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Bella POV:

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Bella.. I'm so sorry!" Alice screamed, as we rounded the corner.

"Pftt! Alice it isn't your fault, it could of happened at a much worse time." I pointed out, grabbing hold of her right hand, as Jasper had the other.

"Breathe, Alice.. breathe… deep breaths." Jasper calmed her, rubbing her head slightly with his other hand, and just like that- she was calmed. It was like he had some special emotions gift?

"Bella… get back to the wedding... I'm fine- honestly!" Alice cried, as we finally pulled into the maternity room, Alice had paid for her own room and her bed she was lying on, was slotted into its place.

"What!? And miss my best friend giving birth, as if Alice!" I told her, giving her a cheeky smile and wink.

"B-but, you only just got married, Bella you're still in your wedding dress!" Alice shouted, pointing to what I was wearing.

"Well is it my wedding day?" I asked.

"Yes..." Alice trailed off, trying to guess where this was going.

"So don't I get to wear my wedding dress on my wedding day?" I smirked at her.

"Oh Bella." Alice laughed, but the laughter was short lived by another scream.

"Right... I'm going to ring Edward." I told Jasper, who nodded, as I walked out of the room.

I saw the sign for no mobiles so headed for outside, I got more than a few weird glares, but it didn't bother me- today was my wedding day, no matter where I was.

I knew when me and Edward rearranged the date that there could be a possibility of Alice giving birth, but we both never in a million years thought it would actually happen today. As today was Nellie's birthday, to make up for the last horrible year we wanted to have something really big for it- so what better then a wedding? Nellie got to dress up as a princess and feel like a princess throughout the day.

Who knew that as soon as we all settled down to eat at the reception, Alice's waters would break and we would have to rush her to hospital? Everyone insisted that I stayed at the wedding, but to be honest I wanted to get away and now seemed like a great time to start telling people about my news...

"Bella?" Edward answered straight away.

"Hay," A smile instantly lit my face at the sound of his velvet voice, "How's Nellie?"

"She's great! Misses you though, we all do- what's going on Bella?" he asked, his voice filling with concern at the end.

"Umm… well actually I was wondering if you wanted to bring Nellie here, to see the baby?" I asked, a plan forming in my mind.

"Okay… but what about the wedding?" Edward questioned.

"Hmm." I mused over, knowing we couldn't leave a bunch of guests on their own, "Well, I guess the main bit is all over with- and they have eaten their food yeah?"

"Yeah." Edward replied, while I smiled at someone who was giving me a weird look.

"Well then we will be back in time for the evening do, I promise." I tried to persuade him, not wanting my plan to be ruined.

"Okay, and I can get your Mum and Dad to see to everyone while we are gone." Edward suggested, his voice becoming a lot lighter.

"Great, well I can just see Carlisle and Esme pulling up now, be quick, bye!" I said, about to flip my phone shut.

"Wait! Bella!" Edward shouted out, stopping me.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I love you, you know you being away from me on our own wedding day is literally ripping me up inside. Stupid Alice!" Edward joked, laughing with me.

"I love you too Edward, you'll be here soon." I assured him and myself.

"Of course, Bye Mrs Cullen." Edward whispered, causing me too laugh like a little girl.

"Bella!" Esme shouted over to me, as I shut my phone down and walked bare footed across the grass- yes bare footed. Alice had put me in a ridiculous, yet stunning pair of white diamond heels to go with my dress, which had given me more than enough foot ache for one day.

"Bella, look at you!" Carlisle laughed, grabbing hold of Esme's hand.

"Bella, darling you are going to ruin your dress!" Esme pointed out, pointing to where the grass was touching my dress.

"Meh, it'll be okay." I assured her while rubbing her arm, "Come on let's see Alice!"


Luckily for my idea to work, Alice had the baby extremely quickly- less than a couple of hours! It had been a nervous wait for me, Edward, Nellie, Carlisle, Esme and Jasper's parents who I didn't know the names of yet. Nellie had gotten a bit restless, but Edward had taken her to get some food, so now she was a lot better. I felt bad for making her wait this long, but I knew in the end it would be worth it. It would just be the perfect way.

