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Rated-M Romance/Humor (language, sex, kissing, other)

Pairing:Luffy x Hancock
Friendship:Luffy X Robin

A/N: This is my first fic for Hancock and Luffy, I could of did better but I got lazy with it. I will put alot more effort into chapter 2, but im sure you will like this chapter at least. Please R n R

It was five months after the Whitebeard versus World Government War. Ace has been saved from his execution and both sides have suffered a great loss. The straw hat crewhas recently regrouped at Shabondy Archipelago to get their Thousand Sunnys which was coated by Silvers Rayleigh. After exchanging stories with each other about where they went, the crew embarked on their journey to the New World.

On the Thousand Sunnys the straw-hat crew was all waiting on the lawn deck. Earlier the captain stated he would like to go somewhere before entering the New World. The crew anxiously waited for their captain to get off the den den mushi. It was odd that Luffy wanted to go somewhere without the consent of the crew.

The cabin door slowly opens revealing Luffy, he was wearing a red vest unbuttoned, black cargo pants his signature straw hat, and a grin that stretched from one ear to another.

"Oi Nami, were gonna head to this place before we go any further" Luffy says looking at the orange hair navigator. He walks down towards Nami and hands her a vivie card.

"Where is this place Luffy?" Nami says questioning her Captains order. It was not like him to drift off course of the Grand Line. She has always followed Luffy orders but this time his request has taken her by surprise.

"It's a secret shishishi now let's go" Luffy says firmly. He did not want anyone to question him on this matter. He has made a promise to visit a certain someone before venturing into the New World, and he was not one to break promises.

"Where the hell are we going? It better not be Kamabakka Kingdom!" Sanji yells a tone of anger in his voice. Just thinking about that place still sends shivers down his spine. When he looks at Nami and Robin he can't help but think they can somehow be men.

"Luffy I'll have the If I go on another one of your adventures I'll die disease" Usoop says in fear. After being on a island where plants and animals could kill you he lost his spirit.

"Luffy can't we just go to our original destination" Chopper says in a soft voice. Chopper was nervous that his Captain chose where to go.

"Yea Luffy when do you decided where to go" Nami says as a stitch grew on her forehead. It annoyed the cat navigator that Luffy decides he can be navigator for a day.

"Yea Luffy last time you decided to do something we were separated for four months" Franky says while dancing at the same time. He did not think Luffy idea was SUPA.

"Let's go Luffy" Robin says in a simple manner. She begins laughs at the scene before her, she did not care where Luffy wanted to go. The raven haired archeologists would follow her captain to the ends of the earth without question.

The crew wining kept going on waiting for Luffy to respond to them.

"Shut Up, It's a Captain Order" the pirate hunter says as he unsheathes one of his three swords. Zoro has always respected Luffy as a captain and a nakama. Wherever Luffy wanted to go or do he would support it a hundred percent no questions asked.

Of course he wondered where his Captain wanted to go, but it seemed much more fun if they found out along the way.

The crew was grown silent; when Zoro spoke in a serious manner everyone gave him the floor. He has gained that respect as the first mate since his captain was the fun loving one, he would have to be the serious one.
"Oi thanks Zoro" Luffy says throwing Zoro a V sign. Luffy begins to walk towards the Lion head waiting for the ships departure.

"Ok Luffy it will take three days to get there" the navigator says in defeat. Nami never liked to go anywhere without her knowledge but this time she would have to deal with it
everyone else sighing in defeat would have to wait until they have reached their destination.

Three days and 2 nights later…..

Three days later and an image of an island appear in sights. The island was far away, yet they could make an image of snakes on top of a mountain with some writing in it.
The sea was calm and the sky was bright, everyone was happy to finally see land. For the past two days they have been battling Sea king after sea king the Calm belt was no place for a ship to venture into.
As the island comes clearer into vision, Luffy eyes grow in amazement. He has not seen this island in five months, the sight of it bringing happiness in his heart.

"I am finally here" he whispers to himself. Luffy jumps up and down in excitement he cannot wait anymore.

"Franky use your cola thing to blast us towards the island now" Luffy yells as if it as a command.

