Roderich liked these times, when he would sit at the edge of the bed or lean against the wall and just watch Gilbert sleep. The albino's silver hair was in disarray, his deep red gaze hidden by pale eyelids, face innocent and peaceful in a way that Austria never saw it when he was awake and smirking.

Roderich stood next to the bed, violet eyes gazing down at the sleeping figure before him. Gilbert's face was relaxed and unhindered by the annoying, mocking sneer the brunette was accustomed to. It was nice, to be able to be this close to him without having to endure constant jeers and insults from the slightly open mouth of his friend. Peace and quiet, albeit with the occasional snore, but that was ignorable.

Roderich's lips twitched into a small smile as Gilbert snored again, a smile that turned into a slight frown at the small whimper that followed. Gilbert's eyes flickered back and forth underneath his eyelids, and he turned onto his side, mouth and eyebrows set into a frown. He whimpered again and shifted, involuntarily wrapping the blanket tighter around his thin frame.

Watching him for a moment longer, Roderich wondered what was causing Gilbert such distress. Unconsciously, he reached out a skilled hand and brushed some of the silver hair away from Gilbert's forehead, his long, slender fingers making contact with warm skin layered with a very thin sheet of sweat. He half expected the Prussian to move away from his touch, and was surprised when he nuzzled his hand, leaning into his fingers with a small, content sigh.

Roderich blinked, intending to retract his hand but was kept from doing so when Gilbert grabbed his hand and muttered something.


"Bleib…" Gilbert said again, his eyes opening halfway to look at Roderich, sleepily beseeching.

Roderich raised his eyebrow a centimeter. Gilbert wanted him to stay? "Warum?"


Roderich sighed, but sat down on the bed, allowing the other nation to cuddle his hand, only to have Gilbert pull him onto the bed and into his arms. "W-was?"

Gilbert gave no answer, and pulled Roderich closer, snuggling him as his breathing evened out once more.

Roderich sighed again, but made no move to escape. He did not know why Gilbert suddenly felt the need to cuddle, but he didn't mind. It was, admittedly, a very nice change from his usual intolerable demeanor. With this in mind, he cuddled closer to Gilbert without complaint, and closed his eyes. Just one night wasn't so bad. He smiled when he felt Gilbert snuggle closer to him, and felt comfortable as arms wrapped around his waist.

Yes, just one night wasn't too bad.

Preußen - Prussia
Bleib - Stay (I can't take that word seriously. German is so funny. xD)
Warum? - Why?
Bitte? - Please?
Was? - What? (Ironic XD)

Yeeaah...Last night, I was watching a DVD about the Universe with my mom after watching the new episodes of Sanctuary, and I just felt like writing, and so this was born. I uploaded it mostly for Hazel-Beka, whom is awesome. 'Cause we both wanted to see Prussia being a sweetheart, because, obviously, he secretly LOVES cuddling.
German keyboards are fun. I have my keyboard set to Germany. It's fuuun.