Um… Yeah

(A Co-Production of Prime and Ironhide IRL)

A/N: This is why I love hubby "Ironhide" so much. He participates in my insanity, and laughs along with me. This little atrocity evolved on its own, between us. And it was too funny to lose. So here you have it. More inside jokes than you can fit into a shipping crate…

His chronometer clicks over at the start of his shift. Optimus Prime, Bearer of the Matrix and Commander of Cybertron, half-falls from his berth in an ignominious heap of overloading circuitry.

Elita wakes up, looks him over, and arches a single eloquent eyebrow.

Megatron raises himself onto one elbow, and leers at Prime. "It was that good a dream, eh?" he asks sardonically.

"That had better have been me in it," Elita says sternly.

Optimus can hardly speak. But in the end, he manages to croak out two words: