of a torrid affair, and he was breaking with her. Bree has always believed begging someone to be beneath her and unclassy but this was Karl, and she had to be with him.

How did I become so obnoxious?

What is it with you that makes me act like this?

I've never been this nasty

But, with him, she'd changed. Karl had woken in her the animal that had lay dormant for years. Being with Karl, for Bree it had opened a new chapter in her life, a journey, and on which she had changed towards the other people around her, forgetting who she really was.

Can't you tell that this is all just a contest?

The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest

But baby I don't mean it

I mean it, I promise

With his words racing and echoing in her mind, the redhead hit back, and hard. Her words like venom to his ears, poisoning his mind.

Please don't leave me

Please don't leave me

I always say how I don't need you

But it's always gonna come right back to this

Please, don't leave me

Hearing them from her own mouth she broke down, sobbing. She couldn't be alone, not again. Karl couldn't leave her, things had been going great…

I forgot to say out loud how beautiful you really are to me

I can't be without, you're my perfect little punching bag

And I need you, I'm sorry.

She quickly tore her mind through the amazing, adulterous months she and Karl had shared together, he had been everything in her life for so long, her best friend almost. Her way of letting off steam from her shameful marriage to Orson, her way to vent.

Please, please don't leave me

Baby please don't leave me

No, don't leave me

Please don't leave me no no no

"I can't do it anymore Bree…we've been caught and so the fun's over. Accept it…" he told her.

You say I don't need you but it's always gonna come right back,

It's gonna come right back to this.

Please, don't leave me.

No, don't leave me

"No Karl, no…please…please don't leave me!" she watched him, sobbing as he walked from the motel room, leaving her alone.