I awoken to a slight sensation of someone breathing down my neck; when I turned around I saw Gaara asleep next to me. My eyes where wide open as I looked around the room. So many thoughts ran through my head, 'why am I in Gaara's room?', 'why was I in his bed?', 'and where is my wraps!!!!!!!' As I tried to get out of the bed, I paid no attention to what was on the ground, and I stepped on Gaara's gourd, and fell backwards on top of him.
I opened my eyes and seen Gaara on top of me on the floor. I whispered to my self, "Um...this is soooo awkward." Then all at once, Temari ran into the room, "Hey can't I get... Ohhhhhh." I quickly pushed Gaara off of me, "Temari, it's not what you think!!!!!!"
"Gaara and Itsuma, sitting in a tree, K-I-S..."
I then pounced on Temari and attacked her. Gaara then quietly slipped out of the room. After I was done beating the shit out of Temari, I went to my room and placed my wraps around my upper arms' and lower legs.

Outside Gaara was in dream mode drawing pictures in the sand with his gourd and sandals off. All of them were pictures of me and him. A few minutes passed as Gaara snapped out of dream mode, he saw what he drew. He then got up and quickly walked off. "Temari! Will you fucking stop? Damn you're annoying." I slammed the back yard door, when I looked out I froze in place. My eyes looked over the pictures and right in the middle of all of the pictures was a heart with the words:
"Gaara + Itsuma, Forever."
I stared at the pictures for a while, then I saw a familiar shadow; "Kankuro...how much do you want now?"
"Itsuma, how come every time I walk up to you think I want money?"
"Because you do dumb ass."
"I do? Well that's not the reason that I want to talk to you."
"Then what the hell do you want."
"Remember the leaf village punks?"
"Yeah...so what about them?"
"They are in the village."
"Great. And let me guess they are right behind me in this order: Naruto is next to Hinata. Sakura is next to Sauske. And Shikamaru is lying on the tree next to them?"
I then turned around and saw them exactly where I said they where at, Naruto being the dumb ass that he is, yelled, "Hey where's Gaara!!!!" I gave him an evil stare and as usual Hinata looked nervous. "Well Naruto, as you can see he is not here dumb ass. So come back later." Then a gust of sand swirled around us. And there was Gaara standing in the whirlwind. He turned and looked at all of us, "What are you doing here?"
"Don't worry, Gaara, we're not here to start any thing; we just wanted to hang out with you guys. By the way, what's your name?"
Naruto turned to me waiting for an answer, "The names Itsuma Momochi. The daughter of mist assassin Zabuza." Naruto looked at Sauske, "Hey Sauske, if she finds out what Kakashi-sensei did to her father she'll kill him!" Sakura and Sauske looked at Naruto with a death stare, then I added, "Naruto, I already know how my father died and by who. Don't worry I got over that." Shikamaru finally got up from the shade and walked up to me. He stared into my eyes, his stare seemed like he was looking through my soul. "But you still have hate in your eyes."
Shikamaru then looked at my scar that was on my neck, "Where did you get that scar?"

(Flash back)
Gaara and I were swinging next to each other one day when I was 5 years old and Gaara was 6. Some kids were playing with a brown/red ball when one of them kicked it to high and it got stuck on a ledge too high to reach. Me and Gaara got up from our swings and went over to help them get it. But when Gaara used his sand to get it down, the children started to panic and Gaara lost control of his sand. I placed my hand on Gaara's shoulder to calm him down but Gaara accidentally cut my neck with the sand.
Yashamaru then came and Gaara stopped; he then turned around and saw me lying in a pool of my own blood. Gaara yelled for his uncle who picked me up and brought me and Gaara to the E.R.'

(End of flash back)

I flashed back to reality, "Ummm... I don't remember. It was a long time ago." I took a glance at Gaara who stared at me and slightly blushed.