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Title: The Tango Tanglers

Summary: Daisy has sees a dance competition being held in the Mushroom Kingdom, and is determined to win it. However, she must make a dance partner in one of her close friends. Luigi, now dragged into all this, must help Daisy win the competition. However, when the two start training, Luigi starts to see a whole new side of her he never knew. However, he finds himself worried if Daisy feels these things too. Is this a crush? Or is it the heat of the Tango?

Notes: I've had this idea for a while, and now I'm finally posting it. The idea sprouted when I first saw this title, "Tango Tanglers," in Mario Party 8. Most of the time, when Daisy and Luigi are paired up in games, they give some kind of couple's name or use dating terms, such as "Steady Sweeties." Tango Tanglers just seems to be the newest nickname, and among the fandom (not necessarily Fanfiction) has spread quite a bit. It got me thinking... how did they get that name? Drawing inspiration from "Dancing with the Stars" and the Daisy Circuit from Mario Kart, here's my interpretation. I'm surprised no one has come up with this topic yet!

It was another typical sunshiny day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Everyone was active, either playing sports, doing fun activities, or just relaxing the day away. So why was it, that today of all days, Princess Daisy actually found herself bored? The mere thought of Daisy being bored on a sunny day was almost impossible for some to comprehend. But alas, while people were out playing basketball, and biking and all that good stuff, Princess Daisy was sitting in a horribly stuffy dining hall, with her father, King Sarasa, discussing several political issues with King Toadstool, as well as the more minor neighboring regions. Peach was there too, but that didn't exactly make the situation much brighter.. It was very boring and the only thing that kept Daisy's sanity in check was having silent conversations with Peach, through mouthing words, and silent gestures. The occasional giggle could softly be heard leaving their breath. Daisy and Peach's fathers often took stern-looking glances at them, quickly silencing them, if only for a few minutes. After about an hour of incessant talking and conversing about some weird politics and incoherent chatter, the Sarasaland party was about to take their leave.

"Thank you for your time, Toadstool. May our countries live prosperously and peacefully," King Sarasa declared. The King of the Mushroom Kingdom nodded, as did the representatives from the other provinces. "Come, now Daisy..."

Daisy got up from her chair, perhaps a bit too noticealby eager. They left through the large double doors of the dining hall, and out toward the exits of the castle.

"Daisy... I'm a little dissapointed in you..." King Sarasa mentioned, looking at his daughter. The princess looked a bit confused, but soon realized where her father was going with this and rolled her eyes. "The reason I brought you here along with me to this meeting was just to give you a small taste of things to come. You might think you can live wildly and fancy-free for now, but sooner or later Daisy, you'll be the Queen of Sarasaland, and I expect you to be prepared for such. Events such as this will be but one of many duties of royalty."

"Yeah, yeah... I get it, Daddy..." Daisy said, not really choosing to pay attention to her father's words. The king made a genuinely concerned look, but seeing as her daughter wasn't really concerned with politics he decided to switch the topic slightly.

"Hmm... And Daisy, I realize you've made the decision to spend time with the commoners and interact with them in sports and events and such, especially the little green fellow... what was his name...? Erm... Loogie, or something like that?"


"Ah, yes! That was his name! Now, I respect your decision with getting yourself familiar with the common rabble. However, these things won't be available as you grow up into woman, and such luxuries that you partake in won't be an option anymore. You'll have to be doing more... formal things," the King explained.

"Dad, where are you going with this?" Daisy said, getting slightly impatient. Her dad tended to ramble on unless interrupted and told otherwise.

"What I am trying to say, is that I think you should at least try to do more... princess-ey things, for a lack of better explanation."

Daisy sighed. This wasn't the first time he'd tried to do convince her to do things like this. "Well, how is a princess supposed to act, dad?"

"Um, well... Just look at your friend, Peach. She seems to exemplify the charisma and political leadership a princess should have. Surely you've learned a couple things from her?"

"Ugh... really? Her?" Daisy said with a scoff. Daisy loved Peach as a friend, but she very much loathed being compared to her. Though she'd never admit it, Daisy always found herself striding to be somewhat like the opposite of Peach. Daisy loves her somewhat normal life too much, while Peach often enjoys basking in the glamor and fame her position provided. By now, the two Sarasaland monarchs had left through the front doors of the castle, awaiting the arrival of the King's carriage.

"Yes, her. I'm sure you can follow her example and become the spitting image of what a princess should be!" Daisy let another sigh escape her lips. Her father had the right intentions, but it just wasn't her. Being Queen was never something she took seriously, though she always thought that when the time comes, the time comes. Just enjoy life, while you're still young. After a few moments of silence between the two of them, the King's carriage had arrived. King Sarasa got up on and seated himself inside.

