It had been two years, and still his memory haunted her dreams.

Why did his face hover in the darkness of her unconscious mind?

She stirred in her bed, tossing on her side as she gazed into the darkness. She could see silhouettes of her possessions, and she tried to distract her mind with their back stories. How did she get that necklace? Her eyes could see the gleam of a streetlight outside, bouncing off a heart shaped pendent that danced with the breeze.

Her father had given it two her; both of them. Noah had given it to her originally, and Nathan had bought it back for her in Mexico after she pawned it.

A photograph of her, Peter, Nathan and Angela. She tried to remind herself when it was taken. A few months after his death.

She sat up, raking her fingers through locks of blonde hair.

This wasn't working, as much as she tried to distract herself with random thoughts; it always came back to him.

She couldn't fight it anymore, and she leaned back on her outstretched hands behind her, letting her head fall back as she looked to the ceiling, remembering tonight's dream too clearly.

It was dark, and somehow she just knew she was backed into a corner. How had she fallen into his trap?

Claire felt behind her, groping for a knob or anything that she could slip into to hide. She couldn't remember what his abilities were, but was seeing in the dark one of them?

She tried to shrink into a corner as she heard the echoing of footsteps, he wasn't trying to hide his approach at all. "Claaaiire." His voice sang through the darkness, and she flinched as the sound of it tickled her ears.

"It's been so long. Are you still holding onto grudges?" There was a pause, the footsteps ceased, and Claire thought she was safe. She didn't realize she had been holding her breath until she let out a low sigh.

"They must be heavy, carrying them all by yourself. Who are you trying to prove yourself to?" She sucked in, gasping as she felt his steps getting closer. She slid soundlessly to the left, hoping she'd still be able to find a way out.

"Let me help you. I'll carry some of those burdens." She inhaled sharply, feeling his breath on her ear, and the faintest feathery touch across her cheek.

"Why?" She whispered, her eyes seeking the darkness for his face, her voice trembling and her hands shaking.

"You're special, Claire."

She laid back, her hair fanning out over her pillow like golden waves, groaning quietly she shifted slightly on her side, hoping she'd sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.


Angela's eyes shot open, her nap interrupted by disturbing images. She reached for her phone immediately, dialing Noah Bennett's number. Her hand shakily pressed the buttons in, and for the first time in two years she was scared.

Scared because this meant they would need to bring him out of his slumber. She knew they would have no choice but to try and ask for his help.

"Noah." She hesitated, trying to find strength in her words and steady her voice.

"Claire is in danger. It's time we face the consequences and hope for the best. There is no other way."