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Searching Souls

On the rare occasions when both the Doctor and Rose were asleep they, as usual, dreamed of each other, but it would be different, somehow. Even though they were in two different universes, the two had the same dreams.

When the dreams started, the two had merely embraced, reveling in the feel of each other, and examining each other for the little changes that had appeared in their time apart.

The overlap time of their dreams was short, because of the time differences between the two universes. The two had taken their time realizing that they were at Bad Wolf Bay, and then to notice the other, so that they only had a few minutes to embrace and reluctantly pull back.

"Doctor," she sighed; blissful that he was even in her dreams.

At the same time, the Doctor whispered, "Rose," feeling that this was something more than just a dream.

They stared at each other for a full minute, examining and memorizing each other's face, after months of separation on his part, and a year on hers.

When he felt himself slipping away, the Doctor held Rose tight, managing to say, "I might as well say it this time... Rose Tyler, I -" he was cut off once more as they were pulled apart; he was waking up.

Though he wished to go back to his dreams, the Doctor found it impossible, so he got up, storing the dream in his memory so that he would be able to revisit it later, rather than forget, as dreams are typically lost.

When he reached the console room, the Doctor saw Martha "Just one more trip" Jones sitting on the chair, bright and cheery at the possibility of seeing a new time or place. The Doctor was painfully aware of how often Rose had worn such an expression, and had to force a smile for his newest companion.

During the next months, the Doctor slept almost every night, far more often than his Superior Time Lord Physiology required. But he could not help himself; he was merely trying to see his Rose again.

The next time they met was a week later for him, three for her. The first thing the pair did was look into each other's eyes. He stared into her hazel eyes, which would forever more be speckled with gold, while she gazed into his brown eyes, watching the swirl of the universe within them.

This time they were together longer, and they started talking about what they had been doing, and how much they missed each other. Much to the Doctor's relief, Rose never mentioned the sentence he had failed to complete the last two times they spoke.

Yet again, both could tell that they were about to be separated, and Rose threw her arms around her Doctor, knowing that the faint buzzing sound was most likely her alarm. She wanted to stay with her Doctor forever, but knew she was slipping away. In a last attempt to stay with the man she loved, Rose pulled back to look him in the eye briefly before kissing him with all the desperation, ardor, and passion she could muster.

Before the Doctor could respond, either to kiss her back or push her away, Rose heard the loud buzzing of her alarm and opened her eyes reluctantly to see her bedroom in the Tyler mansion.

As she got ready for work, Rose replayed the dream in her mind, wishing that everything he said had been the truth, not just her imagination. 'But,' she thought, 'it must be real. Why else would a name like Martha Jones stick itself in her head?' Truth be told, she was jealous of this imaginary new companion, not only because she got to travel with the Doctor, but also because the dream him had spoken so very fondly of this Martha girl.

Rose had to tell herself that her dreams were just that: dreams. Even though most of her dreams were memories of her time with her Doctor - both of her Doctors - Rose had to think these new developments were just dreams, otherwise she would never stop trying to reach him in her sleep.

After two months in the Doctor's universe, the pair had met up four times in their sleep, twice more after their first two meetings. These two times, they spoke about changes in the world, Rose of how Harriet Jones was still Prime Minister in the universe she was stuck in, and the Doctor of how no one ever stopped talking about some Saxon bloke. They spoke for a lengthy amount of time about Rose's little brother, Tony, as well, since Rose could tell the Doctor wanted something light to talk about. The pair always embraced and kissed in greeting as well as parting, although the kisses were chaste, never revealing the true longing hidden beneath the surface.

On their fifth meeting, however, neither Rose nor the Doctor pulled away from the kiss, allowing it to grow passionate as they entwined themselves within each other's grasp, her hands on the back of his neck, playing with his hair, and his hands running through her locks, reveling in the feeling of intimacy that came with the action.

Rose, having not been kissed in such a manner in such a long time, gasped when the last of the Time Lords moved his lips down to her neck, working his magic as he sucked and nibbled at the sensitive flesh, driving her practically mad.

Rose could feel the cheeky grin that always made her heart beat a little faster appearing on the Doctor's face as she let out the gasp, he was feeling reassured in his ability to drive her mad, something he was hitherto unsure he could still do. Rose chuckled and exclaimed, in a voice filled with reminiscence, innuendo, laughter, and lust, "You always could work wonders with that mouth of yours!"

She was feeling more than slightly useless, however, just standing there while the Doctor's wandering lips created such pleasure within her, so when he paused to chuckle, Rose latched her lips on to his once more. To say that they snogged would not do their kisses justice. The two were expressing their love for one another, in the simplest way they could, pouring their emotions into each other.

Rose decided she could spend forever kissing the Doctor, he was an excellent kisser, and also, he tasted... Oh! He tasted like a mix of cinnamon and sugar, as well as what she could only assume were time and mystery. It had only taken her a moment to come to the conclusion that he tasted even better than he smelled, and he smelled absolutely delectable!

The Doctor had taken note of Rose's taste when he kissed the vortex out of her, and again when she was possessed by Cassandra, but, he had decided when they started kissing passionately, the brief kisses had not done her justice. As his tongue explored the cavities of her mouth, he was submerged in the tastes of vanilla and mint, with a hint of time lingering from when she had absorbed the vortex.

When Rose's lungs burned for oxygen, she pulled away, sucking in air quickly before her lips began to make their way down his jawline and to his neck, sucking and nipping at his pulse point, where she could feel his two hearts racing.

Neither one had to think for an instant how far they were willing to go, both loved each other more than the worlds, and were willing to go all the way, just to finally show each other that love.

Both the Doctor and Rose still believed their meetings to be merely dreams, not that their hearts were calling out to each other across the dimensions, desperate for each other's comforting presence.

The Doctor wondered if the real Rose would ever want to kiss him like this as her tongue danced with his, but he dismissed the thought, content with kissing his love, even though he believed it to be nothing more than a dream.

It was amazing, really, how they had lasted so long without completely ravaging each other, as their bodies filled with heat, passion, lust, yearning, love, and hormones, and responded to the heated kisses and intimate touches that were being shared. The urges that they two felt were innate, primal, even, and the Doctor was shocked that he could feel so utterly human. Even though he was supposed to be above such lust, he could no more stop himself from responding to the urges than he could go back and watch his planet and people burn once more.

Just as the Doctor pulled off his trench coat and spread it out on the sand for them to lay upon, both felt their different worlds pulling them back. As per usual, the two lovers kissed goodbye, although this kiss was much more like the heated one they had broken apart from moments before, rather than the chaste kisses they had shared previously.

In two parallel universes, a man and a woman woke up in their beds, both wishing they could continue their dreams, and feeling extremely aroused.