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The waves crashed down against the pale sand and Elizabeth Knight kept a careful eye on her younger brother while he played in the ocean. Mind you, it wouldn't take much to rescue him if he did venture too far. Commanding the water took almost no effort at all for the twenty year old mage. Still, she watched him.

Why tempt fate?

It must have been that thought that ruined what was meant to be a relaxing day at the beach with her family. Elle's only warning was the uneasy feeling that crept over her while she watched the tourists enjoy one last good weekend.


She sat up, confused. Elle felt the tingle of magic and sighed. What idiot mage was dumb enough to practice their craft in broad daylight surrounded by regular people? She dried off and slipped back into her jeans, heedless of the wet swimsuit. Elle tugged her ratty old Bon Jovi t-shirt over her head and stuck her feet in her sneakers, ready to hunt down whatever mage was about when the voice chuckled.

It's time.

The sensation was like falling, though her feet never left the ground. Elle's knees jammed painfully and she found herself surrounded by stone, deep beneath the ground. She was on a ledge that overlooked a gaping cavern.

"Hey, what the hell?" Elle shouted at the unseen mage.

There was a great clinking of metal and Elle noticed a heavy chain that hung from above. She reached over the ledge and yanked on it heavily. "Yo! It's rude to use magic on a person without their permission!"

"My apologies."

The chain dropped rapidly and Elle's eyes widened as a massive, winged beast lowered itself from somewhere above. It landed on a rock formation and studied her with large golden eyes.

A dragon.

"I've been waiting for you, sorceress. You and I need to have a little chat."

Elle was too irritated to be afraid. "What could you possibly need to talk to me about?" It was simply too big to be real. At least thirty feet tall, she couldn't begin to guess how long it was, and talking to her.

"Your destiny," the dragon said with grave seriousness.

"What about it?"

The dragon snorted. "How like Water. Reckless and heedless…" he paused. "But adaptable. Joyful. Full of life. You are one of four elements needed, Elizabeth, to ensure that the Once and Future King, indeed has a future."

"Once and Future…do you mean King Arthur?" Elle tried to keep up with the nonsensical dragon.

"Indeed I do. You need to undertake a quest, Elizabeth, for all our sakes. You must find Fire, Wind, and Earth. Once all four elements are joined, his second reign will be assured. You are the last piece of the puzzle."

Elle thought best to play along. "I assume that these elements are also people?" The dragon nodded his great head. "You expect me to find three specific people? How do you suggest I do that?"

"Water is joyful, playful, deep, and mysterious. As are you, Elizabeth. "Wind is tricky, secretive, and spontaneous. Fire is passionate, quick-tempered, and fearless. Earth is loyal, nurturing, and unbreakable. You need to united them, young sorceress."

"Sure I do. Let me just check my schedule." Elle's voice was thick with sarcasm.

"You think this is a joke?" The dragon asked. His tone had dropped low and dangerous.

"I think you expect a lot from one person."

The dragon chuckled. "I think we can all expect much from you, Elizabeth Knight."

His tail snaked out suddenly and flicked Elle off of the ledge. She smashed painfully into the cliff face once…twice…three times before she managed to catch hold and stop her fall.

"What are you doing?" Elle shrieked. She smarted from the fall. She knew from experience that the aches would get far worse before they got better. She tried to pull herself up, but she couldn't get her footing.

"I am putting you on the path to your destiny!" The dragon called from somewhere above her.

Elle's fingers began to slip. "Hey, I can't hold on!"

"Then, it stands to reason, you should let go." The dragon chuckled.

There was nothing for it. Elizabeth Knight pushed away from the rock and let herself fall.

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