Hey everyone... this fiction is a bit different than the ones i wrote before.

Its about what would happen when sasuke comes back to konoha (dont worry no spoilers)

Beware, it include domestic abuse, some BDSM, spanking, and Sasuke is not shown in a nice way until later. Lemons in the future.

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Three years had past since that day. Sasuke had just returned to konoha, and was banned from any shinobi like activities. However, his reunion with his friend Naruto had yielded some not – so – friend – like activities.

Naruto confessed to Sasuke a month after his return, and amazingly Sasuke had a few things to say himself. He promised he was never going to part ways with Naruto again. He admitted his affection.

Two months later, Sasuke and Naruto were fighting over trivial things once more. Sasuke threatened he was going to leave the whimpering blond. Meanwhile, Naruto locked himself in the bathroom to avoid Sasuke's battering.

The door bell sound echoed over the cruel screams, pain shrugs, and fuming shouts. Sasuke stormed towards the door, and yanked it open. No one was in sight. He glanced down… what was that?

One blanket covered three babies. Just one, during the peek of December's chill.

"Naruto, come out right now!" Sasuke called out.

"I won't come out, until you calm down Sasuke… I can't go on like that"

"Naruto, come here. It's important!"

Naruto for some reason or another felt he urgency in sasuke's voice. He unlocked the door, and headed towards the pale raven.

"What is it-" Naruto's words got stuck around his tongue when he detected the three sleeping babies.

"Come on. We have to take them in, and warm them up before they freeze to death." Sasuke ordered decisively. However Naruto was still dazzled. "Naruto, wake up, we have to act fast."

They carried the kids inside, and rushed to move the couch closer to fireplace. Naruto calmed one of the babies as he woke up from being moved, while Sasuke looked for extra blankets.

They were three boys. Two of them were noticeably twins around 5 to 7 months old, and the third seemed to be two months older. He couldn't have been their brother, because of the close age difference. Not to mention, the difference in appearance; The twins both had fair skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes. The older baby had a tanned skin, dirty blond hair, and a birth mark the shape of a cats paws on his neck.

The babies soon slept, and the two older boys sat down watching them. They disregarded their fight that night and contemplated what they should do…

The next day they reported to 'gran ma' Tunsade, and she suggested that keep the kids for a few days until Konoha starts and investigation to uncover who the parents were. Unfortunately, the investigation was a failure. It was common sense that in a small village like Konoha, a woman who was pregnant then suddenly stopped being one would be noticed. Plus the crying of a baby of a new born baby would have surely been heard.

It was week before Naruto and Sasuke had to face the most challenging decision in their life as a couple; should they keep the kids or not?

Naruto had gotten awfully attached to the boys, and he didn't want to let them go. However, the blond was not a tenacious child any more. He understood he was just seventeen. Plus babies demand money, attention, and care.

Nonetheless, Sasuke had to much free time on his hands. He had to sacrifice working as a militant ninja outside of Konoha in order to stay with Naruto in a village that no longer trusted him. The fact was, he blamed Naruto for it. He bottled up so much energy that led him to blow out occasionally. He wasn't calm and crude anymore, instead he was angry and abusive. Such miserable person… Every bruise on Naruto's body told the tale of a man who out-lived his glory.

Naruto, then, thought that the babies would keep Sasuke occupied and give him some inner peace.

-Three years later -

"Don't worry kids; daddy is just acting," Naruto lied. Yet, the kids knew Sasuke wasn't acting.

The blond struggled not to cry, as his back pushed against the door to keep Sasuke out. The fuming raven was stomping the door causing it to ram into Naruto's back.

"Open up Naruto, or I will fucking smash your face, you cow!"

"CALM DOWN, WILL YOU! THE KIDS WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOUR SAYING!" Naruto screamed out. When Sasuke usually started his anger attacks, Naruto would ask the kids to get out. He didn't want them to see what was about to happen. However when the intensity of the beatings was becoming unbearable, Naruto, although he always felt dreadful about it, would try to stay next to the kids. May be, Sasuke wouldn't beat him as hard. May be, he would listen to him when he begs. May be, he wouldn't break his arm… again

Aio, Aki, and the older Haru stood crying at the corner of the bed room. Their little faces were flushed with red, tears streaming down their plum cheeks. They didn't know why daddy was so angry at Naruto, or why he kept hurting him.

"It will be alright! You trust your naru-da (that's what they called Naruto), right?"

"STTTTTTTTUUUPP IETTT" Aio squealed at his daddy behind the door.

"Naruto, this is your last warning. Open the door or else!" Sasuke spoke clenching his teeth.

The blond gave no response. As a result, Sasuke bashed into the door slamming hard into Naruto's kidney. Naruto rolled to the side gripping his aching stomach. It felt was awful.

The ex-prodigy entered the room, fisted Naruto's hair and tugged him up.

"You think you can hide from me, Naruto you idiot!"

"Sasuke, they are watching!" Naruto began to weep and whimper like a little child. He was miserable, and he was scared, heart broken, and terrified.

"Get out, boys!"

"…." They didn't move.

"I said get out right now!"

"Boys leave daddy and me alone." Naruto ordered softly. He was rewarded by a smack on his face.

"I said get out, or I swear to God; I will go get the belt!" the kids wouldn't budge. They were afraid they would leave, and never get to see Naru-da ever again. They looked into Naruto's eyes to see if he really meant it earlier.

"What are you looking at him for? I am your dad too, and I said leave!"

When then refused to move again, Sasuke started unbuckling his belt. He shifted quickly away from Naruto towards the boys, but Naruto hanged on to him to keep the kids out of dangerous.

"Sasuke wake up! they will never forgive you if you do that!"

Sasuke's attention was back on Naruto's. He slapped him again right on the face, pushed him onto the bed, and starting ramming the belt over the honey colored flesh.

The twins were less hot headed than Haru. They retreated more into the corner, while Haru dashed towards Sasuke and struggled with all his mighty to draw Sasuke away.

Sasuke swung his arm as if he was whishing a fly. He threw the boy across the room.

"Sasuke, No! Sasuke, get away from him! Sasuke not the kids! No! Sasuke!" Naruto threw himself over Haru to shield the coming strikes.

Sasuke then attempted to shove Naruto away from Haru to have a clearer , Naruto wouldn't let him.

"SASUKE, I swear to god, if you hurt him, I will fuckin kill you in your sleep!"