Pairing: StarrkxIchigo one-sided RenjixIchigo and KenseixIchigo in the beginning

Summary: An alternate version of Immortal Coil for the readers who wanted it. Ichigo gets kidnapped by Aizen and has to fight off the arrancars affections. A warning for those who don't like it, this is a cliché "everyone wants Ichigo" fic. But it will end up being StarrkxIchigo.

I will be keeping a few things similar to the original story, but after this first chapter it will mostly original mixed with some of the stuff from Immortal Coil. The only discrepancy from the canon story line that is important for this story is that the vizards kidnapped Ichigo to begin with, therefore he never met Yammy and Ulquiorra. For those who haven't read Immortal Coil, I made Renji a vizard.

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This story will contain: sex, violence and cursing as well as manga spoilers.

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The Everlasting Spiral: Chapter 1

"Darting away from the penchant light, many souls ache to wander. Through the many colors of the church's stained glass, and into the darkness yonder. It is in their nature to seek the sins of pleasure and pain, yet hope to be forgiven for their everlasting spiral of yearning."

Aizen tapped his fingers on the armrest of his throne as he went over all the different paths the final battle could take. He had already sent Ulquiorra and Yammy to kill Ichigo Kurosaki in the human world, but he had strangely disappeared. Aizen remembered the fluctuating power he had felt when he was in Seireitei and he knew that the boy was a vizard. The others that escaped must have Ichigo and were hiding Ichigo from him.

But this posed a new problem. If the vizards were interested in Ichigo, which meant that they were possibly interested in the war. Aizen had already started his plans for retrieving Orihime Inoue to block the full Gotei 13 from interfering in Karakura town, but if the vizards came, it would pose an even larger problem. So now he had to consider how to separate the vizards as well, and he already had an idea on how to do it.

Ichigo continued trained under the vizards and unexpectedly got used to their company. Most of them were easy to get along with (Kensei, Love, Hachi, Mashiro, etc) but Renji continued to be a pain. He antagonized Ichigo with everything he did. When Ichigo was cooking or washing dishes, Renji managed to produce a pink frilly apron that he was forced into.

Everyone else was amused, but Ichigo was not. Lisa tried to force him to wear a school girl outfit as well, but that's where he drew the line. Although he hated the way Renji smirked at him when he wore it. He would really like to wipe the smug look off the bastard's face.

But even when Renji was being an ass, Ichigo couldn't completely hate him. Their relationship slowly changed to a grudging friendship/rivalry as they sparred with each other and tried to get Ichigo's mask to hold longer then just a few seconds. But something broke between them the day that Ichigo felt the arrancar's reiatsu.

"What the fuck is that?" Ichigo's mask crumbled and he tensed, feeling hard for the reiatsu that was lashing around his home town. "Fuck!"

He moved to race up the stairways and to freedom where he could go save his family and friends, but Renji blocked his path. "Where the fuck are you going? We aren't finished here."

Ichigo snarled and tried to run past him again, but Renji snatched him up by his waist and threw him over his shoulder. "I'm going to give him a talking to." Renji said calmly to the others and ignored Ichigo pounding on his back and wiggling to get free. He walked out the room and brushed past Kensei who was staring at the two with a strange look on his face.

As they got out of the room Renji threw Ichigo up against the wall and ignored his grunt of pain. Ichigo barely had a chance to straighten up before Renji slammed his fist into the wall and Ichigo flinched.

"You better watch yourself, Ichigo." Renji whispered and unclenched his fist and moved it to brace above Ichigo's head on the wall. "You never know what could happen."

Ichigo stared up at him; his breath quickening as he saw black and gold begin to creep into Renji's brown eyes. "Renji…"

Renji reached down and gripped Ichigo's chin. "If we hadn't come to snatch you up when we first saw you, you would have just continued on with your happy life until your hollow had taken over or until you died…You don't need the Shinigami but you need us."

Ichigo said nothing and instead tilted his head up as Renji leaned down even further. There lips were just inches away. "You just…just can't risk your life like that…can't go off every time you feel an arrancar's reiatsu…"

"I won't do it again."

