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Chapter 11 – The Monster Inside Me


The day could not come sooner for me as I sat at my window, waiting for those first rays of sunlight to spear over the horizon.

It'll be sunny out until the last period of the day, Edward.

At my sister's thought, I feel my grip tighten on the chair I sit in, the wood starting to splinter. She is not yours! The monster inside me growls. At its words, my mind is filled with her luxurious scent and I feel my eyes blacken with thirst. Venom pools in my mouth before I can stop it, and I have to force myself not to go after her.

On second thought, you'd better go hunt, Edward…It will be cloudy enough to go to school, but you can't go in this shape at all…

"…You'll attack her, Edward," I look up as Alice stands in my doorway. "And it will be in front of everyone. It…It won't be pretty, Edward," she consoles, appearing right next to me. She places a hand over mine and I meet her topaz gaze. "Go. Hunt," she advises. "Come back around 4th. That should be enough time to get your thoughts together…" Before she had even finished, I was out of the open window and running through the forest, determined not to kill that delectable girl whose blood called to me.


As I return to Forks, I mentally shake myself. When I enter the school, I have an excuse ready and I am let into my class.

He's so hot…What I would do to him…Mmmmm

Thoughts of sex-driven girls fill my mind and I shut them out as best as I can. But one thought makes me look up from my work.

Still can't believe what that stupid slut did today. She deserved it.

A memory from the girl plays through her mind, seeping into mine. I watch in disgust as she and two other guys terrorize the one girl who has plagued my thoughts since I first saw her. Turning to look at the girl, I see who it is: Tanya. Then, someone else's thoughts come to my ears.

Eddie, they had the whole football team in an abandoned room, ready to beat her up…I followed her to them; I couldn't let her get hurt…

No matter how stupid my brother can be, he has a good heart. I sigh, knowing I must wait until the end of this class to see her. When the bell rings, I go to Mr. Banner's class. She is already in there and being tormented. I had to watch as he yelled at her, hurting her. What do you care? You just want her blood! My hands ball into fists as the monster inside threatens to come out. The class erupts into laughter and I watch her as tears pool in her eyes that she dares not threaten. She grabs her things and heads out of the class.

"And don't come back!" Mr. Banner yells at her. Stupid bitch, just wait until I tell Charlie…

"I don't plan on it!" She screeches back, slamming the door behind her. I hear her footsteps as she runs down the hallway. I resist the urge to go after her when I hear Emmett's thoughts.

She looks so sick…I wonder what's wrong with her. She's hurt.

After about a minute or so, I hear a blood-curdling scream. I wince, waiting for someone to ask what that sound was, but no one even flinches. I look at Mr. Banner and see a smirk on his face. Stupid slut… I let out a growl too low for human ears to hear at his thoughts before I shake myself.

Oh my God, no! Emmett! I sit up straighter at Alice's thoughts.

"Emmett! Put her down, she can't breathe!" Alice yells at him and I hear Bella's raspy breaths. I hear a thud and then coughs as Bella struggles to breathe. I get up from my seat and approach Mr. Banner.

"May I use the rest room?" I ask and he nods, waving me towards the door. Once out of it, I run to where they are, Jasper and Rosalie's thoughts and footsteps following. When I see her, she looks up, a pained expression on her face.

"Oh just great! Just what I need, more people to thrash me around. What the fuck do you people want with me?" I stop short at the murderously angry expression on her face. Her voice is hoarse with the effort it takes and I can't help but wonder what happens to her outside of school.

"Bella how can you say that? We are trying to help you," I glance over at Alice, hearing the hurt in her words.

She's just a human, I don't know why either of them are even bothering… Rosalie.

So much pain, Edward. She's in so much pain, mentally, emotionally, and physically… Jasper.

I don't know what I keep doing wrong. I'm trying to be nice… Alice.

Those guys are such assholes for doing this to her… Emmett.

Bella…I furrow my brow as I hear complete silence coming from her. Nothing, not even a whisper. She rolls her eyes and sighs, wincing.