"W-we had a GIRL!" Jasper came running in, his blond hair all over the place.

Instantly all of us jumped up automatically and shouted, "Well done!"

Jasper's Dad - who also looked like an 'older' movie star, walked over to Jasper to give him a massive hug, while patting his back. Esme and Jasper's Mum both squealed and gave each other a hug. Edward put his arm around me while planting a big kiss on my head, careful not to mess up my 'hand-crafted' hair.

"Bella!" Jasper called over to me, "Alice wants to see you."

I smiled, while walking over to the door that led into Alice's room.

I gasped when I walked in and saw a very tired looking Alice, with her hair messed up to the brim with sweat but with a massive grin splattered on her face. In her petite arms was a tiny baby, wrapped in a cream blanket.

"Alice!" I squealed, sounding more like her then me.

"Bella!" Alice tried to sound enthusiastic, but the tiredness over took her voice.

I sighed, "Ali! She is amazing and so beautiful! She so has your nose!"

Alice pulled a mortified face at me, "I bloody hope not, I hate my nose!"

I laughed, "Okay, okay, maybe it's Jasper's nose." I winked at her, causing her to giggle as well.

"Want to hold her?" she asked, her tired, dimmed-down emerald eyes looked into mine.

I nodded, "Yes please." I asked, like a little school girl.

Alice moved up the bed slightly so that she could hand me over the tiny little girl. I held my hands out and grabbed the baby, pulling her close to my chest so that I couldn't drop her. Too me she looked exactly like Nellie did when she was born, so beautiful.

"Do you have a name?" I asked her, knowing too well that Alice would defiantly have a name.

"Yup!" She said, popping the 'p', "Lily Bellie Hale! Her middle name was yours and Rosalie's name put together, trust me that was very hard to do! But the more I say it the more I like it!"

"Aww Alice!" I cried, tears starting to plummet from my eyes, "That's wonderful! Thank you so much."

"Hey! Don't get like that on me; you know what my hormones are like at the moment!" Alice laughed with tears starting to stream her face too, "I just wanted to thank you two, your more like sister's to me!"

We both burst into giggles/tears, both laughing at each other for being so stupid, but then crying for both of us being so thoughtful.

"Well Ali… I kind of have some news I want to share with you, would you mind if Edward and Nellie could come in too?" I asked, suddenly getting very nervous.

"Sure!" Alice eyes widened in surprise, "EDDIE! NEL'S! GET IN HERE!" Alice screamed, suddenly losing all of her tiredness.

"Eurghh, maybe I shouldn't have done that." Alice sighed, leaning back into her bed while rubbing her head.

"Hey. You wanted us?" Edward asked, walking in with Nellie on his hand. I still couldn't get over how handsome he looked in his suit; I nearly froze with shock-ness as I walked down the aisle. How did someone as beautiful as that, want to marry me? His bronze hair had caught the sunlight from the window perfectly, creating nearly a halo around him. I had to remember I had a new born baby in my arms to stop myself from wobbling over.

"Hey, come here you two!" I told them while smiling at them.

"Wow, Ali, she's beautiful! Are you sure she's yours?" Edward joked, smiling my favourite crooked grin.

"Ha ha! Eddie, I haven't seen you just go through 4 hours of pain!" Alice smiled back at him.

"Well you ruined my day! How could you?" Edward laughed, in mock hurt.

"Shut up you two! Come on Nellie, come see Lily." I motioned, leaning down so Nellie could see her. Nellie had her hair in tiny little girls, some pined back and some not, she had a pretty diamond tiara as well, while wearing a pink dress.

"Alice, Lily- after grandma?" Edward asked, a genuine smile lighting his face.

"Yeah." Alice nodded, "And I just liked the name, but no, mainly after her."

