A/N: I know I said the previous chapter was going to be the last, but I got this idea last night when I couldn't get to sleep. (Because apparently I'm an insomniac. O_o) I hope you like it! I can so see it happening. X) Sorry it's so short!


In the Titans tower the next morning, all you could hear was groans.

Stuffed like pinatas, all of the Titans who went trick-or-treating were laying on the floor or on the couch, sick to their stomachs. Even Bella, who had gotten so hyper from all that candy the night before that she almost jumped off the top of the tower to see if she could fly, was burned out.

"Duuudes! That was WICKED awesome!" Beast Boy cried, standing in the middle of the room enthuisastically. He was met with pointed glares and angry and nauseous moans, but he didn't notice. "So, this was what I was thinking for Thanksgiving.."

Raven sat up, her violet eyes signaling out Beast Boy and flashing angrily. Everyone slowly got to their feet. An evil grin slowly spread across Raven's face. "Alright, Beast Boy, you've had your fun. Now it's our turn." Everyone kept walking toward BB until they had cornered him.

Beast Boy's face twisted in fear. When he tried to speak, his voice shook in nervousness. "Why are you guys looking at me like that..? Why do you have creepy grins on your faces?...DUDES! DUDES!"


Beast Boy's girlish scream echoed for miles. And anyone who was within earshot laughed.

That was the best Halloween the Titans ever had.