Renji stared into Ichigo's eyes and slowly closed the gap…

"Hey, Ichigo!" The two jumped apart as Shinji came storming in and paused, eyeing their flushed faces and the way their eyes wouldn't meet. "Did I interrupt something?"

"No, of course not, there was nothing to interrupt." Renji said firmly, still not looking at Ichigo who felt his chest clench painfully at the words.

"Right…" Shinji frowned and then rounded on Ichigo. "You better not pull another stunt like that Ichigo."

Ichigo was barely listening, his thoughts too caught up in the turmoil of his mind. Shinji sighed in exasperation and shook his head. "Fucking kids…" He muttered as he walked off, leaving Ichigo to ponder the situation with Renji and what he was really feeling.

"Go fish."

They were playing perhaps the stupidest game to put the word 'strip' in front of. Strip go fish. Of course there was alcohol involved and of course they had conned Ichigo into drinking some. Ichigo was losing. Badly.

"You got any threes?" Ichigo asked Kensei, sitting in only his boxers and undershirt.

"Go fish." Kensei had threes, but that didn't matter.

"Tch." Ichigo grumbled and drew a card from the deck, which of course wasn't a three.

"It's your turn, Kensei." Hiyori drawled as she stared at her own cards and hit Shinji who was trying to peak at them.

"Do you have any threes, Ichigo?"

"Lemmesee…" Ichigo had already forgotten what he had just asked for as he squint his eyes and frowned at his cards while Renji snorted. "Yeah…" He tossed his two threes to Kensei who took them and smirked. "Off with the shirt Ichigo."

Ichigo growled and dropped his cards on the ground (face up so everyone could see what he had) and yanked his shirt over his head. He nearly toppled backward and Renji had to grab him before he did so. "Thanks." Ichigo muttered and tossed his shirt aside to pick his cards up again.

Kensei blatantly stared at Ichigo's almost nude form until Renji coughed loudly.

"Got any threes, Rose?"

"Go fish."

Kensei drew a card and the game went on. Renji and Kensei still had most of their clothes on while Shinji had all of his and Hiyori was in her underwear. When Rose asked her for jacks and she risked becoming topless she decided to call it a night, stomping off and cursing the others.

"Do you have any fours Ichigo?" Shinji asked. He was looking very devious as a twinkle appeared in his eye.

"Yeah…." Ichigo dragged out and threw the card forcibly at Shinji who took it and cocked his head at Ichigo who did nothing.



"The boxers."

Ichigo gave a long suffering sigh and stood up. He was a little unsteady but he managed to get his balance before he fell over. His thumbs hooked on the waist band and he slowly pushed them down, revealing sharp hip bones and orange curls before… Renji grabbed Ichigo's hands and pulled them forcefully away from his last remaining item of clothing.

Kensei growled in aggravation and glared at Renji.

"What the hell, Abarai!?"

"I think we've had enough playing for right now." Renji snarled and returned Kensei's heated look.

He tried to pull Ichigo to his room but he kept stumbling so he lifted him up and through him over his shoulder. "You need to learn how to drink, lightweight." Renji grumbled and ignored Ichigo who had no problem with being manhandled like that and was instead yawning and using Ichigo's back as a pillow.

"Oi! Don't fall asleep!"

"Shaddup, 'm trying t' sleep b'stard…" Ichigo jerked as Renji pinched his thigh hard. "Asshole!"

"You're the asshole." Renji growled and opened the door to Ichigo's room and tossed him on the futon.

"Ugh…" Ichigo grunted as he was thrown on his back and covered his mouth as his stomach protested.

"Fucking idiot…" Renji left the room for a second and quickly returned with a bowl and a glass of water. He grimaced and turned to the side as Ichigo threw up into the bowl and sighed in relief as he finished. He set the bowl to the side with a wrinkle of his nose and forced the glass to Ichigo's mouth.

"Drink it. You'll thank me in the morning."

Ichigo did as he was told and felt a little better as the sour taste was rinsed out of his mouth and his parched throat was quenched.


