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Ah, it was the day of Halloween in Jump City, and as all people, young and old, gathered to celebrate the beloved holiday with candy and spooks, all was peaceful at the Titans tower.

"EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY!!!" Beast Boy screamed in the mainroom. "MAYDAY, MAYDAY! EVERYONE COME QUICK!!" To emphasize his point, Beast Boy got a wooden spoon and banged it on a pan.

Never mind. I was wrong.

Robin, of course always on the ball, came running quick. "Beast Boy, what is it?" He was never one to beat around the bush.

Then Raven phased in, her violet eyes narrowed. "This better be important," she said through clenched teeth. Uh-oh, look who got interrupted out of her meditating.

Cyborg raced in, followed by a wide-eyed Starfire. "Yo, what's wrong, BB?" Cyborg asked, exchanging confused glances with Starfire.

"Yes, why have you called so frantically for all of us?" Starfire questioned.

Beast Boy threw away the spoon and pan, his grin reaching up to his very pointy ears. "Do you know what day it is?" he asked dramatically. When there was no answer, Starfire waved her hand.

"Oh, I know! It is the thirty-first day of the month October, yes?" Starfire beamed as if she'd won a convertible.

"Uh..yeah, sure, whatever. Today is Halloween!!" Beast Boy spread out his arms in an enthuiastic gesture.

Raven crossed her arms. "What's your point?" she demanded.

Cyborg lit up. "Oh yeah, thanks for remindin' me, BB," he said, strolling to the controls. "I gotta put on the security system so no little kids will come trick-or-treatin' at the tower."

"NO! That's not what I meant!" Beast Boy shrieked impatiently. When he had everyone's undivided attention, he launched into explanation. "I was thinking today, I was like, 'Why don't we dress up for Halloween?' And then I was like, 'Duh! Because we're the Teen Titans! We're always dressed up like it's Halloween, dude!' I mean, Raven's got the creepy goth thing goin' on, Robin looks like a traffic light, Star looks like a Barbie doll, and Cyborg is a robot! And me, I'm..green and pointy-eared. But I'm also good-lookin'!" He grinned.

Robin cleared his throat in the tense silence. "Where are you going with this, Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy was obviously eager to continue. "We should go trick-or-treating! But we should dress up as normal people!"

Everyone blinked. Once, twice. Then a smile bloomed across Starfire's face. "That is a glorious idea, Beast Boy!" she exclaimed gleefully. "It sounds utterly delightful!" She turned to the others. "Come, let us partake in the festivities of this holiday! It will be fun!"

Beast Boy was glad that Star was on his side. That meant she would be able to convince Robin to come. "Who else is in?"

"Not me," Raven deadpanned, turning. "I'd much rather stay home and meditate."

"Aw, come on!" Beast Boy pleaded, running up and grabbing her cloak. "Pleeease? It'll be fun! You'll be missing out on the candy and everything!"

Raven looked over her shoulder with an arched eyebrow. "Walking around at night dressed up like amateurs and getting candy door-to-door is not my idea of fun." She yanked her cloak out of Beast Boy's grip. "And don't touch that."

"Don't be a stick-in-the-mud, Rae," Cyborg interjected with a grin. "I'm in it for tha candy!"

Starfire, meanwhile, was trying to persuade Robin. "Oh, Robin, won't you join us in the celebration? It will be most fun!"

"No thanks, Star," Robin responded uneasily. "I..I think I'm with Raven on this one."

"Thank you," Raven said stoically, glaring at Cyborg and Beast Boy.

Starfire's face fell. "But it will not be the same with you not with us," she said sadly.

Robin's shoulders slumped in defeat and he sighed. "...Fine," he muttered.

Starfire shrieked in delight and gave him one of her bone-crushing hugs. "You are most kind, Robin!" Then she turned to Raven. "Won't you come, friend?"

Raven's eyes rolled upward, annoyed by Beast Boy's pestering. "If you won't give me a hug."

Starfire clapped and giggled. "Oh, this will be most fun! I cannot wait!" She glanced at Beast Boy. "What must we do for this holiday celebration?"

Beast Boy beamed, obviously proud he had been able to convince everyone. "We go to the costume store! We're gonna dress up like regular people! That way, no fans will be glompin' on us!"

Robin smiled. "I like it."

Raven rested her head on her hand, looking bored. "As long as it's nothing too extreme. I hate extreme."


Let's switch over to the Titans East tower for a minute. You don't want to? Too bad.

It looks like they're having a not-so-good day as well...


Speedy glanced up ever so casually at the steaming fishfreak in the doorway. "What?" he asked nonchalantly.


Speedy smirked and shrugged, lifting a bite of steaming shrimp to his mouth. Bumblebee had asked him to pick up dinner, and he'd picked up seafood. Not just because he liked it, but he wanted to irk Aqualad too. Mas and Menos chuckled and rambled off a line in Spanish which nobody could understand.

Bumblebee placed her hands on her hips, her trademark pose. The you-don't-want-to-mess-with-this-sassy-thing pose. It suited her. "Why do you feel the need to do that, Speedy?"

"Those are my FRIENDS!!" Aqualad emphasized, looking disgustedly at the table.

"Oh yeah? Then what's this one's name?" Speedy threw a piece of shrimp at Aqualad's face. Aqualad let out a very unmanly scream before he bolted away, most likely to wash his face off.

Bumblebee sighed, her withering glare now focused upon Speedy, who had pulled out a mirror and was fixing his hair. "Speedy," she said through clenched teeth, in her warning voice. She walked toward him with the silent stride of a tigeress cornering her prey.

Luckily they were all saved from Bumblebee's wrath. A call came in on their huge mainscreen. Bumblebee directed a warning glare toward Speedy as if to say, This isn't over, before walking away. Once she had her attention directed to the mainscreen did Speedy finally sigh in relief.

"Bumblebee here. What's up, Beast Boy?" Bumblebee looked up at the screen, where a very ecstatic green boy was.

"Meet us at the costume store in Jump City as soon as you can! It's URGENT!" Beast Boy clicked off.

Bumblebee blinked in confusion. Aqualad, who walked in in all his glory, gave her a questioning look. "What was that about?"

"Green Bean quiere reunirse con él en la tienda de vestuario!" Mas explained.

"Me pregunto lo que quiere?" Menos inquired. The twins both shrugged.

Speedy stared at them blankly. "..I lost you at 'Green Bean'."

Bumblebee narrowed her eyes in suspicion at the mainscreen. "Something smells fishy here," she said. Mas and Menos held back their laughter while Speedy smirked at an annoyed Aqualad. Bumblebee glanced back at them with a frown. "No pun intended."

"Well, I guess it must be important," Aqualad said, eager to get away from the lingering smell of seafood threatening to make him hurl.

"¿Qué estamos esperando?" Menos bounced excitedly.

"¡Vamos ya!" Mas chimed in.

Bumblebee sighed. "I guess we better get a move on," she said, flying toward the door. "So get your butt off that couch, Speedy."

Speedy rolled his eyes and stood as Mas and Menos snickered. "Pushy, pushy," he muttered.

Bumblebee stopped in her tracks and whirled around, hands planted on her lips and an eyebrow arched. "What was that?"

Speedy's eyes widened. "Nothing," he answered too quickly.

Bumblebee narrowed her eyes. "That's what I thought." She strode out the door with Aqualad as Mas and Menos zipped past them, leaving Speedy behind.

Speedy hurriedly stuffed as much shrimp as he could into his pockets. "You never know," he whispered with a wicked grin, then followed them.

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