Android 18 in Love

Chapter 1

by: Kasuto Masaki

Author's Notes: Hey all, you may know me as Ryu Masaki. My specialty is Tenchi/Kiyone pairing fanfiction, but another of my favorite couples is Krillin and Android 18 (Juuhachigou and Kuririn).

This is my first fanfic concerning them, and it is my version of how they got together. If you want to compliment me, send all E-mails to:, and I'll reply to you as soon as I can. Flames will be used to warm up my freezing toes. Also, here's the list of songs I listened to while writing this fic, if you're interested:

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"Blasted rain," Android 18 said, pushing a wet lock of her blond hair out of her eyes. She was currently sitting on a boulder in a forest, and it was raining so heavily that the rain fell through the trees and soaked anything it touched. Which meant that Android 18 was soaked to the bone. "Seventeen... Where are you, brother?" She said softly, staring at the ground in front of her. "I can't live in this forest much longer, or I might blow it up," she thought sourly, lifting her head to notice a figure hiding behind a tree, watching her intently.


"This stupid storm," Krillin said, watching the lightning create jagged streaks across the sky. " You said it, Krillin!" Master Roshi agreed, grinning pervertedly. "You want to train too, Master Roshi!?" Krillin said, surprised and bewildered at the same time. When Krillin had been a child, Master Roshi had been the world's strongest fighter. But now, Master Roshi's power seemed weak next to all of the powers of all the Z-Warriors, even fighters like Yajirobe, Yamcha, and Chao-tzu were stronger than him. Krillin had surpassed all of the normal human fighters, earning him the title of the world's strongest pureblood human. He was also the fifth strongest member of the Z-Team. Gohan, after beating Cell, was undoubtably first, Goku was second, even though he had sacrificed himself to Instant Transmission Cell to King Kai's planet to save the Earth.

Vegeta was third, the nutcase that he was about training, Krillin was surprised he wasn't dead of a heart attack. Piccolo was fourth, after fusing with Kami to become the powerful Super-Namek. And himself, Krillin, was fifth. "I wish I was stronger though," Krillin thought, dismally staring through the window at the terbulant sea. "If I was stronger, I could have made a difference in the Cell Games. Goku wouldn't have had to sacrifice himself to stop Cell from self-detonation, and Gohan would still have a father. Chi Chi would still have a husband. But that didn't happen because I didn't destroy Android 18 with the controller when I had the chance!" He grumbled, still fixing his gaze on the sea. "Krillin? Hell-OO, Earth to Krillin!" Master Roshi exclaimed, interupting his train of thought. "Oh, sorry Master Roshi. So, were you going to train? Is that why you are so angry that it's raining? Krillin said, shooting a sideways glance at Master Roshi. "Of course not, Krillin! I'm upset because now the cable's out and I'll miss that Playboy special, Japan: The land of the Luscious Babes!" He exclaimed, with a glint in his eye. Krillin sighed and rolled his eyes. Suddenly, an image popped into his head. That of a beautiful woman with straight blond hair, reaching to her shoulders and no farther, beautiful cat-like blue eyes, fair skin, a striped shirt, a blue jean jacket, and black shoes. Android 18. Just the sound of her name made him want to find her. It had been six months since that day on Dende's lookout when Android 18 had informed Krillin that Android 17 was in fact her twin brother. Then she had left, telling him she'd see him later. "Maybe I should try to find her," He thought, then he realized that would be impossible since, as an android, she didn't have ki. He groaned inwardly and went back to staring at the sea, wishing Android 18 was there to watch it with him.


Android 18 shot up from the rock she had been sitting on, going automatically into a fighting stance. "I know you're there, so come on out!" Android 18 said, creating a ki blast in her left hand and extending her arm so the blast was pointed at the mysterious figure behind the tree. The figure stepped out form behind the tree to reveal Yamcha, dressed in his usual orange training gi. "Oh, it's the scarred-faced loser. What do you want?" Android 18 said, extinguishing the ki blast but still remaining in her fighting stance. "I came to ask you if you've been to see Krillin yet." Yamcha said, never taking his eyes off the blonde bombshell. "How is that any of your business,scarface?" Android 18 said scornfully. "Krillin is very depressed. He wants to see you, but he thinks you hate him." Yamcha said. "So what," Android 18 said impatiently. "Fine. If you don't want to see him, that's fine with me. I always knew you cared nothing for others, and this proves it." WIth that, Yamcha shot her a hateful look and flew off. Android 18 once again sat down to think, but this time her thoughts were not of her brother. They were of Krillin. Why had he destroyed the controller that could've shut her down, protected her from Cell, and wished her self-detonation device to be removed. anyway? Besides that, she needed a place to stay. She decided to go speak to Krillin.


End Notes for Chapter 1: Well, that's it for chapter one! It looks like Android 18 has some questions for Krillin. I know it was short, but I promise, the other chapters will be longer. I just didn't have a lot of ideas. I'm also working on a Krillin/18 shrine! It is hosted at Geocities and it is called Love Always: A Juuhachigou and Kuririn Shrine. It will be coming up in the next couple of weeks, so look for it! If you're wondering why I used the japanese names in my site but didn't use them for this fic, that answer is very simple. The reason is so people who are not familiar with their japanese names don't get confused. I am familiar with the Dragonball Z and GT Manga and the uncut versions of Dragonball Z and GT, so I'm more comfortable with their Japanese names. Well, that's it for my inane comments! Ja Ne!

- Kasuto