"I do not need your help. I am absolutely, positively, most definitely, no doubt about it, listen to what I am saying k? F…I…N…E! Can you not fucking comprehend that? Or do I have to knock it into your thick ass skull? I do not need anybody to take care of me. I have been doing it since I was five fucking years old! I didn't need anybody than, and I sure as hell don't need anybody now! So just back the fuck off!" Despite her hoarse voice, she is now screaming, but I can see the effort it takes to even speak for her.

I watch as her breath starts to come in short gasps, her heart racing.

"Bella, are you okay?" Jasper asks and I hear her heart pounding, the sound rushing through me.

"Shit!" She gasps out as she falls to the ground. Alice and Emmett go to help her up. "Please, just let me go. This happens a lot," she whimpers. Emmett tries to grab her waist, but it's like a switch goes off. She freezes before screaming. I cover my ears at how shrill it is. Emmett and Alice immediately let her go and she takes off running. Despite her obvious injuries, the adrenaline is making them almost disappear. She disappears through a door and I look at my siblings each in turn, their facial expressions varying from shock, hurt, to indifference. I hear a scream from far off, yet I know it's her. We all wince at the agony it holds. Her screams continued for what felt like hours. Eventually, the bell rang, signaling the end of the class. We all look at each other before heading to our last class of the day.

I was headed to music class, the one I enjoyed the most. I took my seat by the piano, Bella's scent still lingering. I breathe it in, the heavenly aroma filling my undead soul. Along with the luxurious smell, a warmth floods my veins. I feel my eyes roll into the back of my head for a split second before I swallow convulsively, blinking away the sensation. Class begins and she still hasn't shown. I tap my fingers against my lap anxiously, wondering where she is.

When ten minutes have gone by, I hear her footsteps coming closer. Mrs. Rhoads opens the door for her and questions why she is late. Bella has no answer and I can see her thinking in her eyes. How I wish I could hear her thoughts!

"Don't be afraid freak!" Some kid yelled. I watched as her eyes teared up. "Aww the wittle fweak is guna cwy!" I bite back another growl and keep my eyes trained on Bella.

"Kyle, that's enough!" Mrs. Rhoads says to him. Bella comes over to the piano and sits down, glaring at me. Confused, I pull out a sheet of paper, writing a note on it before sliding it over to her.

(Bella italicized * Edward bold)

Hey, wat's wrong? Did I do something to upset you?

Oh nothing, despite the fact that you new kids are as bad as the rest.

What do you mean? I haven't done anything to hurt you!

Yet! That's what everyone always says or does, and then they end up being just like—

Mrs. Rhoads came over then and took the note, reading it over before looking at Bella. She demanded to know what the cause of this note was, and why Bella was being so hostile towards me. Eventually, Bella doubled over in pain, and Mrs. Rhoads asked her the one question I learned Bella cannot stand: are you okay. Bella freaked on her, and I watched in bemusement as Mrs. Rhoads's thoughts betrayed her shock. Oh my… Biting back a helpless grin, I look away for a few moments, waiting until Bella is seated once more to glance at her.

"Does anyone have a piece that they would like to share with us?" Mrs. Rhoads asks, and I see Bella look around the room before sighing and raising her hand. "Yes, Bella?"

"I would like to play a song I made last night if that would be alright." She sounds so confident when she speaks, as if she were trying to prove something. Immediately, envious thoughts poured from everyone in the room except Mrs. Rhoads.

"Very well then. Umm if you would like to, we can all have a seat in the proper chairs whilst Bella enchants us with her Mozart worthy talents." She smiled and winked at Bella.

Once we were seated, Bella turned so we could see that she had no sheet music in front of her. Shock was evident in the room, even from me. She stepped up to the microphone and spoke. "This piece is called River Flows in You, I hope you like it." With that, she sat back down and counted out the timing before beginning to play.

