What You Think True Love Should Be Able to Overcome

My mind was in a swirl of thoughts as I passed the sign that read 'Welcome to Forks'. The sign hasn't changed, maybe Forks hasn't changed. More importantly, maybe La Push hasn't changed. I can't be that lucky.

Four years. Four long, lifeless years I've tried to forget about this place. And now I'm returning. Is it because I'm weak? I'd like to think not. But deep down I know that's the answer. I'm weak. I'm returning to the man that put my life back together. Hoping he'll help pick up the peices once more. A part of me worries that he's imprinted...that he's moved on. Another hopes he's imprinted and moved on. I'm in limbo with that thought right now. Maybe he doesn't even live in La Push. Maybe he's stopped phasing and just moved away. Gone to some college in California. I couldn't picture it.

My old chevy died about a year after I left. Making me go buy some modern day pontiac. I wonder what the wolves on the side of the road thought when I passed them. Were they angry? Frightened? Did they go right to Sam? warning him that the bloodsuckers girl was back? I wouldn't doubt it.

I stopped across the road from the little one story red house. The garage door was opened. Of course I had to come on the day that a get together was happening. I recognized Quil, Embry, Jared and Paul running into the garage they didn't look any different. I didn't see Jacob. Should that worry me? I'm not sure.

Claire ran across the yard into the house. Leah was chasing her. And then Leah stopped. She looked into my eyes and then I looked down. Time to face this. I heard the click of the handle as I pressed on it. I almost chickened out and brought out my lead foot but then I thought about Jacob. I drove hours just to be here. I can't turn back now.

I shut the car door behind me trying not to be too loud. I'm going to hide as long as I possibly can. I heard music coming from the garage and laughing. I went to the front door of the red house and didn't even knock on it before someone answered. This someone was a girl. She was about my size with long black hair. Her eyes were dark brown. Her skin like Jacobs.

"Bella Swan?" her voice was small, shy almost. "Yeah.", "Oh my God! We've missed you." The girl hugged me. She even smelt like Jacob. "I'm Rebecca. Don't you remember me?" Oh. Jacob's sister. I was starting to wonder...

"Yeah! I remember." I couldn't bring a smile to my face. "Come in Bella. Come in." she took my hand and dragged me inside. I didn't hear anyone. She led me to the kitchen where I smelt muffins and brownies. "Look who it is Em! Bella." Emily turned around and gave me a welcoming smile. "I can't believe it. We thought you were gone for ever! I'm so glad that your back sweetie.", "Thanks Emily."

"Sit, please." Emily told me and I did. "I'm going to tell everyone she's here." I tried to stop Rebecca but then decided against it. This is why I'm here. I tried to remind myself. I'm here to start over. "Your here to see Jacob aren't you?" Emily's voice was suddenly cold. I can understand that.

"Yes. Mainly. But I missed you all." Emily was about to speak but then something behind me made her stop talking. "Bella?" The voice made my heart skip a beat. I stood up and turned around slowly. Where had my Jacob gone? This isn't him.

His hair was cropped again but he looked sick. He looked older. He looked...like a man who'd left his past behind and moved on. "Jacob." I haven't said the name out loud for years. It sounded sickly on my lips. "Why're you here?" he asked. His voice was different. Gruff, unwelcoming.

"I just wanted to-" he grabbed my hand. I gasped. He took me to his bedroom and slammed the door. He looked into my eyes and I threw myself at him. His lips were welcoming to me but then I noticed something. His body wasn't hot anymore. He was just...warm. I pulled myself back and stepped away.

"Jacob you...? Your not." I couldn't say it. "Bella don't be angry." I won't be. "Why would I be angry? You've finally found someone to love. I told you that you would." How can I be angry about Jacob finding someone to love? I pushed him away from me...this was to be excpected.

"I know why you came back Bella. You finally realized you loved me.", "What?! You think I came back because I love you?" Your so right. "No, I think you came to Forks, went through Forks, came to my house to see me, because you love me." I sighed and plopped down on his bed.

"Your right.I do love you. But I guess I'm too late." he smiled. "I guess it's nice to know you love me those. After all of those years of fighting, you've finally realized it."

Someone knocked on Jacob's bedroom door. He opened it. I couldn't see who it was. "I'll be out in as sec. baby." he shut the door and turned to me. I faced on a smile. "So...who is she?", "Her name is Bailey. We don't have to talk about her though.", "No, I want to." I wish you wouldn't!

"Okay...um I met her a year after you left. We're engaged." I almost grabbed my chest. Almost. "Oh. Am I invited?" I smiled. Attempting to lighten the mood. But the tensness in the air was thick. "Bells..." he put his head in his hands. He really isn't going to invite me? I would've invited him to me and...Edwards. If he would've stayed.

"Bailey doesn't know about you. It'd be weird if you came." I wasn't going to fight with him. It's his life. I'm just interfering. "How long are you staying?" his words made me hopeful that we could at least still be friends. When did we switch roles? "I'm not sure. I dropped out of college so...as long as you guys want me here." he didn't smile like I thought he would.

"Did...you want me to leave?", "No Bells. Where are you going to stay?", "Um...I was thinking in my car. A motel. Charlie has Sue, Leah, and Seth so I don't want to intrude.", "You could stay with us. Billy wouldn't mind.", "Jake that's not a good idea." he smiled this time.

"Your my best friend. Your staying here. Do you have your things." , "Yeah.", "I'll help you carry them in." Jacob helped me up and I smiled at him. He smiled his wide toothy grin right back at me. When we walked out of the bedroom I half excpected him to keep his hold on my hand. Like he used to, but he didn't. He looked apologetically at me.

It's not like I want to ruin his relationship so I just shrugged it off. While Jacob and I were carrying my things in I noticed something. Jacob looked different. I stopped when we got into the house and put my things down. He looked at me but I stopped him from saying anything. I touched his arm. I was right. He's no longer a werewolf. He kept the muscle just not the rest of it.

Shouldn't I be glad he's imprinted? That he's begun to start his life? He's only my best friend..aren't I supposed to want the absolute best for him? "Yeah, well I guess you've noticed I'm not a werewolf anymore." that's Jacob. Always trying to lighten the mood. "Yeah." was all that I could force myself to say.

I remember asking him, many years ago, about what it was like being half wolf. He said it had it's good sides and it's bad sides. Like anything else. And then I had asked him again, before I left, and he said it was the best thing in the world. I remembering him say that he loved the freedom and the speed the most. Is he that happy now? Of course he is Bella. He's imprinted!

Jacob took my things to his bedroom and sat them on his bed. I walked into it and sat down on the bed. "So Bella. Hows it all been?" he sat next to me. "Not well. Doesn't Bailey need you?", "Not right now. We're catching up. So tell me everything.", "Jacob, you dont want to hear. It really isn't a happy story.", "Tell me anyways."

I sighed, getting angry with Jacob's persistance. "Okay I left Forks to get away from everything. To get away from everyone.", "So you didn't leave to go and look for him?", "No, of course not! I'm not that stupid. Now don't interupt." I tried to remember where I was in my story.

"Anyways, I left and went to California, somewhere a vampire would never be, and tried to start a life there. At first everything was going well. I got a job at a cafe and met a nice guy." Jake smiled. "What's his name?", "What's it matter?", he shrugged. "I met Caston and we dated for a year. He purposed I fled the scene. Telling him that I needed some time to think. I called him and told him I couldn't marry him and we've dated ever since. Um...I got into some stuff and now I'm here.", "I feel like you skipped a few years Bells...and what stuff?"

"Stuff like drugs." he stopped me there. "Bella?! My Bella?! Doing drugs? Didn't this Casanova do something about it?! What the hell!", "It's Caston and yes he did do something about it. He sent me here to recollect myself." he didn't speak for a minute. Had I told him too much?

"Oh, well I'm gonna have to meet this guy. See if he's good enough for you.", "Your not my father.", "Well I care about you. And I don't want this guy to hurt you.", "Jacob stop. I've been with him for like 3 and half years now. I think I know if he's good enough or not." Jacob smiled and Bailey called his name again.

"I gotta go. I'll talk to you about your drug addiction later." he gave me a not so warm hug and left. My drug addiction. Is that what you can call it really? I wasn't addicted to drugs, they just filled the hole that stung at it's tips, for a while. Is that an addiction?

Jacob's room looked the same as it always has. The bed sat in the same small corner of the dreary room. His blinds still closed letting in no light. His closet looked like it threw up on the floor, which I guess is the last things a werewolf needs to be worrying about, and his blankets were strewn across the room. I could only imagine how they got there.

Without thinking I got up and did what I've done so many times before. I cleaned Jacob Black's disgusting room. About half an hour later someone opened the door. I turned around to see a girl, about my height, with tanned skin, and big brown eyes framed by brown and black long hair. She was beautiful in her own way. This must be- "I'm Bailey. You must be Isabella."

"Bella." Oh that came out a little venomous. "Oh, yes. Well I need to talk to you if you don't mind." Of course I mind. "No, not at all." she smiled and came closer to me. "I know about your and Jacob's past. He told me...well he didn't really have to tell me. I could see it really. And I know that you guys are best friends but that's going to have to end." Hmm? "Go on." I told her because I'm going to let her speak before I make her unable to move her mouth.

"Well, Jacob and I are getting married soon and I don't think he needs the pressure of well....you, on him. He's finally moving on and I would rather you stayed away.", "You know he invited me to stay right?" I asked her and I let the venom seep.

"Oh! That too, well you need to leave. You aren't welcomed here Bella. I'm sorry." she said apologetically and I only smiled. "I'll leave when Jacob tells me I'm no longer welcomed Bailey. And I don't even think I'll leave then because I'm getting the feeling that your somewhat threatened by me." Oh gosh. I didn't just say that...that wasn't me. That...was...nope. Not me.

"Threatened? By you?" she laughed. "Jacob loves me Bella.", "Awsome Bailey, can't wait to see how long that lasts.", "You just don't understand! You and all of the other sluts trying to-" My fist sprung forward and hit her in the jaw. It felt good but wrong all at the same time. I knew I would be getting crap from Jacob but this girl just called me a slut! She had it coming.

Bailey held her face where I had hit her. "Anything else Bailey?" I asked and I tried not to let her konw that my fist throbbed with pain. And then Seth stepped in the room. "Oh dear. Jacob!" Seconds later Jacob was in the doorway. Bailey ran to him of course and I only smiled.

"What happened?" he asked anyone who would answer and of course Bailey did. "She- she hit me!", "Way to be Bella!" I heard Seth hollar and I shook my fist. "That girl of yours has a hard head Jake." he didn't smile. "Bailey go with Seth." Jacob just about growled and then they left. Jacob came to me.

"Why would you hit her? You can't come here, try to ruin my life, and then punch my fiancee. You have no right Bella!" he screamed at me and I screamed back. "No right? I don't think I have to explain to you why I punched Bailey in the face Jacob. Because obviously I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't deserved! And ruined your life?! Whatever. Your something else Jacob you really are." I grabbed both of my bags and started carrying them out to the car. I got them into the trunk with much struggle, and turned around.

Jacob was standing six feet about from me. Bailey behind him smiling. "Would you like me to punch the smile off your face Bailey?" she glared at me and I saw Seth laughing inside. "Leave Bella. And don't come back please. I dont need you killing my fiancee." I got into my car and blared the music before leaving.

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