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Chapter 6

Aki's P.O.V

It's been 2 months since the situation with Dr. Fudo. Since then, we haven't spoken except when I had to hand in my assignments, but from time to time; I'll flash him my cell phone just to see his face of annoyance. All thought that little problem has solved, my other problem just begun; Sherry graduates soon and Divine has been leaving more often. I did get to spend some time with Sherry, but we can only go as far as making out behind the school building.

Today is a little different though; instead of my usual setting in the classroom, I lay on the firm bed with my lover, Divine, who is sleeping peacefully on the other end of the bed; we were both naked. Last night, Divine came back from his personal trip, so he invited me to spend some time with him. We had sex throughout that whole evening, harder and longer then normal; he would fuck me hard, as if he was hungry for sex, eating out my pussy harder, thrusting his cock harder and faster, going balls deep, and leaving more love bites on my neck; but I can't blame him, we haven't fuck in a long time. It's 6AM in the morning and I was half awake now, so I just watched the peaceful sight of my sleeping fuck animal, well his back anyway. Slowly, I rubbed his back up and down, feeling his still hot flesh on my palm and lightly grazed my nails. I could hear a faint moan escape his mouth from my touch, so I moved in closer and embraced his body from behind. My palms rested on his tight, toned chest, and then I ran my hands lower down his abs as I plant small kisses on his naked back. I kept going until I reached his penis; it was soft for now, but that's about to change soon. Softly, I started rubbing the base of his penis and then started to stroke it.

"Maybe this will be a nice way to wake him up." I whispered to myself. I increased the pace and stroked it hard, as he moans grew a little louder, but he still hasn't woken up yet. Harder and harder I pumped it, but from time to time I would massage his balls to stimulate him a bit; his dick was getting hard now. God I love stroking his hot, hard cock, and I think I can feel some pre-cum dripping from the tip, so I pump it faster and faster.

"Heh, slow down a bit, Aki," Divine sighed.

Looks like he's finally awake…

"I'm sorry, my love. Did I wake you from your slumber?" I cooed softly in his ear.

"All was fine until you got too aggressive." Divine turned to face me and gave me a little kiss on my lips. He placed his hand over my hand and guided my movements to how he saw fit. "Just like that, Aki," he whispered, "Nice and slow, but hold it firmly in your hand." Letting go of my hand, I was on my own. I continued to please him, and thanks to his advice, the room filled with his moans and sighs; he's such a good teacher. His cock twitched in my hand as I pumped it at this new pace. "I-I'm going to…AHH~" he cried out.

He finally released his hot, sticky seeds on my hand. "Not bad, Aki," Divine complemented me, "but you need to work on it a bit."

"Hee hee, I'll try to." Licking the cum off my hand in a sexual manner. Suddenly, his cell phone rang from his still unpacked suitcase. He got up from the bed to get the phone, then he took it to another room, all was ok until I heard a, somewhat, panicked toned, "I, uh, sorry Aki, I have to go again," he said to me from the other room. "I'm not sure how long I'll be gone." Oh no, not again! "Where exactly do you go, Divine?" I demanded, is he hiding something from me? What ever it was, I'm going to find out.

"Uh… I-it's best if you don't know" he replied back.

"Come on, Divine, you can tell me. I just want to know where you run off to." I pleaded. He walked over to me, softly holding my cheeks with both his hands and softly kissed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back, making our kiss lasted longer, not wanting to let him go. Divine pulled out from the kiss to catch his breath, "it's nothing you need to worry about, just some personal business I need to attend to." I let him go and lay back on the bed. "Aki, I'm going to take a shower and then I'm going to have to get ready to leave. You might want to get ready to leave. I'll call you when I'm coming back." He told me, grabbing a towel that hung on over a chair.

"Mind if I join you, Divine?" I teased, licking my lips to excite him. Just the thought of his toned, hot body getting all wet gets me all hot and bothered. Especially his long manhood getting wet; oh god, I would love to suck it wet.

"You never quit, do you Aki?" He chuckled…

After our little playtime in the shower, I got dressed and grabbed my backpack. "Aki, if you meet up with Sherry, tell her I'll be gone again. Believe me; she gets just as worried as you do." I nodded my head to let him know I heard his request. "Divine?" I shyly ask him, and then he looked at me, "Yes?"

"When you come back, can you please tell me what going on?" I asked him. I know I'm being too much in his business, but I want to know. Sometimes when he comes back from, wherever he goes, he'll always upset or just sad about something, and I want to be there for him.

"I'll think about it, but for right now, its best that you don't know."