I watched as her pale fingers flow across the ivory keys. They grew more luxurious and she turned to look at us, smiling whilst still playing. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as the breathtaking song she wrote became more exquisite and yet vulnerable it brought venom to my eyes.

More students filled the room and before long, the whole school was present. I kept my eyes trained on her as the song hit its last saddened chord before the room erupted into applause. I heard applause coming from Tanya and Bella motioned her forward. They spoke for a few minutes before Bella smiled and went back to the microphone.

"You want more?" She asked the audience and everyone screamed in excitement. I, however, was filled with disgust. These people clearly hate her and yet they applaud her. "This song is called Kiss The Rain."

She sat back down and began playing yet another song. The room quiets instantly and I am once again shocked at how these people can torture and torment her day after day and yet, when she shows what she could be, they love her. I gaze at her face and see the glistening of tears in her eyes. A single tear falls, splashing on the keys of the piano as she plays.

"Why is she crying? She is amazing, she shouldn't cry. I wonder what's wrong. Maybe it's just the music," I say to Jasper who materializes next to me. He shakes his head but says nothing. The song ends, and as it does, the doors burst open, making everyone jump.

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? I WAS WORRIED SICK! YOU NEED TO COME HOME NOW!" Bella stiffens and pales even further as she looks up at the man who opened the doors.

That little bitch! Just wait until I get my hands on her!

I watch as Bella gets up from the piano and makes her way up to the man I now presume to be her father.

"Dad, I told you that I had to stay after school today," I listened as she tried to reason with him.

"Get your butt in that car now!" He said in a deathly calm voice. I turned to watch her leave without a backward glance. It took a couple of minutes but eventually everyone left the room and went about their business. My siblings and I are the only ones to remain seated. I did not move until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I look up into the darkened gold eyes of Emmett.

"Come on, bro," he says, lifting me up easily. I go without a sound, too lost in thoughts of Bella.


In all of my years, there have been few things that made me question my existence. But of the few that have, it shifted my thought process drastically. I doubted everything each time, even my own mind. There was always someone, or something, that would bring me back to the surface. This time…I didn't know how anything could.

As I was laying down on the couch in my room, a vision that wasn't mine engulfed me…


A girl was chained to a bed…A man whipping her with a belt…Hot liquid being poured on her…Rape…Abuse…Charlie…Bella…Screams…"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

End Vision

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" I screech, sitting upright. Before I realize what's happened, I'm standing in front of Alice, shaking her.

"Edward, stop!" I don't hear her voice pleading with me. "Edward, please!" Something thrusts me against a wall and I blink, coming out of my stupor. I look over at my terrified sister and I feel my mouth hanging open.

"Al…Alice," I manage to get out. Her lower lip is trembling and she is shaking in Jasper's arms. A wave of anger, guilt, and fear consumes me. I look at my family and I shake my head at them, lost for words.

It's all right, son…Do what you have to.

I look up into the compassionate eyes of Esme before taking off into the woods. I run until my mind is tired, falling to my knees. I let out a vicious growl before leaning against a nearby tree. I swallow, trying to breathe normally. My undead heart feels as if it were shattering into millions of pieces.

I lied against that tree for hours, hating myself for hurting Alice. Only a monster would have done that. But you ARE a monster…Aren't you? You've killed innocent people before. You enjoyed doing it too. You thirst for her blood, but yet you feel protective of her. You take glee in the masochism, because you are a MONSTER! Kill her, feed on her, drain her of her blood, and end this suffering! Do it and everything will go back to the way it was before!

I fight back the monster inside of me, digging my hands into the ground. I feel my eyes blacken once more and venom pools in my mouth as I recall Bella's magical scent.

"Bella…" I whisper, closing my eyes harshly as her face appears in my mind.

Isabella Swan is perhaps the most beautiful creature I have ever lain my eyes on. In all my years, never have I seen such humble beauty. Leaning my head back against the tree, I close my eyes, letting my thoughts drift to her.