Renji tugged the blanket and sheets back and pulled of Ichigo's shoes and socks before forcing him to lie down.

"Night, Ichigo…" Renji whispered and closed the door. Sometimes it was harder to keep away from Ichigo than other times.

Ichigo panted as he desperately tried to keep his mask fully formed while fighting off Renji who was attacking him particularly aggressively today. Ichigo hissed as Renji's sword skimmed his ribs and his mask crumbled.

Renji glared at Ichigo disdainfully and growled. "What the fuck is wrong with you!? You can't even hold your mask for twelve seconds!"

"Fuck off, Renji, I'm trying my best!"

Renji snorted. "Is that what you're going to tell your family when you're standing over their dead bodies? 'Sorry guys, I tried my best!'?"

Ichigo recoiled at the biting mark and felt his chest throb. Had he really thought he and Renji were getting along? He seemed more intent on hurting Ichigo out of anger for something Ichigo didn't know about.

"The last thing I want to do is hurt my family." Ichigo growled and scowled at Renji who snorted and sneered at Ichigo.

"Then try harder."

"I am!"

"You're so fucking weak! You can't protect anybody! You're going to let your family die!"

Ichigo felt his heart stop as his mind went back to that day so long ago when it couldn't stop raining. Renji might not have known what happened to his mom and how he felt about it, but it still hurt so much; especially coming from Renji who Ichigo actually liked and trusted.

"Excuse me." Ichigo muttered and swept past Renji.

Renji opened his mouth to say something and then closed it. He looked guilty, but also a little bit confused. He didn't understand that sad look on Ichigo's face or why he had hurt the boy so bad.

Shinji sighed and rubbed the back of his head while the rest of the vizards remained clueless. "Ichigo's mom was killed by a hollow." Shinji explained as Urahara had explained to him. "Trying to save him from it, apparently."

Renji felt like the biggest asshole in the world now. He frowned and tried to reason that he hadn't known and that he was just trying to get Ichigo to work harder, but he had intended to hurt Ichigo and it worked all too well.

Kensei got to his feet where had been watching Ichigo and Renji fight and quickly found Ichigo in the room they used as their lounging area. Ichigo was still panting a little from anger and exertion from the training as he lay on the ground although it was rough against his bare back, his shirt long since discarded. Renji really confused Ichigo. At times it seemed like he liked Ichigo, and then at others it was like he couldn't get away from him fast enough.

"You look hot." Ichigo looked up from where he was laying to see Kensei who walked over and sat behind him.


"Here." Kensei handed him a glass of cold water and Ichigo sat up to gulp it down. Kensei's eyes followed a bead of water that trickled down his throat and down his chest. Kensei reached out and touched Ichigo's chest, nearly making Ichigo choke on the water.


Kensei said nothing and instead slid his hand over Ichigo's chest and then up to cup the side of his face. Ichigo stared at Kensei, not moving as he leaned in and kissed Ichigo lightly. Ichigo moaned and his eyes fluttered shut as Kensei slipped his tongue past Ichigo's lips and deepened the kiss.

Neither of them pulled away for a second as Kensei eased Ichigo back down on the ground and rolled on top of him. Ichigo reached up and ran his fingers through Kensei's short hair, inhaling sharply as Kensei moved a knee in between his legs.

"What the fuck!?"

Kensei and Ichigo pulled away with a jerk to see Renji staring down at them, looking hurt and pissed.

"Renji!" Ichigo said in surprise and the two got two their feet, both looking flushed.

"Kensei, you bastard…" Renji spat and didn't give Kensei a chance to do anything before punching him hard, splitting his lip and making him stumble back a few feet.

"What the hell, Renji!?" Ichigo cried. He was confused about what the hell was going on.

Renji stared at Ichigo who took a step back as his eyes narrowed, already black and gold. His reiatsu began to rise as Kensei stepped in front of Ichigo quickly and threw his arms out.

"Back off, Renji!!!"

For a moment Renji looked conflicted and then with one last heated look sent at Kensei, he turned on his heel and ran out the door. Ichigo stared after him, feeling confused and still hurt.

