Author's Note: This is my first ever Junjou Romantica story so I hope you guys would go easy on me and tell me what you guys think. This story would be all about my favorite Junjou pair which is Junjou Terrorist Miyagi and Shinobu, just couldn't get enough of them.

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Title: Second Chance

Summary: I love you Miyagi, but I just don't think I want to try loving you, Shinobu is enough for me anymore. And with that Shinobu left. Note: going to I sensei's grave didn't happen. Also in this story Hiroki and Nowaki aren't together here… Yet.

Italic- is for memory


Chapter One: Prologue

Hey Brat

Shinobu moaned as he felt Miyagi entered him with a swift powerful thrust. Wrapping both his arms securely around Miyagi's neck, Shinobu tried to concentrate on what he and Miyagi was doing now and forget about the decision he had made that morning.

I don't know if this is "love" or not and I don't have a clue about this "fate" thing.

"Miyagi, harder! I want to feel you, all of you." Shinobu pleaded as tears started to fall in his eyes, Shinobu not knowing if the tears are from the pleasure or the pain of what he would be doing later when Miyagi is asleep.

But all I know is… I think I want to try loving you, Shinobu

Miyagi hearing Shinobu's plea that as what Shinobu had asked, he started to pound relentlessly into Shinobu at the same time licking away the tears that was falling down Shinobu's face.

"Miyagi!" Shinobu finally cried out as he orgasm bringing Miyagi to the edge with him. "I love you Miyagi." Shinobu said as he lay on the bed with Miyagi.

"I know." Miyagi simply answered as sleep slowly embraced him.


2 hours later…

Takatsuki Shinobu stood beside the bed fully dress watching his soon-to-be-ex-lover sleeping on the bed, he wanted to reach out to the man on the bed but was afraid that if he do then he might lose his resolved that had taken him a long time to build. He wanted to kiss Miyagi and just hold him in his arms pretending that everything about their relationship is okay, but sadly he can't for he decided that being in a one-sided relationship would be bad for both him and Miyagi in the long run. And that is why he was doing this, leaving Miyagi for good.

"I love you Miyagi, but I just don't think I want to try loving you, Shinobu is enough for me anymore." Shinobu whispered close to Miyagi's ear and with just a flying kiss towards the laying man. Shinobu left Miyagi's apartment with all his belonging leaving behind nothing that would have indicated that he had live their once for 2 years. All he had left behind is his heart and a piece of letter asking for Miyagi not to contact him or even find him.

'As if he would try to contact me or even find me.' Shinobu thought looking back at the house he had live, it would never be home because home is supposed to be where the love is.

Well there's the first chapter, it can also be a one-shot, anyway tell me if I should continue it or not. I already have Chapter two in mind but I want to hear from you guys first.