"Are you coming with us, Daisy?" he asked, extending his hand.

Daisy shook her head. "No, I'm okay. I'll just go over to my house here in the Mushroom Kingdom. Is that cool with you, Dad?" she asked. Interestingly, Daisy spent more time in the Mushroom Kingdom more than she did in Sarasaland. A home away from home, so to speak.

"Ah. I see... do you need a ride over to your mansion?" Sarasa asked.

"No thanks... I'll just walk from here. It isn't that far," Daisy said, turning on her heel and waving goodbye.

"Are you sure? Well then. I bid you farewell, my daughter. Take care. Oh, and at least consider what I just asked of you. Goodbye," he said with a warm smile. He closed the door to the carriage and the white stallions leading galloped away, leaving Daisy alone to walk off to her house. Hmph... Dads...

The walk wasn't really too far away. The "little" summer home Daisy had was just outside Toad Town, very close to Mushroom Castle. Soon, it came into Daisy's view. It wasn't exactly a mansion, per-se, but a rather large house nonetheless. Warm, vibrant colors painted on the oaks and woods that built up her house. Her namesake growing outside on her front lawn. Her trademark floral emblem above the door. It was her own little slice of Sarasaland, right here in the Mushroom Kingdom. As she opened the door, Daisy walked in her roomy living room and plopped herself on a nearby couch. She wanted nothing more than to rest and fall asleep, as she had to endure that little political fiasco for who-knows-how-many hours. Daisy sighed again, as she just couldn't really fall asleep. Perhaps the couch wasn't exactly comparable to the queen-sized bed upstairs, but she still just couldn't get herself to just sleep. Too much unused energy, probably. Wanting a some sort of way to pass the time, Daisy reached a telephone resting on an end table by the couch she lied on. She dialed Peach's number without thinking about it, the motions just seeming to be reflex. As the tone started dialing Peach's phone number and calling, Daisy couldn't help but think about what her father had said. She was honestly sick of hearing him ramble on about this whole royalty business, but just at the request of her just considering her father's words, Daisy at least decided to humor him and play along. When the ringing tone stopped, Daisy could hear Peach's high-pitched sing-song voice answer on the other line.


"Hi, Peach," Daisy replied.

"Oh, hey! Good to hear from you again. I'm sorry that you were bored back here at the castle. It was all business with my dad. I'm sure you understand..."

"Only all too well..." Daisy thought aloud.

"So what's up?"

Daisy thought for a minute, thinking whether she should actually be trying this; trying to be someone she wasn't. She was a princess, but a more tomboyish one with a taste for some of the more natural and normal things in life. Eventually, she decided to go for it, just to at least keep her dad quiet temporarily.

"I need you to... um... Peach, do you know any Princess-like activities I would enjoy? Like a normal princess would do?" Silence was on the other line, and what Daisy had presumed was her friend thinking.

"Hmm... I'm not sure. Why do you ask?"

"Ugh, I'm doing it because my Dad told me to do stuff a 'normal princess' would do. When will he just realize I'm not really a 'normal princess?'"

"Oh, okay... Let's see... um... You could switch places with me and have Bowser kidnap you for a change. I'm tired of being the 'damsel in distress,' even if Mario does save me every time. And besides, you're a tough gal. You might be able to break out of Bowser's castle yourself!"

Daisy laughed. "Yeah, it sounds fun, but I'm not into the whole stereotypical fairy tale kinda life. What else can you think of?"

"Um... dinner parties?"

"No way. I'm not into the whole formal stuff..." Daisy replied. She could have almost sworn she heard some sort of annoyed sigh on the other line.

"Well... Ooh, ooh! I know! You can try ballroom dancing!" Peach said with enthusiasm.

Daisy raised a brow skeptically. "Really? Dancing?"

"Yeah, it's perfect! Think about it: You can try and dance around, test your flexibility, great exercise, and you'll be able to still be as classy as a princess! It's perfect for you!" Peach continued. Daisy was unable to see if Peach's enthusiasm was real, or just really good acting to convince her.

"Hmm... It sounds interesting when you put it that way, but dancing all gracefully and stuff doesn't exactly seem like my thing..."

"Ugh!" Peach said in frustration, an emotion rarely displayed by her. "What exactly do you consider, 'your thing?' You're too stubborn, Daisy! I say this as a friend."

Daisy looked at her phone wide-eyed. "Okay, okay. I'll consider it. Just relax. Sheesh!"

"I hope you do... I'll talk to you later, Daisy. I have some... business to take care of. Bye!"

"Later," Daisy said in reply. She hung up her phone and put it back on the receiver. Daisy lied back down on her couch. Her eyes started to close slowly. Maybe she was getting that nap after all.

