Well, here it is! I've always wanted to write my own spinoof on a Naruto/Soul eater crossover. Don't worry, plenty of Naruto characters will show up! In addition to our favorite protagonist...


"You're done." He breathed, looming over her like the god of death himself. His majingari, his majjin hunt, blazed blindingly bright in her eyes for a moment longer, before at last, it too faded away, leaving her with stinging spots of bright light across her eyes. "This fight is over."

"W-Why?" Cringing from a broken arm, she whimpered struggled to her hands and knees, amazed that she was still alive, much less breathing after an attack like that. Clearly he'd held back, but why? He'd nearly beaten her to a pulp, and yet now, he stayed his hand? Was this some kind of trick? Did he plan to have her grasp at hope, only to steal it from her fingers at the very last second? "Why are you letting me go?"

"You're beautiful." He answered simply, and she blushed hotly at this, staring up at him for a moment before she could adequately recover her senses.

"N-Nani?! What kind of answer is that?! That's not something you're supposed to say to your enemy!"

"Well, enemy or not, it's my answer." He shook his head, sheathing his sword with one deft movement. "Looking at the world through the glasses of cynicism, it ain't something I do. It ain't happy, it ain't fun, it's sad; it ain't how I do business. The way I see it, a true witch, is ugly inside and out."

He looked her over appraisingly, nodded, and shouldered his blade, "Something tells me you're not like that. No, not like the witch I know, the one who's ugly inside and out. She's the one who'll make my sword...a deathscythe." With that, he began to walk off into the distance, but scarcely had he gone ten steps, then she shouted at his back:

"H-Hey! Wait a minute!"

He stopped in his tracks, his face slowly appearing over his shoulder as blue irises curiously regarded his once fallen opponent. A look of irritation crossed his eyes as they regarded the recovering witch behind him.

"Now what? You want my autograph or something?"

"U-Urusai about that already! Now....Y-Your name!" The witch sputtered a bit, tripping, fumbling over the right words as she struggled to right herself. "I said...T-Tell me your name, shibusen brat!"

"Eeeeh? Shibusen brat?" He quieried, tilting his head comically, displaying none of the raw, primal agression he'd displayed only minutes before. "Why should I do that, witch? What's in it for me, hmm?"

A flicker of killer intent darted in and out of her eyes, fading only as he tightened his hand on the pole of his sword. It was all too clear to whom he was referring, whom he intended to kill, in order to make that sword a deatchscythe.


"Uzumaki Naruto." He gave his name suddenly, unexpectedly, moving on without her. "Two star meister. Sword technician."

'Th-This much power, and he's only a two star rank...?'

"Oh yeah," He casually extended one hand to wave over his shoulder, "I removed that snake from your body, so that hebi-woman can't control or track you anymore," His gaze turned to meet hers just briefly as he finished. "You should be able to do whatever you what now, neh, Eruka-san?"

She, Eruka started violently at this, and quite frankly, he wasn't surprised when she ran after him, stumbling against the upturned, ashen roots of the great oak, under whose shadow their battle had concluded. "How do...How do you know my name?! And how can you just let me go?!"

"Jeez," He grumbled under his breath, trying his best to ignore her, and in failing to do so, tried to make it perfectly clear how irritating she was at this very moment. "You're a noisy one, aint'cha? I'll say it again, I let you go because you're not the one to make my sword a deathscythe. Can't say you're much of a witch either."

"EH?!" Fuming, Eruka stamped after him. "Are you making fun of me now?!"

"Nope." Ichigo drawled, not caring that she struggled to run up the hill after him. "Just your magic. I mean really, frogs and tadpole bombs? How's that supposed to stop anyone if they see it coming? You oughta be thankin' me for letting you go."

"Well...I won't thank you!"

"Didn't ask you to." He replied, disinterested, and trying to suppress his irritation. "Don't need you to."

Eruka eyed him warily.

"What makes you think I can trust you?"

"Weeeell," He chuckled, boarding the craft with a quick one two step. "Considering that you've already released the immortal known as Free, Maaba's probably after you, right? Medusa's gonna figure out you ditched sooner or later, anyways. That leaves two powerful witches hunting you, a mediocre witch at best."

She fidgeted a bit at this. True, Mabaa would put the pieces together, and Medusa, shrewd witch that she was, probably already knew of her impending thoughts concerning defection.

She didn't stand a chance against either of them. And yet, this man, standing before her, knew about, stood against Medusa. He might even be able to fight her to a standstill, until both sides were forced to call it a draw.

Scary, that he knew so much, and had such power.

He possessed the anti-demon wavelength, the incredible ability of instantaneous regeneration, something black blood was well known for, but she'd already seen him bleed. His blood was red, not black, something that made no sense, but then again, if he was a meister, if that man had experimented on him, and who knew the full extent of his abilities?

"What's your plan?" She wasn't exactly eager to get on the hover board. Once she did, there would be no turning back, she knew this, just by glancing at him, and his glowing blue eyes. "Your goal, what is it?"

"My goal?" He depressed the gas, and the engine revved, the board began to hum under his feet. "Simple, I intend," He extended a hand to her, a warm smile lighting his face for the first time during their brief, tumultuous scuffle. "To make a new world. A world where Meister's and witches co-exist."

Speechless. Eruka was simply struck speechless by his offer. What madness was this?! What kind of...What kind of fool would entertain such naivete?! Shibusen and the witch council had been enemies since the dawn of time, since their very founding!

And this one...he wanted to forge a truce?!

"Then...you intend to take me to Shibusen?" Now she took a small step back, her eyes hardening in defiance. "Ridiculous! As if I'd be caught dead going there! This world of yours, its for naive fools!"

His headset beeped then, and he placed a hand to it, turning slightly away from her as the voice buzzed into his ear. "Uzumaki. Ah, I see. Roger that. Yeah man, I'm on my way back now."

"Suit yourself." He gave a lighthearted shrug and revved the engine again, sparing her one last glance as the board began its tremulous ascent into the atmosphere." Well then, I wish you the best of luck, and I'll leave you to whatever it is you're planning on doing."

Gunning the engine, the hoverboard roared into the air, where it vanished into the distance.

"Ja ne!"

Next time: A shy, pale eyed witch, and a blond, brash student. Don't worry, everything will be explained in the next chapter. Lets just say for now that our dear Naruto is a student at Shibusen! Flashbacks will be dotted out through each chapter, and for the sake of arguement, all of the Naruto cast dates from the Shipuuden era, meaning that they ain't youngin's!.