My day went on as usual, same boring classes, same boring day. I really hate it when he's not here. Not only for the sex, but I just like being with him. He's helpful, as a teacher should be, and he just has a knack for brightening up my day, even if he's the strictest teacher in this school. It's a shame that we need to keep our love hidden from everyone. Divine could lose his job from kissing a student, and I'll get labeled as the school's slut who'll fuck any teacher just to pass a class. I do have Sherry to spend some time with, but since she's about to graduate next week, I've haven't had time to be with her. It's not the end of school and I made my way out of the school building. Mostly everyone will be leaving their dorms and returning home to their family to enjoy there's vacation; God knows I won't, the last thing I would want to do is to back to my parents, the ones who shipped me off to this boarding school in the first place. I spotted Yusei with Jack talking to each other under the tree; at least they have each other. Then Jack leaned towards Yusei and whispered something in his ear, and then Yusei got really happy; looks like they'll be having a lot of fun this vacation time. I decided to head back to my dorm to rest up, but just as I turned the corner of the building, someone suddenly grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth with a hand. I panicked what if it's Dr. Fudo again? I tried to break free but this person had a tight hold on me.

"Commentfairemalque tu me veux?" whispered a voice in my ear, and suddenly a hand went under my skirt and firmly grabbed me by my vagina. I know that voice! It could only be one person.

"Sherry!" I cheered, "Don't scare me like that!" I shouted as I playfully shoved her by the shoulder. "It's been too long Aki," Sherry said, "I just can't keep my hands off you." She lightly presses me up against the wall and started kissing me. I wanted to deepen the kiss but I pulled out from her lips. "We can't do this here, we'll get caught." I told her as a concerned matter. Sherry giggled, "Suivez-moi." She whispered, grabbing me by my hand and taking me to another location…

"AHH~ F-FUCK… right there… yess~, right there…" I cried wanting more of Sherry's hot tongue licking my pussy, like a wild, wet snake. I pushed her face deeper in to me, I want that slippery thing so badly in me. Her hands reached up to squeeze my exposed breast that hung out of my opened school blouse. I was close to cumming, so I started grinding my hips against her face to excite further. Sherry pulled out and began flicking her tongue over my clit as she slipped a finger, pumping faster inside me. "OHHH~ SHERRY!" I finally came on her finger, my juices lightly dripping down her palm. I felt tired from cumming so much, so I lay down on the blanket on the floor that covered the hard cold floor. "Oh Aki…" Sherry crawled over me and rested on top of me. This place was great. Sherry took me to an abandon dorm room from the older part of the school that no one goes to, hell, not even security walks through here, so this was the perfect place to have sex. Sherry told me that she and Divine would come here to have sex, so they left behind some old sheets so they wouldn't have to get each other dirty. The room had a couple of empty crates round, but there were enough space for people here. "How did you find out about this place?" I asked Sherry. "Actually, Divine was the one who told me about this place," She replied "This was the same place where we became lover too."

"I bet the both of you had a lot of fun here" I chuckled; I bet they had a lot of fun here. I can image the room being filled with the sweet sounds of sex and moaning from Sherry and Divine. Cries, panting, swearing, and climaxes echoing throughout the room and maybe in the empty hallway that has never been walked in for years. I wish Divine was here with us, so we could make our own sweet music. "Hey Sherry,"

"Yes, my love?"

"How did you and Divine meet?"

She got off me and lay by my side, hugging me by the waist as she begins telling her story…

Sherry's P.O.V.

I remember it like it was just yesterday…


Two years ago during the final weeks of my summer vacation before school started again, my friends and I went to a night club that was popular around the area. I sat by myself while my friends danced on the dance floor, during that time, I had just broke up with my ex-boyfriend; I guess he didn't like the fact that I also like girls, so I figured that maybe I'll find someone here. In the corner of my eye, I spotted a handsome looking man standing by himself by the exit. I decided to give it a shot and I walked towards him.

"Need someone to dance with?" I said to him. His head turned to face me. "I'm not much of a dancer myself." He replied happily. "Mind if I keep you company? You're looking kind of lonely here."

"Heh, sure. Let's find an empty table." He said. We walked over to the table and we began talking for a while. He said that he was hired to teach at a boarding school and is going to start working there when summer vacation ended for all schools. As he was talking, I couldn't help but just look at his features: his red hair with his bang that curled up from the right side of his face, his light tanned skin, and his green eyes, he was so handsome. Subconsciously, I placed my hand over his lap, but he noticed before I did. "Has anyone ever told you that you look beautiful when you blush like that?" he cooed in my ear. I snapped back from my stare when he spoke to me, "Pardon me?" He leans in towards my ear,

"Vous regardez de très beaux quand vous rougissez…"

The way he whispered those send chills down my spine. "Y-You know French too?" I asked shyly. "I teach it as well," he cooed softly "and I know a lot more." Suddenly he started nibbling on my neck, as his hand lay rest on my hip. I pulled him closer and tugged on his black shirt, but then I felt something wet on my neck, it was his tongue as he slowly licked my skin. I brought my lips towards his ear, "Puis-je vous embrasser?"