"Roger Captain" Franky says rushing towards the docking system Luffy rarely gives orders to Franky, so when an order was given it was expected to be fulfilled.
Franky begins to calculate the distance from the ship to the island and pumps cola accordingly. Without a second notice the ships rear begins to heat up and the ship is sent flying in the air.
The crew braces themselves for the landing strapping themselves in their seats watching the sky in amazement. No matter how many times they flew in their ship, they could not get use to the feeling

After two minutes have passed the ship surprisingly lands in front of the island entrance. The round metal door holding an image of nine snakes begins to open as the ship advances towards the entrance.
The whole crew gathers near the helm of the ship peering through the door to see what lies ahead. Silhouettes of three feminine images appear before the crew. The ship makes it completely through the door, and anchors in the nearest opening for their ship.
As everyone gets ready to get off the ship Luffy stops them from moving.

"Before we go in, do not cause any trouble here" Luffy says with a firm voice. The whole crew was in shock,

"Luffy was telling us not to cause any trouble? He is the one that always causes all the trouble" everyone thought.

Luffy then gives his trademark grin and jumps off the ship, heading towards the three figures standing near the dock. The rest of his crew follows him slowly watching their captain movements wondering who the three women at the dock were.
Their eyes shoot wide open with amazement as they see their captain.

Luffy jumps on the woman in the middle, giving her a great big hug and in return the woman in blushing embracing their captain's affections. The other two women slowly move away from them blue streaks growing on the back of their heads.

"Oi Hancock how have you been, it's been so long" Luffy says as he slowly releases Hancock from his death hug. She slowly gather herself up turning down the blush at she looks at Luffy.

"I have been good Luffy, I was waiting for you this whole time" Hancock says blushing once more as she smiles at the captain.
He has grown much taller since the last time she seen him, almost reaching her height. He also was more affectionate and sexier she thought.

The crew walks up slowly behind Luffy stopping a few feet away, question marks above their heads. They were waiting for Luffy to explain to them where they were, and who were these people but he never moved from his spot.
Sanji gives Luffy a kick to his head yelling

"Have you no manners, how can you not introduce us to this magnificent beauty before us" as he grows hearts in his eyes dancing towards the young woman.

"Oh sorry, this is my friend Boa Hanco.. Before he could finish Hancock interrupts him by clearing her throat.

"My name is Boa Hancock, I am Luffy wife, although I should be called Monkey Boa Hancock now" Hancock says in a polite manner. Trying to be on her best behavior for Luffy.


"Oi Hancock I'm gonna come visit you"

"Really, When"

"Right now ok"

"Ok Luffy I'll wait for you"

"Hancock don't hurt any of my crew"

"Why would you think I would do such a thing?"

"Just don't hurt them ok shishishi bye"

"Ok Luffy Bye"

End flashback

"These are my sisters Marigold and Sandersonia" Hancock says adverting her gaze back towards Luffy.

"Oh sorry guys, this is my wife Boa Hancock" Luffy says with a big grin implanted on his face.

Oh hello….. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY WIFE everyone yells in unison, a look of shock on their face, Robin was the only one who kept her cool. Everyone did not even know Luffy was remotely interested in females yet alone to have a wife all ready.
Mairgold and Sandersonia were blown away by the news, they knew that their sister loved Luffy but when did the marriage happen.

"Yes I am his wife" Hancock says proudly as she walks towards Luffy giving him a soft kiss on his lips.
She was always shy around Luffy, always having day dreams and fantasy about him but with two female in his crew she had to show ownership to some degree.

"How and when did this happen" the raven haired archeologists ask her words trembling with fear.

"Well you see, Hancock has saved my life and help save Ace life during the war and I didn't know how to repay her so I asked, and she said she wanted to be my Wife" Luffy says with a grin on his face.
Marriage sounded like another adventure to Luffy, and he would never turn down an adventure.

"It's funny though ever since I got the hormone change, I always think about Hancock" Luffy says blushing at his remark.
Its true ever since his hormone change he could never stop thinking about Hancock, even with two beautiful girls any man would die for was on his ship.

