I finished reading Stargirl a few days ago, and was disappointed with the ending. So, I thought about what would happen if Leo had cared more about Stargirl than the rest of the school. Takes place after Susan decides to go back to Stargirl. Some random moments will be added. I do NOT own Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli does.


"I know you're not going to ask me to the Ocotillo Ball. It's okay."

The words echoed in my head long after I had gotten home. Stargirl had given me one her smiles full of infinite kindness, as if understanding immediately why. I hated her for it. Sure, I hadn't been planning on it, especially now that she had gone back to her normal self, but I had thought about it. Then again, she wasn't really "Normal", she was Stargirl. I wanted to ask her. Thoughts of the shunning reappeared in my head, causing me to shake my head.

I put the pencil I had been tapping against the table down, and got up. I couldn't even bother to try concentrating on homework. As if on que, the phone rang as I walked past it. I glanced at the phone, hesitating whether to answer it or not. Curiosity got the best of me. Kevin had called.

"So, who are you taking to the Ocotillo Ball?" As if it hadn't been on my mind enough.

I dodged. "Who are you taking?"

"Don't know," he said.

"I don't either." I answered honestly. I wasn't planning on going now, but why bother telling him that?

There was a pause on the other end of the line. "Not Stargirl?" I had to bite my tongue from yelling at him. Of course, I wanted to take her, but I couldn't take Stargirl. Or Susan, it would have ended badly.

"Not necessarily," I said, choosing my words carefully.

"You trying to tell me something?"

"What would I want to tell you?"

"I thought you were a two. I thought there was no question." At this point I was angry.

"So why are you asking?" I said coldly, and hung up.

In bed, that night, I found myself becoming more uncomfortable as moonlight crept up my sheet. It seemed as if the night would never end, so I did something I had never done before. I pulled down the shade. It had me rest somewhat easier, with something else to distract me from my thoughts. Before I drifted off, the image of Stargirl's smiling face popped up in my mind as her words replayed themselves.


The next morning, there was a new piece of paper on the plywood roadrunner. At the top of the sheet, it said:

Sign up Here to Join

New Musical Group,


No Experience necessary

There were two numbered columns for names, forty in all.

By the end of the day, all of them had been filled with ridiculous names such as Darth Vader and Minnie Mouse. The principal's name was there, too. And Wayne Parr. And Dori Dilson. I shook my head as I eyed the paper.

"Did you see?" said Kevin. "Somebody wrote in Parr's name."

We were in the studio control room. It was May and our Hot Seats were over for the rest of the year, but we still hung out by the studio after school.

"I saw," I said.

He stepped up to one of the blank monitors, and studdied his reflections for a few moments.

"So, I didn't see your name on the list."


"You don't want to be a Ukee Dook?"

"Guess not." I answered. The idea of it was odd, but that was Stargirl for you. I had to respect her for it. Maybe I had thought about joining the Ukee Dooks for Stargirl's sake, but I had chickened out.

We both fiddled around with the equipment for a while. Kevin walked out onto the stage and flipped a switch. His mouth moved, but I couldn't hear. I held a headphone against my ear. His voice seemed distant, from another world. "She's turning goofy again, isn't she? Worse than ever."

I stared straight at him through the glass. I put down the headphone and walked out of the room without another word.

I understood what he had decided to do. He had thought that it was now okay to say bad things about Stargirl in front of me. Permission to do so must have come from my new behavior. Apparently the first to read me was Stargirl herself. I still felt the sharp, painful sting from her remark about the Ocotillo Ball.

Was I that obvious?

I found myself at the Roadrunner again, and stopped just as soon as I passed the UKEE DOOKS flier. Somehow it had caught my attention.

"I know you're not going to ask me to the Ocotillo Ball. It's okay."

I hesitated, hearing the same words Stargirl had only said to me one day ago. It hurt, having to hear the sentence every few minutes. I decided that I had no choice, I had to do something unpredictable to show her I cared. So I did something that Leo Borlock would never do.

I signed the paper.


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