Without hearing a reply, he took my lips with his; so soft, so hot. I kissed back and moved my hand to his back. We were about to deepen the kiss until I felt a vibration come from him. He pulled back and grunt with annoyance, then he pulled out a cell phone from his pants pocket. One look at the phone's screen and he rolled his eyes, then he got up from our table, "I'm sorry, I have to get to going now." Before he left I pulled him by his sleeve, "Wait!" he quickly looked back, "I didn't get you name yet. My name is 'Sherry Leblanc'" He reached back into his pocket and pulled out a pen, and then he picked up a napkin. He started writing down his phone number, then handed it to me, "You can call me 'Divine'"

I giggled as I took his number, "I bet you are." With that, he left the club, but thankfully I got his number; I wanted to meet him again, but luckily I got his number, but I kind of didn't tell him my age; I was only 16 at the time.

But things changed, if it were not what happens on the first day of classes…

It was the first day of my 3rd year of school. I sat down on my new seat, waiting to meet my new teacher. Days before classes started again I have gotten a message from Divine, saying that after he gets off from work, if I would like to meet up with him for some 'fun time'; I couldn't resist, so I agreed to see him when I finish my classes.

The school bell rung; it was time for class to begin. On time, the door opened, and then the teacher walked in…

I don't believe it… my teacher was…

"Good morning students. I hope everyone had a good vacation, but now it's time to get back to learning." Picking up the chalk, he processed to write on the blackboard. "My name is Divine De Los Santos and welcome-" he turned around to face the class, until he made eye contact with me. His face turned into shock, but he quickly got his focus back and continued to speak, "-to your junior year…" he coughed to clear his voice and started to teach. I didn't believe it, he was my teacher! And I bet he was just as surprised to see me here. Throughout the rest of the class time, I saw him getting uncomfortable with me being here in his classroom, but he tried not let it affect his job. The class bell rang, Divine dismissed the class and he remained in the room. After I walked out of the room, my cell phone started ringing; it was Divine calling me from the empty room.

"Hello?" I answered. "Sherry we need to talk, now. Meet me behind the school, from there keep going until you find an old dorm building, I'll be waiting inside." He hung up the phone…

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?" he yelled out at me in a panic. "How was I supposed to know you were teaching in my school?" I argued back at him. He began to pace back and forth, "Shit, what am I going to do? I'm going out with one of my students; this could get me fired, or worse, arrested!" Divine yelled out of frustration. "Divine, calm down!" I tried to get him to relax, but he was still too worked up about this. "Calm down? How can I? I'm could get into trouble with this, and also I could barely look at you without the urge to fuck you!" he quickly covered his mouth. Whoa, I would have never thought he could get like this. "I get you too tensed up?" I blushed at the thought that I could get a guy like him so horny. To be honest though, he was getting me all hot and bothered too; even now as we speak. "Yes, you look so beautiful in that school uniform." He said, looking at the floor with shame. I got closer to him and gave him a loving hug; I just couldn't keep watching him like this. "What are you doing?" he asked me. "I just can't keep watching you acting like this. It's ok, Divine, no one has to know about this." I hugged him tighter, feeling his strong arm wrapping around me. "Are you sure about this, Sherry?" he questioned. "I'm positive about this. No one will ever know about our forbidden love." Then I kissed him on the lips, and then he kissed back but a little harder. I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth; our tongues danced in our mouth as he pushed for dominance. In our tight embrace, he could feel a bulge between us, but then he grabbed my ass tightly, and then I pulled back. "Wait, Divine," I interrupted his actions. "There's something you should know about me… I'm bisexual" I looked into his eyes to see his reaction.

"You have no idea how fucking horny I'm getting now!" he whispered seductively with a lower voice. Whoa, he's was like a different person just now. "I don't mind you being bisexual. When you're with me, I'll let you fuck as many women you want… as long as I get in some of the action…" he grinned. He had this look on his face, like an animal wanting to mate so badly. Divine started kissing me again, harder than last time, and then he undid the button and zipper from his pants. Then he pulled down his boxer briefs, just enough to free his erection that stood at full attention. Suddenly he stopped again and took a step back to realize what's going on. "I'm sorry," he said "I didn't mean to-" I stopped him from finishing what he was going to say by pushing against the wall. "You worry too much." I said as I grabbed him by his exposed cock; a bit of pre-cum was dripping off it.

"Sherry, I want to be honest too. I want to say you're the only one for me but I can't, I want to have sex with many women; I'm bad at having steady relationship." He said with a hint of guilt in his voice; looking away from me in shame.

