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We pulled up to Charlie's where other cars were parked as well. It pained me that not only was Jacob's family here....but the Cullens as well. This is ridiculous. They're going to start fighting and I don't want Charlie to see it.

Caston helped me out and kissed my cheek. He reached for my hand and we walked towards our death. Sue opened the door with open arms. She embraced me and then Cas. I saw the two completely different families scattered around the downstairs. Like a normal family? Alice smiled at me and winked. I smiled back.

Caston went to meet and greet with my father who didn't notice that I was here yet. "Bella." My heart stuttered. I turned around to see Edward behind me. Holding a silver box in his hands. He held it out to me. "This is for you. You don't have to open it now." I took it from him, it was freezing cold. "Thanks..."

"Bella!" my father shouted and I went to hug him. "Three years Isabella. Three years without calling or even trying to contact anyone here. You just can't leave us behind kid." I smiled. He was right. I need to stop running. "I will Dad. I'm done now.", "And what is that on your finger missy?" he took my left hand and inspected the ring. "When did this happen?" he asked. "Last night. He proposed...and well...here we are." That was kind of a lie. He proposed a few days ago. Last night he gave me the ring.

"Oh, well Renee sent you a present. I think they're airplane tickets if you ask me." he grumbled the last part and I smiled. "Have you met Caston?" I asked and held onto his hand. I could feel Cas's smile and I knew that he was glowing. "Oh, well....yeah. You're telling Renee." he laughed and I laughed as well.

I saw Jacob out of the corner of my eye talking to Quil. "Where's Billy?" I whispered and hoped for the answer that I wanted. "He- Bells he died. I tried to reach you but I didn't know where you were. Jacob said to not try." That's not to answer that I wanted. My vision was getting shaky. Jacob told Charlie not to try. "I'll be right back Cas." I whispered and grabbed Jacob on my way up the stairs. I went to my bedroom and slammed the door behind me. "Why didn't you tell me Billy died?" his didn't looked phased by my question. "Tell me Jacob! Why?!", "Because! You left us Bella! All of us. Why would you care?" his shouting caught me off guard.

"And you're going to leave again....I can't do this. Here's your gift. Enjoy." He threw a box on my bed and went to walk away. I grabbed him and kissed him. "I don't wanna leave." I whispered and his two hands traveled up my shirt. "Then don't. Nobody's making you." his lips moved down my neck and to the hem of my shirt. "You're getting married." he whispered. "I know. Make love to me." I moaned and he complied.

His hands roamed my body quickly and with shaking hands. He was nervous. So was I. I was afraid of being caught. I was afraid of hurting Cas. I was afriad of hurting Edward. I was afraid of hurting Jacob.

But that isn't stopping me. He was wearing Jeans and a long sleeve shirt so it took longer than usual to get him undressed. "Bells I want you so bad." he groaned and slid my jeans off. I heard them as they hit the wall, then the floor.

I unclapsed my bra and threw it aside. My panties were next. They hit the floor and then we were one. "Oh God Jake!" he chuckled and kissed my jaw. "We need to be quiet baby." he moved inside of me slowly at first and then gaining speed. "Ah, dear God Jacob! Please, please..."I have no idea what I was begging for but he gave it to me anyways.

Someone knocked loudly on the door. "Bella? Baby are you in there.", "One sec...Jake." I whispered his name and I felt him come when I did. I held my tounge and rode out my ecstasy in silence. Jacob kissed my cheek and then my lips. The door opened.

And then it closed. "Shit." I cursed and jumped up, hurrying to get on my clothes. It must've been Caston. It had to have been. I'm such an idiot! Why would I have sex with Jacob with my fiancee downstairs? I ran down the stairs and I heard the door slam. "Damn it!" I cursed again and the Cullens looked at me with ashamed looks on their faces. I don't need their ridicule right now.

I caught Caston by the hand as he was getting into his car. He tore his hand away from me. When I looked at him he had a dead kind of look on his face. It made me really regret what I had just done.

"Caston that was nothing. It meant nothing I swear!", "I'm guliable sure, but come on Bella, I'm not stupid." he reached towards my hand and went to take my ring off. I took a step back. "I'm marrying you Caston. I'm sorry that what happened, happened....It wasn't planned. I love you. But I love Jacob as well.", "Then go marry him because obviously he's the one you'd rather fuck on your birthday!" Caston shouted and I was surprised. He rarely swears at me. And when he does he's joking. Not this time.

"I love you. I'm marrying you Cas! You can say whatever you want but I'm still going to marry you. I'm still going to follow you around with this ring on my finger. And don't think that I won't." he didn't smile. He sighed and looked away. He didn't look back at me when he spoke. "I don't want you around him Isabella." I went to argue and then noticed that his intentions weren't mean to hurt me but to help us.