They say that when a vampire turns, everything is heightened. They're sense of smell, they're hearing, they're sight, and whatever human qualities they had are strengthened. As a human, I was in tune with the way people thought, and now I can read minds. Alice saw visions as a human, so she is now a prophet. Jasper was always good at emotions, so now he's an empath. Emmett wasn't the brightest bulb but he was strong and loyal, and now he's more brawn than brain but he has the biggest heart. Rosalie was more conceited than anything but she also had a passion for dreams, and now even though she is pigheaded sometimes she will defend herself and the people she loves. Esme was compassionate and loving, and now she is the complete maternal figure. And Carlisle…Carlisle was and always will be the kindest vampire I will ever know.

He saved us from a worse fate than anything. He saw something in Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, and myself that we didn't. And whoever made Alice must have seen the same thing, along with the woman who made Jasper. We were all chosen because we possess something that none others do. But, alas there are some that wish to use our abilities for power. The Volturi, for example. The Volturi are the most powerful vampire coven in our world. They decide our laws, our rules, how we live. The most important, and possibly the most punishable, would be that no humans can know about us.

I let out a hollow laugh as a light rain starts to fall, soaking my clothes so that they stick to me like a second skin. The most important rule imposed on us, and The Volturi are the ones who break it. They have humans working for them, and are hoping to be turned into one of us…A soulless demon. They have no idea, these pathetic humans. They see us as beautiful creatures, inhumanly so. They know we are different, but it is because of these differences that humans are attracted to my kind. Our voice, our face, even our smell attracts them. We're designed to kill, and kill we do. There are others of my kind who don't feed on animals, but indulge in the succulent and delicious blood of humans. I wonder if drinking human blood would be easier than drinking animal blood. Either way it is a life that has been cut short, unless the life taken was already on its way to death.

The rain is falling harder now and I wish I could feel the cold of it, but my ice cold flesh feels only the sensation of pin pricks hitting it. I do not feel the cold, nor do I feel heat…Unless I am being burned to death. That's the thing about us demons; we can feel the heat of fire as it burns us when we die, if we die. We'd have to be torn apart and burned for us to die. Pathetic mortals have it easy; a stake in the heart, a sip of poison, or even a gunshot to the head would do. But my kind are submitted to a fate worse than death…Undeath.

My thoughts were interrupted by another's.

Edward, I hope you can hear me. I know where you are and I'm coming… Alice. I sigh, awaiting her arrival.

I look up when she appears in from of me.

"What is it, sister?" I ask, my monotonous voice devoid of everything.

"We're all worried about you, Edward," she says and I meet her concerned gaze. "You've never let anything get to you this much, and quite frankly, it's scaring us. Come on," she coaxes and I get up, wiping the mud off my jeans. "Esme will get them," she tells me and I nod off in the direction of the house. She smiles at me and we take off at a run, arriving in less than 15 minutes.

When I get into my room, I strip down into nothing and wrap a towel around my hips, tying it. I grab a slim tank top and some pajama pants to "sleep" in, along with a fresh pair of boxers. Once done with that, I head to the bathroom to take a shower, turning the water up extremely high in order to feel warmth. I stand under the spray, the water ricocheting off my back.

After a while, I step out and get dressed, heading to my room to listen to music. I put Claire de Lune on and lie down on my couch/bed, letting the notes of Debussy flow through me…Along with Bella's scent and face. At the first though of her scent, the monster inside me growls, but I shut him out, determined to make Bella mine in any way that she will have me. I cannot help but wonder what she thinks throughout her day, and if she thinks of me. It is at times like these that I am so glad my siblings cannot hear my thoughts.

I sigh, rolling over onto my side in order to look out the window at the night sky. I watch the stars as they twinkle and shine and I sigh as I realize that I never noticed them before. At least not before HER… I clench my jaw as the monster inside me threatens to come out again. I roll back onto my back and glare at the ceiling, cursing myself for not being human. A thought occurs to me: what if I wasn't this monster, but instead I was human? Could I make her love me as I love her?

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