Title: They Say…

Characters: Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, hint of Shikamaru

Setting: After Gaara becomes Kazekage, before his kidnapping

Disclaimer: I pity any fool who is silly enough to believe that I own Naruto

A nose crinkled in discomfort before an alarmingly large "Achoo!" resonated in the quiet air. Gaara no Sabaku's eyes watered slightly as he tried to refocus on his paperwork.

Exactly three minutes and twenty-seven seconds passed before the Kazekage released another resounding sneeze. The other two occupants of the room glanced up at him questioningly before one offered a clean handkerchief.

"Your nose is running," Temari answered his questioning look as he took the cloth.

"Yeah, wouldn't want to get snot on those new robes of yours, right?" Kankuro joked.

A slight rustle of cloth indicated that Gaara had silently wiped his nose before stoically returning to the report on his desk. Another peaceful minute and fourteen seconds passed before he released two sneezes in rapid succession.

"Are you getting sick?" Kankuro asked with mild concern.

"No," Gaara answered, wiping nose and eyes. This was beginning to become quite bothersome. A drop of—something had landed on the previously unmarred report. He covered the offending blemish with his thumb and winced when he noticed that several droplets of saliva also covered his hand.

In the corner, Temari grinned, looking up from her own paperwork. "You know, they say that every time you sneeze, someone's thinking about you."

"Does that mean Shikamaru is sneezing up a storm in Konoha, Temari?" Kankuro inquired innocently.

If Kankuro had examined his older sister's cheeks closely, he would've noticed a rosy blush covering them, but he was instead focused on the giant, closed fan descending upon his head. The shinobi dodged as gracefully as he could while seated in a chair and winced as the chair tipped over backwards.

With him in it.

"Kankuro!" Temari bellowed, raising the fan once again.

Kankuro closed his eyes, knowing there was no way he was going to dodge the strike when he was tangled in his chair.

"Achoo!" Gaara attempted to wipe his nose again, but only succeeded in smearing his own mucus across his nose with the sodden handkerchief.

Temari glanced sympathetically at her little brother and retracted her fan. Kankuro released a sigh of relief. "I'll go get you another handkerchief," she announced, surreptitiously kicking Kankuro in the shin on her way out.

The puppeteer, ignoring the throbbing pain in his leg, rose from his position on the floor, and eyed his little brother. For some reason, the Kazekage was smiling, even though his eyes were watering, his nose was red, and he had drenched Baki's poor report with bodily fluids.

"Someone is acknowledging me," Gaara murmured. He wiped his nose across his sleeve, giving up on the saturated handkerchief. He had never looked so happy.

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