Note-Oh my God. I actually wrote something! It's nice to be back! Just to let anyone who is interested know, I am planning two Rent/Spring Awakening crossovers, so look out for those. I would also like to give some credit to the amazing Demactica for her support and general, all-around awesome-ness.

"I don't think I love Melchior Gabor that much now"

Anna spluttered, and looked up from her daisy chain, and on her left, Martha was doing the same. Thea just sat, coolly, and carried on threading the small flowers, not noticing the looks her friends were giving her. Then she looked up, and her gaze flickered to each of the agog girls, and she frowned.


"W-what did you just say?" Anna choked out.

Thea rolled her eyes. "Oh, there's no need to be sound so shocked!"

The girls were silent as the smaller girl went back to her daisy chain, their eyes as wide as saucers and their mouths wide open. The field that sat a little way from the church was silent. It was a bright summer's day, and the grass was rich with its adornment of flowers in all their radiant colours. The girls were sitting in the far-right corner, where the fence jutted inwards, cutting them off from the patches of woodland behind them where the stream was. Of course, it was very easy to just clamber over the fence, as they had done so often in their childhood, but now there was no need to. After all, there was no more Melchior Gabor to go hunting for.

"Thea…" Anna ventured gently, knowing that the slightest remark that Thea found to be insulting could set her friend off. "Are you serious?"

"Of course I'm serious!" Thea said casually, concentrating on slicing a hole in the daisy stem with her thumbnail.

"But you've loved Melchior Gabor since you were nine!" Martha protested.

"I know. But I don't anymore. It's really quite simple"

Anna and Martha shared a glance, but went silent. They both knew Thea was rather hot-headed; any information she didn't willingly give over they would not be able to pry out of her. Her stubbornness and quick temper would only end with her storming off, as they knew from previous experience. In times gone by, Wendla had been the only one who had been able to go after her, and calm her down with soothing words and funny jokes. Sometimes it seemed that, since Wendla had died, Thea had been even quicker to anger, and even more sullen in her moods. Still, it was hardly surprising. Ever since Ilse had up and left, two girls had been best friends, as thick as thieves, and Wendla's death had hit Thea the hardest. If they wanted information, she would have to give it up. So all three girls put their heads down, and focused on the flowers.

After a while, Thea sighed irritably.

"Well, if you absolutely must know, I do have my reasons" she snapped. Anna sighed inwardly. Somehow, the youngest girl still managed to make it their fault. But she still put on a smile that she hoped seemed kind and encouraging, and she looked up. Thea glared at her, but her face was relaxing, and her shoulders slumped.

"Well, it's just…he's such a radical"

Martha face creased in a frown of such magnified confusion that Anna would have burst out laughing had she not known that her own face was in exactly the same shape. Thea groaned, and threw her chain to the floor.

"Oh, this is useless; I knew you wouldn't understand!" she cried. Of course, Anna thought. Because even though she and Martha are two years older, they would not, could not understand anything that Thea is going through. How ridiculous…

"We're sorry, Thea" Martha said softly, noticing the flash in Anna's eyes. "It's just that Melchior Gabor being a radical was the reason you favoured him for so long"

"Yes, I know!" Thea said impatiently. "But, he was a little too radical, wasn't he? He spent so much time wound up in his own mind that he didn't see what was in front of his own nose. And so he ended up in a reformatory. And who knows where he is now? He would make such a useless husband. I've decided that I need somebody…sweeter. Kinder. Calmer. Someone who knows how to cherish and look after people" Her eyes had gone dreamy now. "Someone who would take my hand and show me how to love. Someone who would stay with me forever. Wouldn't that be just divine?"

Anna refrained from telling Thea that love like that only existed in stories. Instead, she bit her tongue, smiled, and nodded. For a moment, anyhow, they'd got their old Thea back. And they were a little short with her, nowadays. She was still young. She was still allowed to dream innocent dreams.

"That would be nice, Thay" Martha murmured. Thea blushed, and smiled to herself.

"Oh, wouldn't it?" she said, taking up her chain again. "Can't you just imagine it? Yes, that's who I need. I need…I need someone like…him!"

Her fist flew out in a strong point towards the edge of the church, where a figure was walking along, blind to the activity in the field. Anna and Martha followed their friend's outstretched finger, and, for the second time that day, their mouths fell open. The figure looked at them, and waved a small greeting as Thea quickly dropped her hand back into her lap. Then he turned, and carried on up the road. Three pairs of eyes watched him walking until he was out of distance, and then turned to the blushing girl.

"Ernst Robel?" Anna and Martha chorused.