Hancock realizing that his crew and her sisters have so many questions for them she decided here was not the place to answer them.

"Let's go to the palace, we can eat and discuss everything there" Hancock says nervously hoping that everyone would agree.

"FOOD! Let's go" Luffy says as he grabs Hancock hand and rushes towards the Palace.

Everyone else is still left in shock at the simple news they had just heard, they decided now is not the best time to think about Marigold and Sandersomia told them to follow them to the palace as the explained about Luffy and Hancock.

At the Palace……

Boa Hancock takes the lead, dragging the young rubber boy along with her. As they are waking she tells everyone that is in the palace to get out, because she has a special guest.
Everyone listens and leaves, Hancock is waiting until the last person leaves. She scans the area making sure the coast is clear and drags Luffy up the flight of stairs towards her room.

"I thought we were gonna get food" a wining luffy says.

"We are just a different type of food" Hancock says.

They reach the grand doors of her room and enter the room. Luffy looks around the room in amazement everything seemed so different from the last time he was there.

"Oi Hancock I like what you did to your room " Luffy says in astonishment. The last time he was here the bedroom was plain it only consisted of a bed.
Now the room consisted of an upgraded luxorius bed, a grand television, many expensive carpters, couches, love seats, and oddly a picture of Luffy next to her bed.

Hancock motions for her pet snake to get outside and guard the door as she closes it.

"Since you were going to be staying here I wanted the room to look like" Hancock says softly. She didn't care much for all this luxury but if it made her husband happy then she would give the world to him.

"Ah Thank you Hancock, so where the food" Luffy says in dire need of food. After three days of traveling, fighting all the sea kings, and no sleep his energy level has depleted drastically.

"Well before we eat, I wanted to talk to you first Luffy" Hancock says as she motions Luffy to come sit next to her. Luffy begins to follow Hancock towards her bed and sits next to her.
He glances around Hancock body impressed at all her features. He wonder why he did not find her beautiful when he seen her naked twice before.

"Well Luffy, you know since we are married now, we need to do husband and wife things" Hancock says blushing to the thought of being married to her lover.

"Ok that's fine, let's go eat" Luffy says getting up but a hand placed firm on his shoulder stops him from moving. He looks into his wife eyes trying to understand what she wants. Being the idiot that he is he has no clue.

"Well what do husband and wife do then" Luffy says a bit annoyed. Hancock has promised him some sort of food but there was none in sight, Hancock blushed a bit, how would she be able to explain this to Luffy.
The last time he seen me in the bath he was not turned on one bit, this would be difficult.

"I'll show you Luffy, please take off your clothes" Hancock says a grin on her face. This evens the score now, he seen me naked and now I can see him naked.

"Eh, what for?" Luffy ask questioning his wife

"Can you take off your clothes please Luffy?" Hancock says sounding as if she pleading Luffy to take off his clothes.

Luffy sits there and thinks for a second trying to figure out what does getting naked have to do with anything. Not realizing anything he looks her in the eye.

"Ok but just for you Hancock" Luffy says as he begins to undress. Hancock watches her husband as he sheds his clothes one piece at a time. She begins to sweat a bit her body gets a little hotter, being the first time she has seen him naked is taking a toll on her.
She heart beat thump a thump and it gets louder and louder, her emotions are going on a rampage. She begins dreaming all of the way Luffy and her will make love for the first time, every image more better then the last.

"Oi what are you doing Hancock, my clothes are off" Luffy says in confusment. He didn't know why he was naked but he was sure if Hancock ask him to be something good was going to happen.

She opens her eyes looking at his body once more, oh how sexy luffy was she thought. She scans his body going from his face, to his chest, to his…. Oh my god is that the legendary golden balls?
They are so beautiful I have never seen them before in my life she thought. Her face turns strawberry red as she glares at Luffy body.

She begins to remove her clothes one by one. First she takes off her grand empress robe, which reveals her elegant dress with has a slit down by her leg.
She then remove her dress as it is falling towards the floor her ample chest is shown barly held in place by her bra, her panties are secured in place by one small clip.
She begins to discard the two remainder parts of her clothes revealing her goddess body to Luffy.