"It's ok Divine," I murmured in his ear, "you can have sex with another women," I began to softly stroke his twitching cock, hear soft moans escaping his lips, "As long as I get in some of the action…" I got on my knees and wasted no time on getting his full length in my mouth. The salty taste was getting me hotter and hornier each time I bobbed my head back and forth, coating every part of his meat with my saliva. He grabbed me by my hair and guided my movements, moaning in pleasure as his head fell back, panting and sighing for more.

After a few more minutes, I could feel his cock twitching; he was ready to cum. "Oh Sherry AHHH~ I'm g-going to c-cum!" then he shot his hot seeds in my mouth, swallowing ever last drop of cum in my mouth. I looked at him, his eyes full of lust and want.

"I think I could get used to this…"Divine said in a sexy low voice.

*End Flashback*

Aki's P.O.V.

Wow, what a story. "Sherry, do you by any chance know where he goes?" I asked him; I figured she would know since she spent more time with him. "I have no idea either. I tried to ask him, but he would always tell me 'It's none of my concern'" looks like she was given that same excuse. OH, that reminds me,

"Oh Sherry, I almost forgot, Divine will be leaving again." I told. Sherry groaned and slammed her fist on the floor out of frustration. "Did he tell you how long he'll be gone for?" she asked with a hint of anger in her voice. "No, he said that he'll call when he'll come back." Sherry shook her head, getting up to fix her cloths, "I really hate it when a person keeps secrets like this." She went to her backpack and reached into one of the pockets, "What are you looking for?" I asked, curiously, suddenly she pulled out a key from her beg. "See this key? This key is to Divine's apartment." She said, jingling the key around.

"How did you get a hold of those?" I asked, "Before we met you, Divine gave me a copy of his key in case of an emergency." Sherry replied, "I've always told myself that I would never break in to his home, but I want to know why he was always leave us like this without saying anything." Wow, she's serious, she really wants to know what Divine is hiding; I won't lie, I do too, but I wouldn't go as far as going into his house without him knowing.

Later that night…

The lock on his door is now unlocked, slowly, Sherry opened the door as we both walked into the small apartment. "I don't know about this Sherry, it feels wrong." I told her, this was really a bad idea; I just pray that no one finds out about this. "It'll be ok, Aki. We're just going to quickly look around his room and see if we'll find any clues about where he runs off to." Sherry explained as she begins to look through his dresser; sorting through his cloths. I did my part as I started looking through his night table cabinets. Opening the top drawer, I noticed something; he had a couple of boxes of condoms, which is weird because when we have sex, he never wears one. "I didn't know he had condoms." I stated, "Usually I tell him to wear them, because I don't want to get pregnant. I'm guess he never wore one when you two go at it, right?" I simply nodded, "Just be careful." Sherry said as she returned to snooping around his dresser. Under the boxes I noticed a folder piece of damaged paper. Curiously, I picked it up and unfold it; it was a photograph of a little boy holding a little teddy bear. The little boy looks kind of like Divine but with a different eye color and reddish-brown hair instead of dark red hair. With the boy, there's a woman in the background but her face was cut off because the photo is a little ripped up.

"Hey Sherry!" I called to her, "take a look at this at this." I showed her the photo. She looked at it with a confused look on her face. "Who are they?"

But as if by cue the door began to creek open and Sherry quickly got the picture in her pocket as we shot our eyes to the door, to Divine entering, looking more tired than any other time we had saw him and alongside with the flick of the light his face turned from tired to surprised. "What are you doing here?" Divined asked, oh no...

I looked at Sherry, she seemed about as nervous as me... but, then her face got serious "Divine, where were you?" I've never seen Sherry this serious before, but I'm also tired of all these secrets. "I told you, it doesn't concern you, it's nothing. What are you doing here?" he sounded off... he's really hiding something...

"Why are you keeping secrets from us, Divine?" she yelled back at Divine. The look on his face was showing that he really doesn't want to tell us something. "First of all, you two haven't answered my question. What are you two doing in my apartment?" he barked back.

If Sherry hadn't snapped before then this was it, "What? You weren't expecting us here? You don't want to see us?" she screamed out and went up close to Divine... there were tears in her eyes "You just think we're fuck buddies for your relaxation!"

"No! That's not it! Don't think something like that!" Divine shouted, his voice was so strong and commanding, but, I didn't know if I should trust him... And that was when Sherry pulled out the picture we found

"He's your son, isn't he?" Sherry asked silently, looking down at her feet, and I saw it, Divine's face, h-he was surprised but nodding, oh no, no he couldn't...

"He's m-my kid from my marriage... I didn't mean for you to find out like this" His words were like a hammer to my soul, I couldn't believe it, I was ready to cry my heart out when a slap echoed in the room, Sherry held her hand up a-and Divine looked like was about to fall back because of it. Sherry just ran away, I looked at Divine "you betrayed us?" was all I could mutter before I followed her...