The next morning Justin and Alex woke up bright and early to go shopping at Shakespearian Alley in London, England. Alex assured Justin that it was the best place to shop for a costume. She said it was like Diagon Alley in Harry Potter except the wizard stuff was replaced by Shakespeare. They snuck inside the lair and transported themselves to London.


They arrived shortly, appearing in the middle of the crowded alley. No one seemed to notice.

"Oh no! We materialized in the middle of a crowed of mortals! We've just exposed ourselves!" exclaimed Justin, panicking.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: this alley is run by British wizards. My bad," said Alex.

"A-LEX!!" yelled Justin angrily.

"Geez, don't make a scene. Let's find the costume shop," replied Alex, rolling her eyes.

She went up to a woman levitating a stack boxes into her shop. Justin grudgingly followed.

"Excuse-me, could you tell me where I can find the costume shop?" asked Alex, unusually polite.

"Why, two young wizards interested in Shakespeare? Of course I'll tell you! Go down the alley and it's the biggest store on the left, you can't miss it," said the woman sweetly.

"Thanks!" thanked Alex as she grabbed Justin's arm and dragged him with her.

They reached the store described by the woman and discovered that she was right: it was the biggest store. They stepped inside and were immediately greeted by the seamstress.

"Hello, my name is Madam Elena and I will accompany you today. How may I help you?" greeted Madam Elena kindly.

"Hi. We are looking for some costumes for the play, Romeo and Juliet, which we're putting on in our mortal school," said Alex.

Madam Elena nodded and snapped her fingers. A roll of measuring tape came flying from the back room along with pen and clipboard. The measuring tape wrapped itself around Alex several times while the pen took notes. Once they were done, they went for Justin, who seemed uncomfortable with the experience. When they were finished, the tape flew back to where it came from along with the pen and the clipboard fell into Madam Elena's hands.

"Come with me," she said.

They followed her toward the dressing rooms.

"Ladies first," said Madam Elena, gesturing toward Alex.

Alex willingly stepped inside as Justin watched uncertainly. Madam Elena left the room and came back minutes later with a gown. She went into Alex's room and helped her with the fitting.


It felt like hours for Justin, waiting impatiently for his turn. Voices floated from the dressing room but he hardly paid attention to them.

"God, this dress works better than a push-up bra!"

Alex's words startled him and it brought him back to earth.

"Well of course, dear, that was the style then."

Justin feared those words. What style?

The curtain opened and Justin couldn't help but stare. Alex's dress was beautiful and it was as if it was made for her. The color was ice blue and there were bows and frills all over the front. The dress was off-the-shoulders and just completed the look. Justin's eyes travelled up and down her costume and paused at her chest. His eyes widened as he realized the meaning of her comment. Did women really do this in the Shakespeare era?

Alex caught him and crossed her arms over her chest.

"No staring! I won't be the only one like this: Harper showed me her dress designs and they're exactly like this!" she snapped.

Two pink patches appeared on Justin's cheeks and he shook his head, cursing himself for staring.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

Alex sighed as Madam Elena looked amused.

"Now it's your turn, young man," she said sweetly.

Justin groaned and took Alex's spot in the change room. Madam Elena left and came bustling back with a costume. She passed an arm through the curtain and retracted it empty-handed.


Minutes later, while Alex was sharing a conversation with Madam Elena, the curtain reopened to reveal Justin. Alex burst out laughing as Madam Elena gave a satisfied nod. Justin was sporting (rather grudgingly) purple tights along with a knee-length shirt with puffy material at the shoulders. His hat was nig and had a feather decorating it.

"Whoa, Romeo's a babe!" laughed Alex, wiping her eyes and clearly finding this hysterical.

Justin grimaced.

"Well? What do you think?" asked Madam Elena hopefully.

"We'll take them!" exclaimed Alex cheerfully.

"Brilliant!" exclaimed Madam Elena.


They changed out of the costumes and paid for them, thanking Madam Elena on the way out who encouraged them to come back any time they liked. They made their way through the crowd. Wizards came in and out of shops, either in a hurry or taking their time.

Justin sent a resentful glare Alex's way.

"Oh, just shut up. It's only a costume," retorted Alex as an impatient wizard waved them aside.

"A highly embarrassing costume. I can't believe that you got me into this," said Justin.

"Well, look at it this way: you'll add some comedy to the tragedy on opening night," snickered Alex.

Justin ignored her.

"C'mon, let's explore the alley," suggested Alex.

"Fine," said Justin.

Alex grabbed his hand and together they spent the morning and a part of the afternoon in Shakespearian Alley.

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