Meanwhile at the Mushroom Castle, Peach had just hung up her phone. Daisy was a nice girl, just too stubborn sometimes. Peach was convinced on getting her on some sort of princess-ish activity, and she was sure that the dancing, in the way she put it, would immediately tag her. Unfortunately not.

"Hmm...What's a one sure way that would convince her to do anything?"

An imaginary lightbulb went off in Peach's head as she grabbed her phone and started dialing the Kingdom's event planners. This would be fun, not just for Daisy, but for Peach, Mario, and anyone else she could think of...

A couple days had passed. Daisy woke up in the morning, for some reason still insisting on sleeping on her couch, and got dressed for her routine morning jog. Tan shorts, and an orange tank top embroidered with her traditional flower emblem was her casual workout attire. As she ate a quick breakfast of sports drink and a power bar, Daisy tied her matching orange and white sneakers and headed out the door. She paced herself along a dirt road that led from her house to Toad Town. Upon entering the town's walls, there was the casual sight of Toads, friendly Koopas, and all the other denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom conversing with each other and doing about their business. Daisy noticed a couple fliers posted on some of the restaurants and businesses that were along Toad Town's cobblestone roads, but she didn't really pay much attention to them, as she went along her run. Finally needing a break, Daisy rested herself on a nearby bench and sat down, taking a out a bottle of her sports drink. As she downed a gulp, she noticed one of those posters posted around Toad Town. Seeing as she had nothing better to do at the moment, she took a closer look to see what the fuss was about around town. There were a bunch of stars framing the flier, and a typical image of a man in tuxedo holding hands with a woman in a ballroom gown. Daisy averted herself from the overused stereotype and looked at the writing on the flier's center.

"Come and Join the First Annual Mushroom Kingdom Ballroom Dance Competition!

Come and show off your skills and grace and let us see who is the best performer in the Kingdom!

Auditions are next week! All are welcome!

Don't wait! Don't Delay!

This is your one chance to finally be a star!"

Daisy laughed at the advertisement. You had to be a real sap to join that. Become a star... yeah right. Fame isn't exactly up Daisy's alley. Although, seeing this flyer did remind her of something a couple of days ago, though she couldn't exactly put her finger on it. Then, as if on cue, Daisy heard her cell phone ringing. Pulling the device out of her pocket, she saw the caller ID read "Peach."


"Hi, Daisy!" beamed Peach's high voice.

"Oh, hey Peach. What's going on?"

"Nothing much. But did you see the flyers around town? There's going to be a dance competition! Can you believe it! This would be a perfect time to try out dancing!"

Daisy paused for a second, until she realized what Peach was tying to do.

"Peach, was this whole dance thing your idea?" Daisy asked, annoyed.


"Liar," Daisy thought.

"So, anyway, I'm joining up with Mario. I think you should come and join too!"

"Uh, yeah... No thanks, I'm good. I told you this a couple day ago: Dancing is really not my thing."

"Aw, come on. What's the matter? Chicken?" Peach said in a mocking tone.

Daisy immediately stopped in her tracks, speechless. Did she just call her chicken? "Look, Peach I don't know where you got that from, or-"

"Afraid that you're gonna lose to the better Princess?" Peach interrupted.

"Girl, you better shut up, because you're about to cross some freakin' lines..." Daisy said, unconsciously serious and threatening.

"Does that mean you'll accept my challenge?"

"You bet! You are going down, Peach! I'm going to beat you at this dance contest, just you wait and see! I'll mop the floor with-"

"Alright, settle down there Daisy. Be sure to audition. I'll see you there! Oh, and be sure to bring a dance partner!"

Daisy hung up the phone, determined to win. Princess Daisy of Sarasaland never back down from a challenge. However, Peach did bring up an important problem. Just where the heck was she going to get a dance partner? As she contemplated this, Daisy jogged back home to make a couple calls.

Peach was giggling as she hung up her phone. She never really played the mocking type, but it was just oh so fun to pull off and mess with Daisy's head. Peach smiled as her seemingly flawless plan came into play. She silently hoped though, that Mario was good on his feet when the two would enter the dance floor. Peach was right about one thing though:

This was going to be very fun indeed.

End of Chapter 1

There you have it! My first chapter! However, don't expect a new chapter for about another week. I hope you didn't mind the fact our favorite green plumber didn't make an appearance yet. He'll come in due time. And don't worry; there will be a few surprises along the way. This may very well become my best LxD fic ever! It's been so long since I wrote a Mario fic, so I wish for some feedback. Please review! But no pressure. I'll accept any feedback you may have though. Until next time, my friends...

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