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Suddenly, the sunshine of Phoenix disappeared and all I could see was the grey sky of Forks. Great. My Dad, Charlie who lives here, says that Forks is always under constant greyness and rain.

Well I'd only be spending the summer here at least, some hot summer this was going to be!

I quickly rushed out of the airport, to hopefully find a taxi nearby. Shit! It was already half 3 and I had to be there by four, and god knows how far away it was from here.

I looked up from my watch, to see a big sign saying "Miss Swan" in front of my eyes. Behind it, stood a midnight black limo, with the driver in front holding the sign.

All I could do was stop and stare. Eeek! Was that for me? It couldn't be, could it? I didn't realise the guys house I was cleaning, was that rich! I mean I was just a cleaner! This couldn't be for me?

I looked around me, to see if this limo was for anyone else, but no one walked around a 10 meter radius of it. They all just stopped and stared like me, like they'd never seen a limo before. Jesus, how small is the town of Forks?

I hesitated, but still went over to the limo, taking each step slowly, just in case some Movie star or some one came over to get into the taxi. But by ten steps, no one had came, so I decided that it must be for me.

"err.. Hi?" I quietly said to the driver.

"Isabella Swan?" he questioned me.

I quickly blushed, at the knowledge that this limo was for me, and that someone had called me Isabella.

"Just Bella, please." I replied

"Well Miss Swan, we better hurry up as its nearly approaching four, and Mr Cullen hates it when his workers are late." he said while opening the limo door for me and taking my luggage off me and putting it into the boot.

I'd never been in a limo before, not even for prom. It was exactly how I expected though, big black soft seats, along all four sides. A big television seated in the middle, next to a mini bar; with many alcoholic drinks.

I sat down on the nearest seat, for now, too scared to touch anything; as I had a bad tendency to break things I touched. God knows why I applied to be a cleaner! It was Renee, my Mothers fault, as per usual, thinking this would be "the perfect summer job". I laughed to myself, thinking about my poor Mother and that day.

I was just coming to the end of my first year at college, summer was approaching, and I knew I needed to get a summer job soon, just something to help me out, and to help run my poor old truck. I hated to rely on my Renee for all my money, she had more then enough money problems of her own, what with her big white wedding, she just had.

But it was hard to get a job in Phoenix, there were millions of students, like me, who also wanted a summer job, and they all happened to get there before me. That was when Renee told me about what Charlie, my Dad said on the phone about a job, who lives in a tiny town, where I thought jobs would be even harder to get.

"Your Dad, phoned about the PERFECT job for you in Forks!" Renee chirped to loudly, poor Renee she always got too excited over anything, I wondered all the time how the hell we were related, it was very obvious who in the relationship was the more mature, responsible one.

"Forks?! But isn't that place tiny? What kind of job could I get there?" I question Renee, it was true though Forks was tiny! Well from what i herd it was, I used to go there every summer holiday when I was little, but by the time I was 8, I got too fed up by the rain and coldness, so begged Charlie to take me some where different.

"Well no sweety, look, he said that it was a cleaning job an-"

"Wait! Stop there Mum! Cleaning? seriously! Mum I'd end up breaking more things, then cleaning them!" I laughed.

"Oh don't be silly! Anyway you havent herd of the best part yet! You'd be cleaning Edward Cullen's house!" she shrieked with joy.

My Mum was extremely fond with the Cullen's, to be honest I didn't get the big deal, they sounded to me like rich spoilt people, not that I dare say that to Renee. The Cullen's were a very respected family in Forks, they owned most of Forks, including shops - not that there were many shops to own - and a great deal of the houses, that they lent people rent.

"Eurgh....great mum" i tried to smile happily, i knew this would make Renee extremely happy if i took the job, i didn't have a clue why but then Renee always did get excited over the smallest things..

"So you'll take it?" She asked, without even letting me breathe, let alone answer,"GREAT! I'll call your Dad right away, aww Bella I'm so proud of you!" Proud? why was my Mother proud of me?! For being a cleaner... that sounded about right.

So here I was two weeks later, in a limo on my way to a job that I'd knew I'd be absolutely crap at, and probably get fired on the first day; but realising that I'd do anything for Renee. God! I was such a suckup, especially to guilt trips, and Renee hadn't even started on the guilt trips before I said yes.

Suddenly the limo drove to a stop, and my door was being violently thrown open. I looked outside and was startled to see just pure greyness in the sky, until I realised where I was, and that it would be a very long time until I would see that sun again. Great.

I slowly got out of the limo, feeling very sleepy from the ride to forks, but I was quickly back to being very alert, when the driver sundenly threw my cases down on to the floor, causing the biggest one to open, causing some of my knickers to fall out.

I instantly felt my cheeks blush scarlet red, as per usual, but then my embarrassment turned into anger, as the driver just looked at my stuff and my face then laughed! And didn't even bother to help me pick up my stuff, while I went to collect everything, but just continued on laughing!