Luffy eyes shoot wide open, scanning her body viciously. He never realized how beautiful she was, but now that he has another chance he won't pass up the opportunity to gawk his eyes.

"Not going to ask why I'm naked again Luffy" Hancock says in a playful manner. She knew that Luffy found her attractive now, just by how his eyes were and it flattered her greatly.

"I I am I mean your so beautiful Hancock" Luffy said stuttering words as they came out.

"What did you just say Luffy? Hancock questions hoping she heard correctly.

"You are so beautiful Hancock" Luffy replies.

Hancock heart fluttered, her chest began to warm up, her body was longing for Luffy. This was the first time someone had said she was beautiful from the heart, and not just from looking at her with their eyes as every other male and female has. It truly touched her heart.

She slowly walks towards Luffy watching his eyes, but to her surprise his eyes were glued on her eyes. He was trying to scan her eyes for information of what she wanted to do, but was still confused about the whole matter.

"Luffy, we are going to make love right now if that's ok with you" Hancock says with a hint of fear in her words. She was hoping that Luffy would not reject her, as he was the only man she would ever love in this lifetime.

"What's making love" Luffy ask truthfully not knowing what she ment.

Hancock giggles at Luffy remark, he was truly innocient. Although she has never had sex before because of her distrust in males, she was well informed about these things as she was offered it everyday. She points to Luffy member and then points to her private area hoping that would be enough of an explanation. Luffy sits there puzzle trying to think what she was trying to explain, and as he came to a realization his member had went into an awakened state.
"Are you sure you want to do this Hancock" Luffy says worried that he might have gotten the wrong idea. He could not believe it, he was about to as Shanks once told him "Fuck" the most beautiful woman in the world his wife. He thought to himself " I need to thank Ivona later for that hormone change"

"Yes Luffy, I've wanted this since I fell in love with you, now please take me" Hancock says with lust and want in every word. Before Luffy could react Hancock jumped onto of Luffy both landing on top of her bed.

She began kissing Luffy fiercely, exploring his mouth with her delicate tongue. He taste like meat not bad she thought. Luffy began to return the kiss bringing his tongue into her princess mouth, exploring her mouth as if it was an adventure.

He began to move his hands towards her chest finding her right breast and squeezing it softly, receiving a loud moan from Hancock. He brings his head down toward her breast and begins to suck around the sensitive area, Hancock screaming in pleasure. Her whole body felt as if lighting was coursing through her body every time Luffy touched her. She lowered her hands down towards Luffy's member and began to stroke her finger on the tip of his member causing Luffy to grunt in pleasure. His legs began to twitch at the pleasure he was receiving, Hancock has found his weak spot. She began to massage it gently giving attention to both his rod and the golden balls. Luffy was in complete ecstacy a feeling he has never experienced before. Not wanting to let her have all the fun he brings his hand down towards Hancocks private and begins to rub it ever so gently, Hancock shivers in pleasure. Two fingers begin to enter slowly roaming the dark area for a certain spot. He moves his fingers around watching Hancock until he finds the piece he was looking for.

"Oh Luffy!" Hancock yells as she biting her lower lip. She was in complete ecstacy as well a feeling she has always longed for. Luffy kept massaging her sensitive area leaving Hancock in complete bliss, unable to move from her spot.
Luffy pulls his fingers out curious to what it tastes like, sticks his tounge inside to roam around.

"OH LUFFY!" Hancock yells once again, her legs closing ever so slightly in pleasure. Luffy tongue moving around in the darkened area enjoying what the feeling was for him. It taste like fish not bad he thought. Hancock not wanting Luffy to have all the fun quickly grabs Luffy member and begins to stroke it viciously until she could move again. She brought her mouth down on the tip of the member and gave it a soft wet kiss, sending shockwaves through Luffy body. He collapsed on the bed unable to move, begging for more. Hancock gladly sticks his whole penis into her mouth sucking and stroaking with every movement.

"Hancock, more more!" Luffy yells grunts escaping as he yells his plea.