"Do you like her Nel's?" I asked a smiling Nellie, "She's your cousin!"

"Aww! She's cute!" Nellie smiled, carefully stroking Lily's bold head, "But where did she come from?" she asked, pulling her face in confusion.

"Umm… Alice's stomach! Anyway Nellie, would you like a baby brother or sister?" I asked, praying to God that she would say yes.

The biggest smile ever lit Nellie's face, "Yes! A sister though! Boy's are smelly!"

I bit down on my lip, looking up to a confused Alice and Edward. I took a big breath, then smiled at them both nodding- hoping they would understand what I meant.

"You mean you're..?" A shocked Alice asked, with a smile on her face.

I nodded, smiling with her. I looked at Edward to see his eyes bulging out of his face, as he finally understood what I meant.

"Bella!" He shouted, showing me my favourite crooked grin.

I stood up to give Lily back to Alice, quickly being turned backwards by Edward as he pulled me into a vice tight hug.

"Be careful! The dress!" Alice warned, as Edward planted a million kisses over my cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and finally my mouth.

"I get a sister!" Nellie chirped, as Edward let go of me.

I leaned down to pick her up and hug her myself, "Or a brother." I warned her, being careful not to ruin her pink dress.

"Congratulations guys!" Alice beamed.

"Congratulations?" Jasper asked, as he walked in straight to Alice's side and grabbing her free hand.

"Bella's pregnant!" Edward chirped. Just by looking at his face I could feel my heart melt, I'd never seen Edward happier! He was so cute; it looked like that grin would never leave his face.

"Wow! That's brilliant guys!" Jasper smiled at us, while rubbing Nellie's hair, "You looking forward to having a new sibling Nel's?"

"A sister yes." Nellie smiled, in my arms.

"Nellie… it could be a boy." I warned her, while putting her down.

"Let's hope not." Edward whispered pulling me in for another hug and kiss.


"Mr and Mrs Cullen are now taking the first dance!" The DJ called out, as Edward took my hand and guided me up towards the dance floor.

This was the one bit that I wish I had missed while at the hospital, my heart beat was already going into over drive and I knew, just knew that I was going to mess up.

"Relax." Edward whispered to me as he put his hands around my waist, obviously sensing my nerves.

A song, I knew I recognised from somewhere started to play, as I put my arms around Edward's hot neck. I pulled an eyebrow at him, as he started to lead the dance- trying to forget about all the people watching us right now.

"Our first dance, ever." Edward smiled.

Then I realised that it was the same song that me and Edward had first danced to at the ball, all those years ago. I felt my eyes well up as I realised how sweet that was for Edward to remember the same exact song. Suddenly the music drifted to a different kind, which I knew what it was before Edward told me.

"Now our second dance, in the meadow." He whispered, pulling me in for a deep kiss.

It was the music Edward had hummed to me, and the same that he and Nellie often played on the piano. I was sure Edward had created it, it was so beautiful and so him, I loved it.

"Thank you." I smiled at him, after our kiss, which everyone 'aww-ed' to.

"Any thing for you Mrs Cullen." Edward seductively spoke, sending me good shivers everywhere.

"And some news from the happy couple, who are going to have another baby!" The DJ cheered, with the crowd, who all clapped.

Unfortunately, soon- too soon the song ended, with more claps from the audience and another romantic kiss from Edward. We both looked into each other's eyes for a minute, both of us unable to look away, before leaving the dance floor to our guest's.

"Daddy! I want to dance!" Nellie chirped, pulling Edward's sleeve.

"Of course you can sweety." He smiled, pulling her back to the dance floor.

I sat down on a chair, staring at the dance floor as more and more people started to dance on it, as a more fast song came on. I laughed as Edward pulled Nellie up on to his feet and started to play dance with her, causing her to giggle in endless laughing fits.