"Renji, wait!"

Ichigo ran after him, leaving Kensei to watch Ichigo leave sadly and wondering why he couldn't be the one that Ichigo was always chasing after.

Ichigo sighed in exasperation as he tried to find Renji's reiatsu. It had been a little while since he had been outside and he was enjoying it, but his first priority was dealing with Renji.

"Fucking red haired monkey bastard…" Ichigo mumbled to himself as he strolled down the street and frowned as he felt a flare of reiatsu that wasn't Renji. It was familiar though, but he couldn't quite place where he had felt if before.

"Little strawberries like y'r self shouldn't be out all by th'mselves."

Ichigo spun on his heal and stared at the silver haired shinigami that he had first met when trying to get into Seireitei.

"Fox-face…" He growled and reached for his sword.

"Now, don't be like that." Gin said and grinned at Ichigo who didn't look in the least bit placated. "I just w'nt to talk to you."

"I have no interest in talking to you!"

Gin sighed. "I knew it would be like this." Ichigo charged forward but he was young and inexperienced against an ex-captain like Gin. Gin side stepped the attack and hit the back of Ichigo's neck hard and he slumped to the ground.

He cocked his head to the side as he felt the other vizards' reiatsu coming at him with surprising speed. With one last grin he scooped Ichigo up and stepped into the portal, instantly teleporting to the throne room where Aizen awaited his prize.

"How the fuck could this have happened!?" Renji screamed, slamming his fists on the table and practically tearing his hair out in worry and anxiety.

"Calm down, Renji!" Shinji snapped. "We can't rush into anything!"

"They. Have. Ichigo." Renji said through gritted teeth. "They might kill him, torture him, and experiment on him!"

"I know." Shinji said and dragged his hand through his hair. "But if we don't think things through, then we could be walking into a trap and we'll all get killed."

Renji buried his face in his hands and for a moment Shinji thought he was crying, but then he realized that Renji was trying to get a hold of his anger and not lose control. After a few moments he looked up again, slightly calmer. "We have to save him."

"I know."

The espada stared at the orange haired teenager that was still unconscious and curled up on the large chair Gin put him in.

"So that's a vizard?" Grimmjow asked and poked Ichigo's sleeping face that wrinkled his nose and turned away from the offending appendage. "Aren't vizards supposed to have masks? You know, like their name?"

"Don't be an idiot, Grimmjow." Ulquiorra said coldly. "Just because he doesn't have it on now, doesn't mean he doesn't have one."

"Shut up." Grimmjow growled and once again turned his attention to Ichigo who looked far too young and innocent to be something like a vizard. "Are you sure he's a vizard?"

"He's a vizard." Aizen said without a hint of exasperation. Grimmjow just grunted response, still not looking away from Ichigo.

"Does the kitty have a crush?" Gin asked mockingly and snickered at the glare Grimmjow sent at him. "Bett'r enjoy the quiet while you can because he's gonna be noisy when he wakes up."

"Nnoitra, you are going to be the one watching Kurosaki. Take him to your rooms before he wakes up and causes a scene."

Grimmjow and Nnoitra frowned.

"Why do I have to watch the vizard?" Nnoitra complained and frowned at the young man.

"Why can't I watch him?" Grimmjow growled. "I can take better care of him then that bastard."

"What did you say, weakling?"

"Nnoitra will watch him." Aizen said and let just the barest amount of his reiatsu out and they stopped bickering instantly. "I'm counting on you."

Nnoitra growled under his breath but didn't dare say anything more against the subject. "Yes, Aizen-sama."

"Good, then do it."

Nnoitra stood and then stooped low to pick up the vizard that stirred but still didn't regain consciousness. Nnoitra tried not to look at him as he went to his rooms, but he couldn't help glancing down at the face which was angular and slightly feminine. Even though he was sleeping, he had a furrow in his brow that betrayed some anxiety and his mouth was mostly relaxed but tense at the corners.

He abruptly looked away and dropped Ichigo into the couch in his room. The vizard began to stir and Nnoitra moved away and plopped in the arm chair, trying to make it look like he hadn't been staring at him.