Pleasure running through her body as she realizes she causing her lover so much pleasure. She moves from his member to the golden balls and begins to lick them softly, this send jolts down Luffy legs. Unable to move from his position he stretches his fingers out, grabbing a hold of both of her breast and squeezes tightly. Another moan comes out of her lips enjoying the feeling Luffy is giving her. She turns around to her lover and lower her head to his.

"Luffy I want you to take me, please be gentle you are my first" Hancock says blushing. She was tired of the appetizers and wanted to get to the main course. Luffy looks into Hancock's beautiful blue eyes, her eyes were soft as he was glaring into them.

"Hancock before I do, I wanted to tell you that I love you" Luffy says with emotions in every word. Hancock was taken aback by his words, truly she has waited for him to say that.

Oh my god, is this a dream.

Did he really say I love you… to me

Please don't let this be one of my dreams again

"I Love you Hancock, I really do" Luffy repeats again knowing that she might be dreaming. As the word reach her elegant ears she begins to cry, a mixture of emotions run through her body. Waiting for him to say it was well worth it.

"I love you too Luffy, more then you will ever know" Hancock replies her words drowned in her joy. She moves to Luffy and gives him a passionate kiss, and break it ready for him to enter his woman hood.

Luffy knowing that she wants it now, began to direct his member to enter. He enters slowly making sure that he does not hurt his wife in any way, as he gets deeper he notices that her faces changes as if she in pain.
He quickly pulls out, saying sorry over and over. He did not want to do this if it would cause her pain.

"Luffy It's ok it's my first time it is going to hurt a little, but after that I will be nothing but pleasure" Hancock says trying to reassure her lover that everything will be alright.
Luffy looks at Hancock again making sure she wants this. She nods her head telling Luffy to resume.

Luffy enter slowly once more, watching Hancock. Tears are forming in her eyes, a slight hint of pain on her face yet she has a true fondness smile on her. He begins to enter deeper, and deeper until her woman hood is breached, causing Hancock to grab onto Luffy back griding her nails into his skin. Luffy feeling the pleasure this is causing both him and her begins to pick up the past, thrusting faster and faster into her. Her nails dig deeper into the Rubber boy causing blood to flow down his back.

"Luffy, faster please it feels so good" Hancock says with passion in her voice. Her eyes filled with hunger as she looks at Luffy. Her pain has left her and now nothing but pleasure courses through her body.

"Faster Luffy faster" Hancock yells clearly enjoying it. Luffy was going the fastest he could go yet she wanted more. A bright idea came in his mind and he puts it into action. He pumps blood through his legs, just two pumps would do the job. He puts his hands on her breast to finish the activation. As he begins to emit steam from his body his thrust become faster and powerful causing Hancock to burst with joy.

"LUFFY! Like that keep going" Hancock says biting down on her lower lip. She was overwhelmed with pleasure the young was giving her. Luffy keeps thrusting showing no signs of quitting yet, working his mouth toward her breast he begins to suck on them causing her more pleasure. The
floorboards begin to bang loud, screaming occurring from both people. Hancock reaches her climax her body twitches in pleasure, sweating all over her body.

"LUFFY! FUCK ME MORE!" Hancock yells as her climax is at its peak. Never in her life has she felt so much happiness, all the cares in the world, her dark past, her pain nothing mattered as long as they were together she would be happy for the rest of her life.
Luffy responds thrusting faster and faster, but as a consequences he was about to climax as well. He started grunting sounds of pleasure coming out of his mouth. Hancock realizing that Luffy was about to climax did not want him to stop. She was thinking of a way to let him climax but have him able to go on and she realizes what she could do. She summons fourth her powers and looks at his member, and imbune it with her King's Haki. With this Luffy will be able to keep going on even after he climax.

"Oi Hancock" Luffy releases as he keeps thrusting into her no end in sight.

Im glad it worked, now we can keep going

Outside the door……

Outside of Hancock's room, stood both her sisters, and the entire straw hat crew. The sisters did not know what was going on between the two, it seems like Hancock was getting hurt by Luffy. They make way towards the door but Hancock's snake stops them from going any further. The snake gets in attack mode, attacking anyone who tries to enter the door on command of his master. The pirate hunter steps forward and tells the two sisters and the crew

"Let's leave them be clearly they are expressing their love for one another" he says with a smirk on his face. This was a susprise to him, he did not expect for his Captain to venture to a Island, to meet his wife, and for Luffy to be having sex. He was glad that his Captain has finally found someone to tame his wild side.

