Meet me Halfway, Right at the Borderline

--- summary ---

Two years ago, Michael Knight was taken of duty because of medical reasons, he had been poisoned and even though he was able to be saved, the poison had affected his heart and bone repair systems and is now have intense treatment to restore him back to his former health, if possible. In his absence, another Knight Rider has been appointed in his place. Jazz Khan. She's 23, 5ft 11 and has the equivalent of a black belt in kickboxing, she cage fights and has an attitude like a tiger that's been shot in the ass. She also has a soft spot for KITT, who returns the feeling. They've been operating together for two years but now, something's gone astray.

One the way to a mission, to be precise, a mad scientist of sorts who wants to take over a lab for experimenting on humans and turning them into successful living bombs, KITT is thrown onto his side by a mine and taken down with Jazz in him. The scientist has caught wind of technology stored inside of KITT and wants to use it for himself, including KITT central processor. This story starts just as Jazz is being torn away from KITT.

{Chapter 1}

KITT groaned as his suspension took the full blast of his weight when he was turned over by the blast. Unable to do anything for a while, he had laid on his side, checking Jazz's vital systems before after what seemed like an eternity, KITT felt his chase being supported and he was turned over. That's when the groan was ripped from him.

Jazz was fine, which was a relief to him but he still ached. The equivalent of pain shot through him as his systems were searched by a more primitive computer. if KITT could have tensed in pain, he would have done and if he had muscles, they would be standing out, sinewy and he would have been covered in sweat. But in this circumstance, he was unable to speak or move, the feeling was so overwhelming. It ended and KITT seemed to sag on his suspension and there was silence. Then Jazz spoke, much to KITT's surprise since last time he checked she was unconscious.

"KITT, are you alright?"

"I much as this...situation...allows." he basically panted. He was feeling drained and it showed in his voice. Jazz sighed and leant forward and lent her head on his console, running her hand gently over his dashboard, scratching her nails on him slightly. KITT engine was turned off but she felt a rumble go through him in response to her action and smiled softly as the red "eye" came to rest on her features. It wasn't something you saw every day, but even though they had only been together for two years, they shared a very deep friendship for each other that bordered on affection.

"Jazz, my sensors suggest that there are several vehicles approaching us, fast. We will be surrounded in ten seconds." stated KITT his voice still slightly pained but not by much. Jazz sat up straight just as headlights shone straight into her face.

"KITT! Get us out of here!"

"I cannot, Jazz. My systems have been too badly damaged." replied her partner. Jazz growled and bared her teeth as three men got out of the front truck and stalked towards them. The door opened and two men grabbed her roughly and Jazz fought madly, slashing and biting, then lunged at them, attempting to take them both out at the same time, but she was still disorientated and was taken down and brought crashing down to the floor with ease. She huffed as the air was driven from her lungs and then she was dragged upright and brought around to the passenger side of KITT. She could see the red "eye" following her position silently. The third man opened KITT's door and access one of his hidden holders.

KITT made the equivalent of a snarl as the man's hand reached towards his core and his engine reactivated and roared.

"KITT!" yelped Jazz and the car was overwhelmed by the sense he had to help her, but he couldn't move. His systems were down and that primitive computer still had a grip on him. The defiant roar had sapped his energy again.

Jazz struggled as she was now dragged slowly away from the Mustang.

"KITT!" she barked before hanging her head. KITT roared again, a full-blooded roar that man the man actually step away from him for a moment and everyone froze, but he still couldn't move and pain racked him.

Jazz put her head on his hood and snarled at the guy reaching for her partners' central system.

"Get away from him....KITT!" she yelled again in protest.

KITT's lights flared and he gasped as white hot light shot through him, it felt like he was burning from the inside as the man ripped his processing core from him.

His last memory from that day was Jazz nose touching the top of his sensors and she whispered to him.

"Meet me halfway, KITT, my darling."

He replied with a faint, "I will, I promise." he whispered as his systems finally died on him, the last words he heard, were the most comforting.

"At the borderline, my Mustang, at the borderline." and then all was black.

Jazz gasped as KITT's sensors went dark and tears ran down her cheek, hitting his paint and rolling off as she finally allowed herself to be dragged away from her partner. The words of the man triumphantly holding her partners processor ringing in her ears.

"Take it with us and put it in storage. We'll take it apart in a weeks' time. See what we can do with it."

And that was his downfall.