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"Is everything ready?" Mr. Takatsuki asked one of the maids that had entered his study to deliver his afternoon tea.

"Yes, Takatsuki-sama, we had finished cleaning the old room young master Shinobu used to reside on. And the meals for the young master and his friend arrival is already set for tomorrow.

"Good, I want everything to be perfect for my son and his lover." Mr. Takatsuki said dismissing the maids.

Once left alone, Mr. Takatsuki turned to his computer, which is opened to an e-mail send to him from his son Shinobu, it contains a picture of him and Nowaki outside their apartment for the last time.

"You better take good care of my son Kusama Nowaki."

Chapter Four: What It Meant To Be A Sister


Risako stood near the airport gate waiting for his brother and his lover to come out, plane landed 15 minutes ago. Risako was excited to see his brother again after so many years , while she waited, she thought back on his brother reasons for leaving.


Risako won't admit it to anyone even his brother, but she had known about his relationship with her ex-husband and the reason for his brother to suddenly decide to move to New York to study. She knew that they are in a love relationship or more like one-sided love relationship, knowing how his ex-husband has only eyes and love for his sensei.

She at first wanted to confront his brother or even Miyagi to asked if her suspicion was correct, and if she's right, she would have stop his brother so he wouldn't end up like her, with so much bitterness towards Miyagi. However, before she could do it, faith had led her to the answer when she stumbles upon Miyagi and his brother having sex. She was shock but quickly recovered and hid herself before both could see her. Then when both finish the did, she heard her brother tell her ex-husband that he loves him, while his husband answered her brother with 'I know.'

At that moment she wanted to grab his brother and left, Miyagi had told his brother the same thing he would say to her before whenever she would tell him she love him. But she stop dead on her tracks when she saw instead of pain, he could see contentment and happiness in her brothers feature, so she convince herself that, maybe Shinobu can translate the word I know from Miyagi more than she could, because if he doesn't, then she didn't think a two simple words like I know could make her happy.

However, she came to regret that decision, when his brother came home and announce to them that he decided to go to New York to study. She had guess what had happen and she was right, for the night before he left to New York, she followed him and she saw the last thing he did, She admit that having sex with your ungrateful lover before leaving a letter for him is a cliché and can only be seen in movies, but it wasn't important nor it matter, what had matter was the hurt voice and feature his brother had shown while saying the words that had hunt her dreams for years, 'I love you Miyagi, but I just don't think I want to try loving you, Shinobu is enough for me anymore.'. She regretted the day she let her brother stay by her ex-husband side, for thinking that she and her brother don't share the same faith in loving Miyagi.

His brother's words, she thought it would forever hunt her, but thankfully, those dreams had stop, and she was very thankful to that person, that person who not only help his brother mend his broken heart but at the same time exorcist the demon she carry. That person was his little brother's lover, Kusama Nowaki, the first time his brother told them about him was also the day he had told them he was gay, their parent were shock but quickly accepted that fact, she however was not shock with the news of his orientation instead she was curious to who this Kusama Nowaki is, and all her curiosity was satisfied upon hearing and seeing the pictures of Nowaki together with his little brother, she had heard tons of stories about Nowaki from her brother, and she could hear love and happiness in his voice whenever he called home and tell them stories about his and Nowaki's big adventure. And the pictures her brother sends to her are picture of both him and his lover, with smiles and full of love to each other. One can clearly see how happy the two are. And seeing his brother happy has slowly ease the guilt and regret she felt.

And now, seeing his brother come out of the airport hand-in-hand with his lover talking animatedly, she vowed to herself that she wouldn't let anyone come between his brother and his lover, they can try but they would have to go through her first.


"Risako-neesan!" Shinobu said as he hugs her sister while the other hugs back.

"Otoutou, I miss you." Risako said giving a light squeeze before she broke off.

"By the way, this is Kusama Nowaki, my lover." Shinobu introduce.

"Finally, seeing you in person." Risako said shaking Nowaki's hand. "Takatsuki Risako." Risako added introducing herself.

"It's nice meeting you Risako-san." Nowaki said shaking his lover's sister hand.

"Call me Risako or neesan since I'm older than you." Risako said, "Anyway, shall we, mom and dad are waiting at home for the both of you." Risako added as she led the way to her car.

"Of course, lead the way." Nowaki answered as he took Shinobu's left hand into his and put it on the pushcart handle below his right hand and both push the pushcart with their luggage forward. The simple act of affection didn't escape Risako.

'Definitely worth protecting.'

I know it's short and the whole chapter is about Risako but, please bear in mind that the reason for this is because she would be playing a big part on this story as well.

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Nowaki has a surprise for Shinobu and Miyagi can't wait for the day to finally come, the day he would see Shinobu again. Risako is up to something.