Sighing in defeat the two sisters and the crew begin to walk all, all except Robin. She frozen in place, staring at the door. Her face has a frown implanted on it, tears are formed in her eyes." I thought you would wait for me Luffy she whispers quietly to herself". She turns around to walk away when Zoro stand next to her hearing everything.

"Robin are you ok" ask a worried Zoro

"Yes I'm fine Zoro" Robin says as she tries to wipe the tears off her face

"Ok, but you should tell Luffy how you feel tomorrow" Zoro says to her and he walks away leaving the raven haired archeologists alone.

"I will Zoro thanks" Robin says as she walks out of the hallway meeting everyone else back up.

Back in the Room…………
In the room both Luffy and Hancock showed no signs of fatigue, both of them having a rough sex session. They have been at it for at least an hour and still they have all the energy in the world.
Luffy second gear is still activated and is as powerful as ever. Hancock is still focusing her king Haki on Luffy member both receiving extreme pleasure.

"Luffy you are so good, I love you so much" Hancock say as she moan in pleasure giving Luffy kisses around his whole body.

"Hancock you are so beautiful, I love you too" Says Luffy as he continues to pound Hancock into the bed. Hancock begins kissing Luffy neck working in one area, leaving her mark on him. Luffy begins to kiss her right breast right above the nipple leaving his mark on her.

Five hours later…………….

The two lovers finally collapsed on the bed. After ten climax each, a large amount of spirit and brute power used in the love making the two were finally finished. They were both completely exhausted being their first time having sex and having sex for five hours with no break, it was a feat thought unimaginable.

"Luffy you were amazing, that felt so good and your so fast" Hancock says as she is panting for air. She has used too much of her willpower today, her haki was used to its limit for Luffy.

"Hancock you make love good, I know you used Haki to keep me going" Luffy says with a big grin plastered on his face. He knew that she used her Haki to turn him into a machine but he had no complaints.

"Your glad that I did aren't you" Hancock says in a playful manner. She gives Luffy a soft kiss on his lips and rest her head on his shoulder.

"I know you are, I can barly move shishishisi" Luffy says as he puts his hand on Hancock butt and squeezes. Luffy could barly move, he used so much of second gear that it had almost paralyzed him for a day he needed food badly.

"Did you want to eat Luffy?" Hancock says as her eyes begin to close slowly.

"Not right now, I want to stay with my Queen for tonight" Luffy says laying in a confterable position to catch some sleep. Hancock formed some tears in her eyes, Luffy was filling the young woman with too much joy today, it was her dream come true.

"Why are you crying, don't cry" Luffy says as he wipes tears from her eyes.

"I always thought this would only be a dream, but it has became a reality, and now that you love me I'm completely happy" She says sniffles escaping her lips

"I will always love you Hancock, always" Luffy says as a yawn escapes his mouth. He puts one hand on her big ass, and another wrapped around her body.

"Let's get married tomorrow Luffy" Hancock says softly hoping her husband would agree to it. Although they are considered married by verbal agreement, no ceremony was held and no party was throw.

"Will there be a lot of food" Luffy says in excitement. He needed to replenish his energy if he wanted to do another five hour session.

"Yes there will be a lot of food, and all your nakama can come and my nakama can come, and they can watch us getting married" Hancock says.

"Ok deal, we will get married tomorrow" Luffy says excited that he will have food to eat tomorrow. Hancock begins to cry realizing that her dreams were indeed coming true, tomorrow would be her big day with her lover.
She plants a soft kiss on his lips and lays her head on his chest.

"Remind me to thank you tomorrow" Hancock says softly. She knew that he understood what she was talking about. She puts one hand around his body and one hand on his member.

"This will always be mine" She says softly as sleep consumes her.

"Ill remind you, these will always be mine" Luffy says as he grabs multiple parts on her body. He slowly closes his eyes and drifts off into sleep.