"Okay.", "He can stay today, for your birthday, but I don't want you alone with him anymore. Promise me, please.", "I promise. Thank you Caston." I reached up and kissed him on the lips. "You're not completely forgiven but...I still love you." he told me and that was enough for me to live on.

We walked inside of the house again, this time with our hands to our sides. Everyone stared of course....they knew what had happened. Jacob came downstairs and everyone went back to their mindless, nervous chatter. He came to me and I felt Caston tense by my side. "I'm gonna go." he whispered in my ear. I grabbed his arm. "You can stay. Please stay." This is our last time together.

"That's not such a good idea." Jacob said and glared at Caston when he said this. "I think it is. Please stay, just for my birthday.", "Fine, but only for you." he kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes.

The rest of the party went by fine. Cas got me a necklace and a house, Edward got me a diamond necklace, Alice got me clothes, Emmett and Rose got me some cds. Jake got me a bracelet with charms that he had carved himself. It's these gifts that I cherished most becuase they were from the people that I love.

I fell asleep on the floor in Caston's hold. The guys were playing some complicated card game and I fell asleep with my head on Cas's lap and one of his hands in mine.


I watched Bella's sleeping form on Casanova. Boy that pisses me off. Leech, The big leech, The mediem sized leech, Quil, Embry, Collin, Brady, Jared, Casanova, and I were all playing a nice game of poker. How lovely. 'It's great bonding' Bella told me. Pshh, she'll full of it. Bella whispered my name in her sleep and I smiled. "I love you Cas..." she just about moaned and his smile was sickening.

"Don't leave....Edward." Oh great. Leech's name too.


I woke up when Emmett yelled "Yes!". I was startled and I didn't have Caston's hand in mine. I reached for it and he gave it to me smiling. "You okay Bella?" he whispered and I whispered "Yeah." I saw every boy in this house except Charlie in this large circle in my living room. They were playing poker. I knew this by the money and other things placed in a huge pile in the middle of the circle. I sat up and he put his arm around my waist, pulling me into his side.

I saw Jacob's hands lightly shaking and Sam took another gulp of the can of alcohol in front of him. He knew this was going to be a long night. So did I.

I kissed Cas's cheek and he turned his head to make it a full blown make-out session. I pulled away blushing. It annoyed me that he was doing this for the benefit of Edward and Jacob. Mostly Jacob. Well now that I think about, he doesn't know about me and Edward. Edward smirked and I knew he was picking the minds of the people around him.

"Cheater." I mumbled and he looked up at me and grinned. His venom coated teeth glittering in the glow of the light above us. I looked down at my ring that also sparkled in the light. I smiled. I heard words like 'fold' numerous times. I haven't the slighest idea what any of them meant so I just waited for someone to yell "Yes!" and then take the pile.

"Isn't it intimidating?" Emmett asked and no one knew who the question was directed to. "Ya know, to have both of Bella's ex-boyfriends here? And her ex-families?", "Not really. She's marrying me so I'm not that worried." I sighed. "Knock it off Emmett.", "Just saying..." he mumbleld and that awkward conversation ended.

After another hour I ran my hand up Cas's leg until I got to the top of his thigh. He put his hand on mine and looked at me. "I wanna go to bed." I told him. I looked at his watch. It was midnight. "Want me to come with you?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. "Okay." he pecked my lips and told everyone he was out. I looked at the rest of them as Caston went upstairs.

"You guys, all of you, are gonna get it. Be outta here by the time Charlie gets up." they all laughed but I was 100 percent serious.

I went upstairs and into my bedroom. Caston was laying on my bed, his arms out waiting for me. This scene is so similar. All he needs to do now if jump out through my window. I layed down in his arms without changing and fell into a very confusing dream.


When I woke Cas was looking through my things? "What are you doing?" I asked sleepily. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. "Just doing some looking. You don't have very many books." I haven't bought a new book since Wuthering Heights...I guess that was some time ago.

"Yeah, I don't read much anymore.", "Want to go to the bookstore? I'm sure I could find one for you.", "You do enough for me." I told him and was shocked to find that diamond on my hand. I had forgotten about it.

"I was thinking a June wedding." he said and walked closer to me. He was in the same clothes as last night. I layed back on the bed and pulled the blankets around me. "Sounds good. That gives us some time." The bed shifted slightly as Cas sat down on the bottom, looking suspiciously at me.

"Time...for what?", "Caston, I know who I'm marrying. It's you by the helped me with my broken heart, my depression, my drug use. Even when I pushed you away. You kept on trying. For three years. I love you.", "That's good to hear." he sighed in relief and moved over to kiss me. I kissed him back for only a moment before he spoke.