I sighed in contentment, thinking how perfect my life was. A new baby, a perfect family- the man of my dreams and a new job! I had started just a week ago, a job writing books for children around Nellie's age and I loved it. It enabled all my creative writing side to come out of me, which journalism didn't and helped me to enjoy life even more! I had landed the job while me, Edward and Nellie had gone on 'holiday', which was meant to be our honeymoon. Edward had taken us to our own island, which was meant to be a wedding gift for me! It was more than amazing! Blue sea, golden sands- even a jungle! Nellie had loved seeing all the vibrant colours and the animals. And I had loved just being away from everyone, a place where Nellie could never been taken away from us, and just being in our own happy world. Of course that involved sometimes going into the mainland to get food and necessities. That was where I met Jared, who actually lived in Fork's as well and had seen many of my newspaper articles. We got talking, mainly about me and I had accidentally let on how journalism, just wasn't creative enough for me, when he told me about the new book scheme he was working on. It was like fate had stepped in!

"Bella!" A deep male voice interrupted my peaceful thoughts.

"Jake!" I cried, standing up to give him another vice-tight warm hug.

Jake looked extremely smart in a black tux and bow tie, he'd gelled his hair as well. "Congratulations Bella!"

"Thanks Jake." I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek as he let go of me. "How are things?" I asked. Since Jake had found out about Lucy, things had been more then rough with him. He came with me to attend the court dates for both Jessica's and Lucy's trial. Luckily Jessica had gotten at least 20 years in jail and a restraining order put on me and Nellie. Lucy had gotten much more luckier, with only a year in prison and some community work. Jake had confided in me with what to do with Lucy, and I had told him straight. I told him my views on Lucy and that I thought everyone deserved a second chance. I think because it was me who told him that, and that it should be me telling him she was a bitch and should be left with, that he actually tried to make contact with her and tried to sort it out.

"Good actually." He smiled, taking a seat with me "Lucy may come out half a year earlier! She's over the moon. And me and her.. we are doing okay- I'm seeing my Lucy come back." He grinned while looking down at the floor..

"That's brilliant!" I smiled, and I was honestly happy for him! Everyone deserved a happy ending, especially Jake. The song stopped playing, quickly followed by another one, "I'm gunna go up and dance, wanna join me?"

"Nah thanks Jake, to be honest I'm a bit tired." I laughed, while watching him kiss me on my cheek and get up to go to the dance floor.

I was so lost in watching Jake dance incredibly funnily, that I didn't realise a figure approach me.

"Isabella Cullen." The velvet voice spoke, extending his hand out towards me, "Come with me." he said while giving me a wink.

I smiled and blushed, while taking his hand and following him out of the room and around the corner, until we got to a door which led outside. Edward turned around to grin at me, before opening the door and taking me outside.

I gasped while I took in the incredible site. In front of me was a beautiful garden filled with many long pretty vibrant flowers, all dancing around a waterfall which was gushing out sparkling water. The most amazing thing was that there were millions upon millions of candles, all in the long grass and flowers or in front and around the waterfall. It all looked so beautiful and amazing.

"Edward." I whispered, feeling my whole face go wide in shock.

I turned to him to see a smile playing on his lips; he grabbed my waist before pulling me into a hug. He licked his lips before saying, "Bella, you don't know how happy you make me feel. You know I could never live without you, or Nellie or-" he rubbed my tummy, " this one. You've given me so much, your just incredible Bella. I-"

But I stopped him, by putting my hands fiercely around the back of his head and grabbing his hair tightly to pull his mouth into mine. I felt the soft, easy movement of his warm full lips against mine, making dances with them. His teeth lightly nibbled the bottom of my lip, causing me to let out a slight moan, before both of our tongues entered each other's mouths, making more dances. His sweet breath soon filled up my mouth, small electric shocks occurred every time our warm tongues touched. His hands were rubbing my thighs, creating more electric sparks, as my hands was wrapped in his soft hair. I knew I was running out of air, but I didn't care- I would honestly not mind one bit dying like this, this was purely perfection. I had everything I ever wanted, for good this time.

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