"Is Something funny, Paul?" A voice of velvet spoke, his voice rang delicately into my ears which made my anger suddenly evaporate into thin air. I looked up to see a very tall man, wearing a very formal grey suit, with a black shit on underneath. He had the most memorising emerald green eyes I had ever seen, and with one look at them I never wanted to look away. His skin was perfect and flawless, very pale, but soo beautiful. His hair was a perfect bronze colour and literally begged for my hands to be tangled up in them. Oh my God he was Perfect. Looks like I didn't have to wait long for the sun anyway,I thought as I smiled to myself.

"No, nothing Sir-I mean Mr Cullen, I was just about to help Miss Swan her pick up here belongings." I quickly shook my head, as I realised I'd been staring at Mr Cullen for far too long and blushed yet again, hoping that Mr Cullen did not notice.

"Ahh, so this is Miss Swan then. Paul please pick up Miss Swans luggage, so I can properly introduce myself to her and show her around" the velvet voice spoke again, increasing my heart bate dramatically.

"Of course Mr Cullen" spoke Paul, while I stood up, he gave me full on evils, which in my books was kind of childish..

As I stood up I couldn't help but look at Mr Cullen's strong masculine body, Jesus Christ, he even had the perfect body!

"Miss Swan, it is nice to meet you, I am Edward Cullen, your boss." he spoke, while extending his right hand out towards mine.

I quickly shook it, feeling an electric spark, just by touching his skin, it felt so soft and smooth and made me never want to let go of it.

"Please call me Bella, Sir" I replied, while trying to avoid eye contact, so that my cheeks wouldn't burn again.

"Of course, but I have one request that you please never call me Sir, Mr Cullen will do fine, Sir sounds too formal and to be honest makes me feel like a teacher, which I defiantly am not.", his eyes turned darker at that thought, but quickly returned to there normal state.

"Sure, Mr Cullen", I said while looking down at the floor, as i was sure my heart was beating so loudly that everyone could hear it, actually I was quite surprised that Paul wasn't laughing at it by now.

"Right now with that sorted, please come in and I will show you around".

I hadn't even acknowledged the house yet, but quickly glanced up at the front of it while I followed Mr Cullen in. It was very big, okay no that was an understatement, it was MASSIVE! It looked extremely old, but yet very beautiful, it was made out of very old rusty brown brick walls, with many many big arched windows. It looked more like a castle, because at one end to the fair left it had a turret, which made the big old house look like something out of a fairytale. I was instantly glad that Renee made me work here, but then the horror of me getting lost, and realising there would be more then a million rooms to clean , doomed on me.

Mr Cullen opened a massive wooden door and lead me inside. I instantly gasped, inside it was more beautiful then I could of ever imagined. The biggest different was that from inside, it looked like a brand new house, it was extremely modern and nothing like the outside of it. Every room was decorated well, and very modern. He had kept a recurring theme of every room being decorated with two colours, but every time black was one of the colours, which made it look amazing. The black never darkened the rooms either, just made them feel more alive and vibrant. My favourite room was one of the many libraries, where he had put together black and red, which made it seem such a warm and friendly room, but yet very classy and cool. I hope I could spend a lot of time in this room, as reading was one of my favourite hobbies.

"And this is the room you will be sleeping in, I hope its okay for you, if not I can always find a different room" he said while smiling at me, a heart melting crooked grin, which made my heart speed up too a hundred miles per hour and my cheeks blush the most possible deepest red ever.

"No, no this is more then fine! Its beautiful, the whole house is amazing!", he had lead me into a pale blue and black room, which complimented each other perfectly. In the middle of the room was a pale blue framed double bed, with deep black covers and pillows. My belongings and suitcases, were already there at the side of the midnight black bed. Also around the room was many empty cupboards and wardrobes, for my belongings. And to my very surprise an empty book shelf, which I was happy about as I brought many book with me.

"Im sorry that I do not have time to show you around the rest of the house, but I've shown you all you need to see for now, you may explore the rest if you want to. And I do not expect you to start working untill the day after tomorrow, to give you time to settle in and explore the area, Isabella. I just have one request that you do not go near or enter the turret, nor need you to ever clean there. Now I am going out to meet my girlfriend, and as far as I know you are home alone for a while. Here is a book containing everything you need to know" he said while passing me the book "Is there any questions, before i go?"

"Umm..no" more like YEAH WHO THE HELL IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND?! I knew it was wrong to get my hopes up that anything could happen between me and Mr Cullen, but a girl could dream right? Not a very good dream if there's probably an extremely good looking girlfriend in the way.

"Right then I will be off, I hope this job won't be too bad for you Isabella." he spoke while winking at me, oh god he just winked at me! I tried to hide my obvious blushing face while looking down at the floor, but knew it did not do a good job.

And with that he walked out of my bedroom, while closing the door behind him. Oh god, what was I going to do? No, i was being stupid, this was stupid, Edward, I mean Mr Cullen was my boss, I had to keep it formal and act like a boss and worker would, I'd just have to accept the fact he was very good looking..easy.

What did I know that it would be anything BUT easy.

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