"I think we should go back to California to plan the wedding." Hmm? "What do you mean? I-I thought we could have the wedding here.", "Bella...let's talk about this later. I was just thinking out loud, I'm sorry.", "No, no! Let's talk now.", "Bella, not now." he told me sternly and I stood up.

"I have to go back today. I have to get back to work. Do you know how long you're going to stay here?" Uhm...the rest of my life maybe? "I'm not sure.", I sighed and he put his arms around me. "Cas, stop." I unwrapped him from around me and stepped away.

"I'm sorry Bella. You know I love you right.", "Sure, sure." Damn it! I need to stop doing that. "I'm gonna get ready to leave. What're your plans for today?", "Uhm...I don't know. Shopping I suppose.", "Hmm..." he mused and I looked in my suitcase for a shirt and jeans. When I found some decent ones I redressed myself.

When I turned around Cas was already gone. I picked up my cell and called Jacob.

"Bella?", "Hey Jake.", "I thought you weren't supposed to be talking to me.", "Oh stop it. When have I ever listened to someone who said I couldn't see you?" I laughed and he didn't. "Bells you should listen to him.", "What do you mean?" he sighed.

"Bailey's back...she's pregnant and...and she needs me now. We had fun Bells but it's time for us both to move on okay?", "It's not okay Jacob! I-I love you!", "Please Bella this already hard for me....", "What about me?! Please...just be with me one last time. And then I'll leave. You'll never see me again." he didn't speak for what felt like hours. "I'll be at Charlie's in an hour.", "Thanks Jake.", "Sure, sure." and then he hung up.

This is so selfish of me. To take Jacob when he doesn't even want me...but I need him one more time. I need to memorize every part of him. Emotionally and physically to keep in my memory until I see him again. If I see him again.

I pushed those thoughts from my mind and got a shower. I dressed in some simple clothing and waited in the kichen for Jacob to arrive. When it hit one minute past an hour I began freaking out. Would he stand me up like this? Does he have no feelings for me at all? I thought he cared at least enough to call....

And then he was knocking on the door. My heart went wild. I turned the knob and the door opened. Revealing Jacob...perfect Jacob. "Sorry I'm late...Sam needed me." his voice..."It's okay. I thought you wouldn't come though...I was worried." he didn't speak. I took his hand and brought him inside, locking the door behind him.

My arms wrapped around him and I kissed his lips. He didn't kiss me back. "Jake....if you really don't want to be here...I'd rather you left than did this to me.", "I do wanna be here Bells, I do. If this is going to be our last time together I want to take this slow. Okay?", "Okay...?", "Here, let's watch a movie. What do you have?", "Uhm...I'm not I'll look." I went to where Charlie kept the movies and sifted through them all.

Jacob picked out Lord Of The Rings which is a strange movie to set the mood but...uhm okay. I put the movie in and sat down on the couch. Jacob sat awkwardly next to me. I shifted away from him and he picked me up and set me on his lap. "I want to hold you." he whispered and I was fine with that.

Halfway through the movie I began drifting my hand downward to his pants. He then put my hand in his and I sighed loudly. "Not yet Bella...", "Why not Jacob? You are the first man I've ever met to turn down sex." he laughed and layed me down on the couch. And then he turned the movie off. Yes!

He slipped my shirt off of me and then my bra. "Jake.." I moaned when he moved his mouth to my breast. I felt his hand go into my sweats and past my panties. "Bells...you're so wet baby.", "Touch me Jake, please!" I whispered desperately and his two fingers teased me skillfully. "I am touching you Bella." his lips caressed my neck making it hard to think.

"Jake...please." those were the only two words that I could speak. They were the only two words that I could remember. "Just take them off Jacob." I finally spit out and then he was taking them off. I took his shirt from his God like body and threw it somewhere on the other side of the room. When I ubuttoned his pants his cell rang.

"Damn it." he muttered and got up leaving me naked on the couch. How lovely. I put my clothes back on completely pissed off and went into the kitchen where he was standing talking on the phone to someone. "Okay, yeah man I got it. Bye." he hung up and walked slowly over to me.

"I'm sorry Bells...I ruined it.", "Well you didn't ruin it." he smiled. "Good. Would you like to resume this upstairs?", "Yeah, let's go." I took his hand but he chuckled and picked me up. He ran up the stairs effortlessly and threw me on the bed. He climbed on me and tore my shirt right down the middle. "What the hell!" I laughed and he kissed my collarbone lightly. "I need you now Bella."' Jacob whispered and I moaned.

He slipped off my sweats and pulled my panties down my leg. "God Jake!" I groaned when I noticed he still had pants on. He laughed and took them off along with his black boxers. He hovered over me and looked straight into my eyes as he filled me completely. "Fuck Bells..." he moaned and kissed me softly as he thrust deep and slow. I wanted this to last just as much as he does.