Orange eye lashes fluttered as Ichigo opened his brown eyes. He blinked slowly as he tried to place where he was at, and at first he thought he was at a hospital because of all the white.

"It's about time you woke up, vizard." Ichigo sat up and looked at who has spoken.


Ichigo tensed and his hand went for his sword, but it wasn't there.

"Gin took the liberty of storing your sword for safe keeping."

"What?" Ichigo felt slightly shaky at being parted from his beloved zanpakuto. Zangetsu was always with him, how could they be apart?


Nnoitra didn't even bother to turn and look at his Fraccion who entered the room and was staring at Ichigo with interest.

"Clothes for the vizard."

"My name is Ichigo Kurosaki." Ichigo snarled and glared disdainfully at the white clothes folded in Tesla's arms.

"Tch, you're my pet and nothing more until Aizen-sama says otherwise." Nnoitra leaned back in the chair and propped his hands behind his head as he smirked at Ichigo. "Tesla if he doesn't get changed you have my permission to force him into them."

"Yes, Nnoitra-sama."

Ichigo narrowed his eyes and mentally calculated the possibility of the two being stronger then him without his sword. With a contemptuous snort he held his hand out for the clothes and Tesla stepped forward to hand him the clothes carefully as though they were something fragile. He continued to gaze at Ichigo with a shine in his eyes that made Ichigo slightly disturbed and Nnoitra confused. Nnoitra wasn't going to ask him about it though; he didn't care about his Fraccion enough even though he was curious.

"What are you waiting for then?"

"Tch, what are you guys going to watch?"

"Do you have a problem with that, pet?"

Unlike Ulquiorra, Nnoitra intended to get the full worth out of his pet despite the vizard being male. Already he was more interesting then the females running around Hueco Mundo, and there was always the possibility that Nnoitra could use his power.

Ichigo scowled and turned his back on the two arrancar before undoing his shirt and letting it slip off. He remembered how he had hastily thrown it on to chase after Renji and wondered if anyone was even missing him yet.

Nnoitra wasn't checking the vizard out. He didn't find him attractive. He was a male after all. Nnoitra wasn't gay. But just because Nnoitra wasn't attracted to him, didn't mean he didn't appreciate the view. Just because Nnoitra was staring at his ass and wondering if it was tight as it looked didn't mean that he was even remotely interested in the vizard sexually.

Ichigo was slightly anxious about undressing in front of the other two even though they were all men, but he couldn't figure out why that was. Maybe it's because he felt too exposed without his zanpakuto and a means to defend himself. Or maybe because he could feel eyes on him, making him feel uncomfortable although he tried not to let it show. If he showed that it affected him then Nnoitra and the other arrancars might use it against him.

Therefore Ichigo didn't hesitate undid his hakama and let them fall before he stepped out of them and reaching for his clothes.

Nnoitra stiffened at the show Ichigo had unknowingly given him and abruptly stood. Tesla was too busy watching Ichigo unashamedly to notice Nnoitra's state, thankfully.

"Make sure he's dressed by the time I get back." Nnoitra drawled as casually as he could and exited as quickly as he could. There had to be something about the vizard that was attracting him, that's all. He obviously wasn't the only arrancar affected. Therefore it wasn't Nnoitra's fault, it was an honest reaction.

His hard on pressed insistently at the seam of his pants making it very uncomfortable for Nnoitra.

"That little shit." Nnoitra hissed. Kurosaki was going to pay for making Nnoitra react like this. The fucking vizard deserved whatever was coming to him. As long as he didn't kill his pet, he doubted that Aizen would care what he did to him. The thought of what he wanted to do made his groin throb and he quickly found an empty room that nobody would be using anytime soon.

Nobody made Nnoitra want them and didn't regret it. Nobody.


Those who have read Immortal Coil have probably noticed that I cut a lot out. If it wasn't important then I removed it, because this story is simply an alternate version.

Starrk will show up in the next chapter, I promise! I just wanted to get this introduction out of the way first.