Part 1

Present- 10:10P.M

As Jason and Sam chased down the robber who had stolen the painting from the new Port Charles Museum, they have corner them at a warehouse. Jason and Sam ran in there and with guns ready, Elliot stopped and Parker who was nowhere to be seen was trying to make the transfer. Hardison was trying to get out of the truck but thanks to Jackal, not going to happened right now.

"We want the painting." Jason said and Elliot responded, "Well your not getting it." As Parker appeared on the right of Elliot with a gun as well. "Put down your gun!" Parker yelled and Sam responded, "I believe I'm a quicker shot than you." "I wouldn't want to test that theory." Parker said and Sam then walked closer to Parker with Jason in tow right beside Sam.

Three Hours ago

Jason and Sam both would getting ready for the event. "Hey, I know you hate going to these things." Sam said and Jason responded, "I do" Then he looked at his sexy girl. "Because I'm security for tonight and my guys are watching my back named the Jackal and there's you too." Sam said and added, "Besides my mother doesn't deserves for me to be dressed up." Sam still feeling wrong about being called a bad influenced on her sisters. Jason still had the disk which found Claudia guilty as hell. "What are we going to do with Claudia?" Sam asked and Jason responded, "Sonny isn't going to listen, I told him and he's not going to listened." Jason walks off and then turns, "That bitch will get what's coming to her."

Across Town….

Celina Boyd asked the Leverage team for help in retrieving a painting for her mother that was stolen. Parker is the best at stealing things and so this is going to be a walk in the park.

They found the blueprints and Parker almost snickered at it. So Elliot was going to be the ears inside.