He grunted as he thrust harder touching spots inside of me that I didn't know existed. "Jacob...Jacob I love you so much." I got out as fast as I could. "I love you Bella." and he kissed me again, this time harder and with more passion. We came together quickly and he layed down beside me, looking straight into my eyes once again. Jacob smiled a warm, wide grin and slowly took my hand in his own bringing it to his lips he kissed it. That kiss went straight to my heart.

"I love you." he whispered and I smiled.I swallowed hard and forced out what I wanted to say. "Jacob...I want to be with you so badly." my voice broke and I hid my face. I don't want him to see me like this. Escspecially when I know that I don't have a chance. When I know that he loves someone more than me....much more. Tears were spilling from my eyes freely.

I felt his hand on my face pulling my eyes to his. I looked at him and he looked like he was going to cry too. He pulled me to his chest and breathed in my hair like I was air. He was crying too. "I want you too Bella. I do, I do! I want to spend everyday of the rest of my life with you Isabella." I pulled away from him. "Then why don't you? Jacob I need you." I was sobbing still. I'm being so selfish right now. But I don't care. I need him. To live. To breathe.

"Bella I'm going to be a dad. I can't...I can't just leave." and I understood. He wasn't going to say how much he loved Bailey. He wouldn't do that to me. "I do love you Bella. More than anything or anyone in the world I love you. I always have.", "Please stop saying that....", "Why?" is he really asking me why?!

"Because I can't have you Jacob! I want to pretend that you're mine for today okay? I want to pretend like I chose you instead of running away four years ago. Okay?", "Okay Bella." we layed there for a few minutes before I heard someone knocking on the downstairs door. I looked out my bedroom window. "I have no idea who that is." I whispered so Jake looked.

"Oh shit. It's Bailey." Damn it! The knocking didn't stop. "Bella get dressed. Quick! And go tell her what she wants to hear. That I'm not here....you haven't ta-", "Jake I know." I laughed and dressed. I ran downstairs and answered the door. There stood Bailey. Looking like the bitch that she is.

"Jacob's in there, let me see him." she sneered and I laughed. "Seriously? Why the hell would he be here?" she smiled. "Because you have this weird obsession over him and think that he loves you. Now tell me where the hell he is!", "Okay Ms. Bitch listen. Jacob isn't here. And unless you want you're face bashed into my clean linoleum floors you'll leave.", "Really?" Bailey's hand moved towards me but then Jacob was there in front of me. He grabbed her hand and she looked at him like he was satan.

"You don't put a hand on Bella. Ever." he growled and of course she put on some tears. "J-Jake. I...why're you here?" she knew why. I smiled a toothy grin at her and she ground her teeth together waiting for a reply. "Bailey, baby it was a mistake I promise. We didn't do anything! I just-", she cut him off "I can't take this! Ever since that bitch came into our lives she done nothing but cause problems!", "Don't blame this on Bella.", "So now you're defending her?!" Bailey storned off to her car and Jacob followed.

"Bailey she's nothing to me! Nothing baby." I made Jacob looked into my eyes and I slapped him. Hard. I ignored the throbbing in my hand and tried to speak. "I'm nothing to you? After what we just talked about I mean nothing to you? I'm nothing? Don't come back here Jacob. It was a mistake for me to call you. Once you leave here, don't ever try to contact me again." I paused. "I loved you." I whispered and shut the door in his face.

And then I went into my suitcase to get my stash. I smoked until I couldn't remember who I was.


"She'll be fine Charlie. She just needs to rest." I opened my eyes and took in what and who was around me. Carlisle, Charlie and Edward. "How the hell did I get here?" I whispered and grabbed my head in pain. And then I flinched away from my hand in pain. My hand that I had slapped Jacob with was now in a bandage.

"I came home and you were passed out on the kitchen floor. I called Dr. Cullen here." I looked at Carlisle who smiled at me. I didn't return the smile. "Bella it seems like you were doing drugs...is that how you passed out?", "Yes." I answered simply. I sat up in what I recognized as Edward's bed and Charlie was then in my face.

"Isabella Marie I could have you put in a jail cell for this! Do you understand how serious this is?", "Yes." I answered again and he knew I wasn't listening. I snuck a glance at Edward. He was staring at me with shock and confusion written all over his face.

"Can I leave now?" I whispered. "No! I think you need to spend some time with the Cullens actually. Maybe some of their goodness will rub off on you." I've never seen Charlie be so parental before. My anger turned into fear at the thought of having to stand another hour in this place.

"Dad I'm an adult now. You can't ground me here.", "I understand that Bells." he stood up and left the room. I knew he was crying or moping or sulking or something else that parents do when they realize that they're children are growing up. I stood up but I felt a freezing hand on my arm.